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862 Baby Boy Names That Start With M

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Are you looking for the perfect baby boy name that starts with M? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of baby boy names beginning with M to make your baby name search easy and fun.

When considering what name to give your son, M names make strong and unique names for boys. Plus, names starting with M have never been more popular!

Discover rare M names for boys, the best options for boy middle names that start with M, and more! And if you love these boy names and want to explore the other letters of the alphabet, check out our complete list of boy names from A-Z.

Popular Boy Names That Start with M 

Some «M» names have become very popular baby name picks in the last few years. Here are the most popular boy names starting with M, according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration. 

  1. Mateo — The name Mateo, the Latinate version of Matthew, derives from the Hebrew name Mattiyahu. It is of Latin, Spanish, Italian origin and means «gift of God.» Mateo is the #15 most popular boy name. 
  2. Michael — Michael is from the personal name Michael, ultimately from Hebrew Micha-el «Who is like God?.» Michael is the #17 most popular boy name. 
  3. Mason — Mason is an  occupational name for a stonemason, Middle English, Old French mas(s)on. Stonemasonry was a hugely important craft in the Middle Ages. Mason is the #18 most popular boy name. 
  4. Matthew — Matthew is from the Middle English personal name Ma(t)thew, vernacular form of the Greek New Testament name Matthias, which is ultimately from the Hebrew personal name Matityahu «gift of God.» Matthew is the #36 most popular boy name. 
  5. Maverick — The name Maverick is of English origin and means «nonconforming» or «independent.» It is derived from the English word maverick, meaning «independent.» Maverick originally began as a surname before being used for given names in the 1900s. Maverick is the #47 most popular boy name.  
  6. Miles — The name Miles is of German and Irish origin and means «soldier or servant». It is also of English origin and means «merciful». It derives from the German name Milo, and was brought to England by the Normans. Miles is the #54 most popular boy name. 
  7. Micah — The name Micah is of Hebrew origin and means «who is like the Lord.» It is a Biblical name, popular due to the prophet Micah, who wrote The Book of Micah. Micah is a contracted form of Micaiah. Micah is the #107 most popular boy name.
  8. Milo — The name Milo is of German origin and means «soft-hearted, merciful». It is also thought to be of Latin origin and means «soldier.» It is derived from the Latin word miles, meaning «soldier.» There’s also a possibility that it derives from the Slavic root milu, meaning «merciful.» Milo sis the #127 most popular boy name. 
  9. Max — The name Max is of Latin origin and means «the greatest.» Max was derived from Maximilian, a Latin name that originated from the Roman family name Maximus.  Max is the #159 most popular boy name. 
  10. Maxwell — The name Maxwell is of Scottish origin and means «great stream.» It was originally a Scottish surname meaning Mack’s stream, from the name Mack, a short form of the Scandinavian name Magnus, combined with Old English wella «stream».  Maxwell is the #163 most popular boy name. 

Unique and Rare Boy Names That Start with M 

If popular and trendy names aren’t for you, there are plenty of «M» names for boys that are uncommon and unique. Here are some of our favorite unique boy names starting with M. 

  1. Maddyn — Hindi name meaning «cupid.» 
  2. Maik — Hawaiian name meaning «now.» 
  3. Marleigh — English name meaning «secretive.» 
  4. Marland — English name meaning «from the march.»
  5. Melvyn — Celtic name meaning «chief.»
  6. Mick — Hebrew name meaning «Who is like god?».
  7. Monro — Irish name meaning «mouth of the Roe River.» 
  8. Montana — Spanish name meaning «mountain. «
  9. Muray — Celtic name meaning «sailor.» 
  10. Myles — English name meaning «soldier of the merciful.» 

Modern Boy Names That Start with M 

These trending baby boy names are modern name options for your baby boy. 

  1. Maddox 
  2. Maverick 
  3. Maxwell 
  4. Milo 

Cute Boy Names That Start with M 

These are some of the cutest boy names beginning with M. These boy names are perfect for an adorable baby boy. 

  1. Mylo — German name meaning «soft-hearted.» 
  2. Murfy — American name meaning «bold spirit.» 
  3. Mack — Scottish name meaning «charming.»
  4. Maci — Old French name meaning «Matthew’s estate.» 
  5. Maio — Irish name meaning «nature loving.» 
  6. Matz — Scandinavian name meaning «gift of god.» 
  7. Mads — Scandinavian name meaning «gift of god.» 
  8. Maxie — Latin name meaning «the greatest.»
  9. Mendie — Middle English name meaning «repair man.» 
  10. Meri — Old Welsh name meaning «protector of the seas. «

African American Baby Boys Names Starting with M

  • Name — MAAJID

    Meaning — HONORABLE

  • Name — MAALIK

    Meaning — MASTER

  • Name — MADZIMOYO

    Meaning — WATER OF LIFE

  • Name — MAGEZI

    Meaning — A BOY WHO IS WISE

  • Name — MAGOMU

    Meaning — YOUNGER OF TWINS

  • Name — MAJEED

    Meaning — NOBLE

  • Name — MAKAMI

    Meaning — HE SEIZES

  • Name — MALAWA

    Meaning — FLOWERS

  • Name — MALCOLM

    Meaning — A DOVE

  • Name — MALIK

    Meaning — RULER

  • Name — MANU

    Meaning — BORN SECOND

  • Name — MAPIRA

    Meaning — MILLET

  • Name — MARCUS

    Meaning — WAR-LIKE

  • Name — MARK

    Meaning — WAR-LIKE

  • Name — MARLON


  • Name — MARSHALL

    Meaning — HORSE KEEPER

  • Name — MARTIN

    Meaning — WARLIKE

  • Name — MARVIN

    Meaning — FRIEND OF THE SEA

  • Name — MASAMBA

    Meaning — HE LEAVES

  • Name — MASHAMA


  • Name — MASIBUWA

    Meaning — MODERN DAYS

  • Name — MASKINI

    Meaning — POOR


    Meaning — SHARP EYES

  • Name — MASUD

    Meaning — FORTUNATE

  • Name — MATSIMELA

    Meaning — ROOTS

  • Name — MATTHEW

    Meaning — GIFT OF GOD

  • Name — MAWULAWDE

    Meaning — GOD WILL PROVIDE

  • Name — MAWULI

    Meaning — THERE IS A GOD

  • Name — MBITA

    Meaning — BORN ON A COLD NIGHT

  • Name — MBIYA

    Meaning — MONEY

  • Name — MBIZI

    Meaning — TO DROP IN WATER

  • Name — MENELEK


  • Name — MENSAH

    Meaning — THIRD SON

  • Name — MHINA

    Meaning — DELIGHTFUL

  • Name — MICAH

    Meaning — WHO IS LIKE GOD?

  • Name — MICHAEL

    Meaning — WHO IS LIKE GOD?

  • Name — MINKAH

    Meaning — JUSTICE

  • Name — MONGO

    Meaning — FAMOUS

  • Name — MONTSHO

    Meaning — BLACK

  • Name — MOSEGI

    Meaning — TAILOR

  • Name — MOSI

    Meaning — FIRSTBORN

  • Name — MOSWEN

    Meaning — LIGHT IN COLOR

  • Name — MOYO

    Meaning — LIFE

  • Name — MPOSI

    Meaning — BLACKSMITH


    Meaning — COMFORTER

  • Name — MTIMA

    Meaning — HEART

  • Name — MUDADA

    Meaning — THE PROVIDER

  • Name — MUHAMMAD

    Meaning — WORTHY OF PRAISE

  • Name — MUKA

    Meaning — WE HARVEST

  • Name — MUKAWANO

    Meaning — A BOY WHO IS LOVED

  • Name — MWAI

    Meaning — GOOD FORTUNE

  • Name — MWAMBA

    Meaning — STRONG

  • Name — MWINYI

    Meaning — KING


    Meaning — GREAT KING

  • Name — MWITA


  • Name — MYKEL

    Meaning — ONE WHO CARES

  • Name — MYKELTI

    Meaning — WHO IS LIKE GOD?

  • Name — MYKELTI

    Meaning — WHO IS LIKE GOD

  • Middle names starting with the letter M

    Middle names starting with the letter M

    The letter «M» — speaks of caring, willingness to help, some shyness, gentleness. Greed is the most common vice to which a person with the letter «M» in his name is subject. Only by suppressing the desire for hoarding in himself, he will be able to realize his rich spiritual potential. The sound «M» in the name is perceived positively by others.


    • Makarovich
      Makarovich is accommodating..

    • Makarovna
      Women with patronymic..

    • Maksimovich
      The nature of this patronymic..

    • Maksimovna
      Maksimovna is calm, always ..

    • Markovich
      Markovichi outwardly calm,..

    • Markovna
      Women with patronymic Markovna ..

    • Matveevich
      This man is not always…

    • Matveevna
      Women with patronymic..

    • Mironovich
      Mironovichi strictly..

    • Mironovna
      Women with patronymic..

    • Mikhailovich
      Good, sometimes to..

    • Mikhailovna
      Compliance — perhaps ..



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    Tatar names | Tatars

    Tatar male and female names with translation of the meaning: old, traditional, religious, modern, as well as borrowed from other nations.

    • Tatar male names
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    • Tatar surnames


    Aasim (Rasim) — protector
    Abbas (Abbyas) — severe
    Abdullah (Abdul, Abdel, Gabdullah) — servant of God
    Abjalil — beautiful son
    Abdulkhan — chief servant of God
    Abdulhak — fair servant of God
    Abdurakhman (Abdrakhman, Gabdrakhman) — servant of the Most Merciful
    Abdurrauf — from the names: Abdul and Rauf
    Abzaltdin — noble faith, abzalt — noble, din — faith
    Abid — praying
    Abrek — the most blessed
    Absalam (Absalem, Absalim) — from the words: abu — son and salem — health
    Abulkhair — doing good
    Avad — reward, reward
    Agzam — high, exalted
    Agil — smart, understanding, knowing
    Adib — scientist
    Adeline — noble
    Adel — righteous (feminine: Adel , Adele, Adele)
    Adil (Adyl) — fair. (female: Adile, Adila)
    Azat — free
    Azamat — greatness, glory
    Azer — fire, flame
    Azzam — decisive
    Aziz — mighty, dear (feminine: Aziza)
    Azhar — the brightest
    Aybika (Aybikya) — lunar mistress zha
    Aigul (Oygul) — lunar flower
    Aidar — most worthy
    Aydin — light, bright
    Ainur — light of the crescent moon
    Airat — dear, beloved
    Aisylu — ai-moon, month, sylu — elegant, beautiful
    Aitugan — moonrise
    Aisha — living
    Akbar — great
    Akif — hardworking
    Akram — most generous
    Aklim — perfection (feminine: Aklimya)
    Akul (Okul) — son with a pure soul
    Akchura — companion, guardian, warrior
    Akshin — strong, courageous 90 155 Ali — exalted (female: Aliya)
    Aliaskar (Galiaskar) — from the names: Gali (Ali) and Askar
    Alim — knowing (female: Alima)
    Alina (Elina, Lina) — noble, generous, majestic
    Aliya (Galia) — exalted
    Aladdin (Aladdin) — believing in Allah, alla — god, din — faith
    Almas (Diamond) — gemstone diamond
    Diamond — gemstone diamond
    Almir (Ilmir, Elmir) — leader, ruler (female: Almira, Elmira, Ilmira)
    Alpan — brave man
    Alsu — pink-cheeked
    Albina — white, white-skinned, light
    Alfanis — from names : Ali and Fanis
    Alfira (Alfiya) — sublime
    Alfis — a derivative of the name of Alfanis
    Alkhan — the great khan
    Ala — nobility
    Alyauddin — nobility of religion
    Amal — hope, expectation
    Amanullah (Emmanuel, Immanuel, Emmanuel) — faithful son
    Amjad — the most glorious
    Amin — faithful, reliable, honest (feminine: Amina)
    Amil — a ray of light
    Amir (Emir) — ruler, prince, prince
    Amirkhan (Emirkhan) — chief leader 901 55 Ammar — prosperous
    Anas (Anis) — a close friend (female: Anisa)
    Aniya (Khaniya) — a gift
    Anvar (Anver, Anvyar, Enver) — radiant, the brightest, the brightest
    Anzor — the most caring
    Anis (Anas) — a close friend (female: Anisa)
    Ansar — assistant, supporter, fellow traveler
    Anfis — very beautiful, graceful (female: Anfisa)
    Apipya (Khabibia) — beloved
    Aran — seasoned, cold-blooded
    Aref — smart, wise
    Arman — perfect; hope
    Arsen — brave, fearless
    Arslan (Ruslan) — a lion
    Arthur — strong, a man of large build
    Asad — a lion
    Asadullah — the lion of Allah
    Asan (Hasan, Hasyan, Hussein, Husain) — good
    Asaf — caring, thrifty.
    Asgat is the happiest
    Asim — protecting
    Asif — forgiveness
    Asiya — comforting, healing
    Aslan — fearless
    Asliya — real, true
    Asma — sublime
    Ashab — the most friendly
    Ata — father
    Aurang (Aurangzeb) — wisdom, understanding
    Afzal — the most worthy
    Afif — chaste, modest
    Ahad (Ahat) — the only one
    Ahmet (Ahmad, Ahmed) — glorified
    Ahmad (Ahmet) — glorified, worthy of praise
    Ahmar (Ahmer) — red
    Ahnaf — the one whose words are the most true, true
    Akhbar — starry
    Akhund — lord
    Ashraf — the noblest
    Ayaz — reasonable, quick-witted, savvy, smart


    Bagautdin — constant in his faith
    Bagir (Bakir) — studying din, Bedreddin, Bederdin) — heroic strength
    Bagdat — a gift from the Almighty, a gift
    Bucky — eternal
    Bakir (Bagir) — studying
    Balbek (Balbek) — the cutest, most pleasant, most beloved
    Banu — mistress
    Velvet — velvet
    Batu — stable, strong, reliable
    Batyrsha (Batyrshah) — fearless, strongman, hero, leader
    Bakhtiyar — happy
    Bayram (Baryam) — holiday
    Points — honey
    Bamdad — early morning
    Basam (Baasym) — smiling
    Basy l — brave
    Baha — beautiful, beautiful
    Bakhir — blinding, brilliant
    Bashaar — telling good news
    Bashar — a bright head
    Bashir — a messenger of joy, bringing joy
    Bayaz — white, white
    Bayan — clarity
    Begench — joy
    Beksoltan — chief sultan
    Bekhan — chief prince, head
    Behnam — having a good reputation (good name)
    Bekhroz — happy
    Bikbulat — big sword
    Bika (Bike) — mistress
    Bibi — steadfast
    Bikbai — very rich
    Bilal — healthy, alive
    Bishr — joy
    Borna — young
    Bugday — leader, leader
    Bulat — hardened iron, steel
    Buranbay (Burangul, Buransha) — born during a snowstorm
    Burkhan — proof
    Barhyat — velvet


    Vagiz — preacher, calling for good
    Wadi — valley
    Vajih — noble
    Vazir (Vizir) — minister
    Vakil — protector, patron
    Walid — newborn 901 55 Valiullah — pious, God-fearing
    Wasim — graceful, beautiful
    Vafik — prosperous
    Wahid — the only, exceptional
    Vazih — clear
    Vakil — empowered
    Vali (Vali) — close, holy
    Walid (Valit, Vyalit) — child , descendant (feminine: Valida)
    Valiya — saint
    Vasil — inseparable (feminine: Vasil)
    Vasim — beautiful
    Vafa — fidelity
    Vahid (Vahed, Vahit) — one
    Venus — goddess of love
    Vidadi — love, friendship
    Vildan — child, child 9015 5 Vil (Vali, Vali) — close, saint
    Vyalit (Valit, Walid) — child, descendant (feminine: Valida)
    Vali (Veli, Vali) — close, dear, saint


    Gabit — worshiper
    Gabdulla (Abdullah) — slave Allah, servant of God
    Gabdeljabar — from the names of Gabdel (Abdel) and Jabar
    Gabdrahman — servant of the All-Merciful
    Gazi — warrior for the faith, striving, warrior
    Gaziz (Aziz) — mighty, dear
    Gazim (Azim) — great
    Gainutdin — rich in faith
    Gaynulla — son of a rich man
    Gaisha (Aisha, Aisha) — living 9 0155 Gali — name from Ali — sublime (female: Galia, Aliya)
    Ghalib — winner
    Galiaskar (Aliaskar) — from the names: Gali and Askar
    Galim — scientist
    Galima (Alima) — knowing
    Galia (Aliya) — exalted
    Hamil — worker
    Gamira — good, harmonious, secured; kind, beautiful, amazing
    Gani — rich
    Ganis — rich
    Gaplan — brave man
    Garay — noble, powerful
    Garif — knowledgeable, knowledgeable (female: Garifa)
    Garifulla — knowledge of Allah, divine revelation
    Gata (Gita) — a gift
    Gafar (Gaffar, Gafur) — forgiving (female: Gafur)
    Gachai — brave, warrior
    Gashkai — happy
    Gaia — strong, indestructible
    Gayan (Gayar) — noble
    Gelmira (Elmira, Elvira, Ilmira) — leader of the people
    Gelshat (Gulshat) — flower of happiness
    Gelusya (Gulisa) — flower of God’s mercy
    Genetulla (Gineyatulla) — eye of Allah
    Giyas — fruitful
    Gorgud — fire, light
    Goshgar (Koshkar) — majestic zelia) — beauty
    Guych — strength
    Gulia — beautiful as a flower
    Gulisa (Gelyusya) — flower of God’s mercy
    Gul — flower blooming
    Gulzar — flower garden (feminine: Gulzifa)
    Gulnaz — the first of the beauties
    Gulnara — decorated with flowers
    Gulrui — with a face like a flower, with a blooming face
    Gulsum — full-cheeked, healthy
    Gulsima — with a face like a flower, with a blooming face
    Gulsina — with a blooming soul
    Gulfia — like a flower
    Gulfira — carrying victory riya) — an inhabitant of Paradise, an angel
    Guluzem — with a face like a flower, with a blooming face
    Hussein (Hussein, Khusain, Hasan, Khasyan) — good
    Gusman (Usman) — heavenly, gifted
    Guzalia — sublime beauty
    Guljan — rose of the soul


    Davlet — happiness, wealth
    Davud (David) — beloved
    Damir — conscience, mind, perseverance (female: Damira)
    Danil (Daniel, Daniyal) — divine gift
    Denmark — glorified 901 55 Daniyar — possessor of knowledge, scientist, smart, famous (female: Denmark)
    Daud (Daut, Davud, David) — beloved, dear
    Dayan — hold on
    Dangatar (Gündogdy) — dawn
    Dashgyn — strong, ebullient
    Devlet (Dovlet, Divlet) — wealth, wealth
    Deniz (Denis) — sea
    Destegyul — bouquet of flowers
    Jabir — comforter
    Javad — generous
    Javid — long-lived
    Jalil (Jalal, Zalil) — greatness
    Jamil (Jamal, Jamal) — beautiful, beautiful (feminine: Jamila) 9015 5 Jafar (Jafar, Jabar, Jabbar) — leader, boss, source, river
    Jeng — battle, battle
    Jihan — world, universe
    Diana — messenger of health and blessings
    Dilara (Dilyara) — beloved, beauty
    Dilyafruz — The meaning is the same as the names of Dilbara and Dilara
    Dilbara — beloved, charming
    Dina — a believer
    Dinar — a gold coin, precious, expensive (female: Dinara)
    Dovletmyrat — from Dovlet and Myrat (Marat)


    Ermek (Ermak) — bearing the yoke
    Yerfan (Irfan) — knowledge, knowledge
    Yesen — prosperous, healthy (female: Yesenia)


    Zhabar (Zhafar, Jafar) — leader, head
    Zhelyaletdin (Dzhilyaletdin, Zilyaletdin) — majestic power
    Zhamile (Jamilya) — beautiful
    Zhdikhan (Zhidekhan) — Jewish seventh, khan-ruler, seventh son ) — happy, prosperous
    Zayd — abundance
    Zaynab (Zaynap) — full
    Zainullah — the ornament of Allah
    Zaytuna — olive tree, evergreen tree
    Zakariya — memorable
    Zaki — pure, virtuous
    Zakir (Zakyar, Zakhar) — commemorating
    Zakiya — clean, virtuous (Zaki)
    Safir — winning
    Zahid (Zachit) — Contained
    — Time, era
    Zamir — heart, conscience
    Zarina (Zarem) — apparently from the word dawn
    Zahid, ascetic
    Zakhir — Help RA)
    Zemfir (marshmallow) — type of sweetness (female: zemfira)
    Zinnat — decoration
    Zinatullah (zinetullah) — decoration of Allah
    Zinnur — Luchezar, turquoise
    Zifa — slender
    Zia — light, light
    Zila — light, radiance
    Zuleikha — smooth, silk
    Zulfiya — with curls
    Zufar — leader, boss
    Zuhair — bright, light
    Zuhra — shiny, light


    Ibragi m (Ibrahim, Parham) — the name of the prophet Abraham, father of nations
    Idelia — from Idel, Itil — the Turkic name of the Volga River
    Idris — student
    Ikram — honor, respect, reverence
    Ikrima — dove
    Ilmaz (Yilmaz) — daredevil
    Ilkin — the first 90 155 Ilgam (Ilham) — inspiration
    Ilgiz — traveler
    Ildar (Eldar) — ruler, leader, owner
    Ildus (Yuldus) — loving homeland
    Ilvir (Elvir) — protecting the people, protecting everyone (female: Ilvira, Elvira)
    Ilmir (Almir) — leader of the people (female: Almira, Elmira, Ilmira)
    Il nar (Ilnur) — exalted light, light of the motherland, light of the fatherland
    Ilshat — pleasing the motherland, in the meaning of the famous
    Ilyas (Ilyaz) — the favorite of God, who comes to the rescue
    Ilkhan (Alkhan) — the ruler of peoples
    Ilfir (Elfer) — divine nectar
    Ilsiyar (Ilseyar) — loving homeland (female: Ilsiya)
    Ilfak — friend of his country, his people
    Iman — spirituality, faith in the Almighty
    Inal — lord
    Inara (Dinara) — from the word dinar — gold coin; apparently here in the meaning of precious
    Indir — the son of the sacred Indus River (female: Indira)
    Insaf — justice
    Irek (Irik) — will
    Irfan — gratitude
    Isa (Jesus) — God’s mercy, God’s help
    Isam — guarding, protecting
    Isanbet (Isanmuhammed) — a living prophet
    Isangul (Isankul) — alive, healthy
    Iskander (Iskandyar, Eskander) — defender, victorious
    Islam — devoted to Allah, obedience to the Almighty
    Ismail (Ismagil) — God heard, one of the names of the Prophet
    Ismat (Ismet) — purity , abstinence; protection
    Ismatullah — who is under the protection of Allah
    Isfandiyar — the gift of the holy god
    Ishaq (Isaac) — laughter
    Ittifak — independence
    Ihsan — sincerity, kindness, generosity
    Ishbulat — similar to steel
    Ishbuldy — who became a friend
    Ishmukhamet — similar to the prophet
    Ishgildy — a friend appeared
    Ishtugan — native


    Kabir — great (female: Kabira)
    Kavi — powerful, powerful, all-powerful
    Kadir (Kadir) — almighty (feminine: Kadriya)
    Kais — solid
    Kalimulla — the kindness of Allah
    Kamal (Kamil, Kamal, Kemal, Kamil, Kamal) — perfection, perfect, full (feminine: Kamilya, Camila, Camilla)
    Kamran (Kambiz, Kamyar) — happy
    Kamshad — a happy dream
    Kapis (Hafis, Hafis, Hafiz) — protector
    Karim (Kirim) — magnanimous, noble, generous (female: Karima, Karina, Korina)
    Kasim (Kasim) — distributing, hard, hard (female: Kasyma, Kasima)
    Katiba — writer, writing ( male: Katib)
    Kashfulla — ogrypayuschy, discoverer
    Kayum — existing forever
    Kia — king, protector
    Kirman (Flint, Kremlin) — strong, fortress
    Korina (Karina) — dear, sweet
    Komek — assistant
    Kudama — courage, courage
    Kulgali — whom the hand of the Almighty touched
    Kurban — sacrifice
    Kurbangali — high sacrifice
    Kurbat — kinship
    Kutayba — impatient
    Kutus — strict
    Kyyam (Kayyum) — existing forever

    90 030 L

    Labib (Lyabib) — sensitive, cautious
    Laila, (Lailya, Leila, Lala, Lyalya) — tulip
    Latifa — kind, affectionate
    Lachin — knight
    Leysan (Laysan, Laysan) — first spring rain
    Lenar (Lenar , Linur) — the light of Allah, (feminine: Linura)
    Lily — the Charm of Allah, a flower
    Lina (Alina, Elina) — the chosen one
    Leah (Aliya) — exalted (husband: Ali)
    Lutfi (Lutfi) — kind, friendly
    Lutfulla (Lutfulla) — God’s mercy
    Lucia — luminous (husband: Lucius) 9015 5 Laysan (Laysan, Leysan) — the first spring rain


    Mavlid — a boy
    Mavluda — a child, a girl
    Mavtukha (Maftukha) — open
    Magafur — forgiven
    Magsum — protected, clean (female: Magsum)
    Maguba — worthy, respected, endearing
    Majit (Majid, Mazhit, Mazit) — powerful, great, noble
    Madina (Medina) — cultural
    Mazhd — glory
    Mazhit — from Majit — powerful
    Mazit — from Majit — powerful
    Mairam (Maryam, Maria) — bitterness, bitter
    Maysara — wealth, abundance
    Mysore (Mansur) — winner
    Makin — strong, strong, steadfast
    Maksud (Maksuz, Mahsut, Maksut) — desired, happy
    Manira (Munira) — sparkling
    Mansur (Mysore) — winner (feminine: Mansura)
    Malik — lord, king
    Malika (Melike) — princess, queen
    Mamdukh — glorified
    Mamnun — trustworthy
    Manaf — high standing
    Mansur — victorious
    Marat (Murat, Murad) — desired
    Mardan — warrior
    Marzuk — blessed by God
    Masum (Myasum, Myakzyum) — will be rich
    Mars — the god of war
    Marseille (Marsil) — praising God
    Masnavi — giver, second boy
    Maulavi — scientist
    Mahdi — directed to the right path
    Mahikamal — perfect as the moon
    Mahmud (Mahmut, Muhammad, Mohammad, Mukhamet) — famous, worthy of praise
    Mergen — a skilled hunter
    Midkhad — praise
    Milyausha — violet
    Minibay — a boy with a mole
    Mintimer — from the words of min-ya, timer-iron
    Mingkamal — female, highest perfection
    Mirza (Murza) — noble
    Marzagit — from the names Mirza and Sagyt (Zagit)
    Miri — head, leader
    Mirfatykh — main winner
    Miftah — key
    Mohammad (Muhammad, Mohammed) — praiseworthy
    Mohsen — doing good
    Mobarak (Mubarak) — happy, blessed
    Moddaris (Mudaris, Modaris) — teacher, mentor
    Muaz — protected
    Muayid — supported
    Mubarak (Mobarak) — happy, blessed
    Mubin (Mobin) — fair
    Muwafak — prosperous
    Muzagidan (Musagitdin) — musa-prophet, gita-gift, din-faith
    Mukkaram (Mukharryam) — revered
    Mullagali — from the words: Mullah and the name of Gali
    Muniz — friend (female: Munisa)
    Munir — sparkling, brilliant, bright, luminous (female: Munira)
    Munzir — a harbinger
    Muntasir — victorious
    Murat (Marat) — desired, desire, goal, dream
    Murza (Mirza) — noble
    Murtadi — satisfied, satisfied
    Musa — Moshiach, Moses, a prophet who works miracles
    Muslim — a Muslim, an adherent of Islam
    Mustafa (Mujtaba, Murtaza) — the chosen one, chosen
    Mutaz — proud, strong
    Mufid — useful
    Mukhamedyar — possibly means the mountain of Mukhamed
    Mukhameddin — faith worthy of praise
    Muhannad — the sword
    Mukhlisa (Makhlisa, Mohlis, Mikhlisa) — devoted to the cause
    Muhsin — doing good, good
    Muhtadi — righteous
    Mukh tar — chosen one, chosen
    Murid — follower, student
    Myasum (Masum, Myakzyum) — will be rich


    Naasim — settler (disputes)
    Nabi — prophet
    Nabil (Nabkhan, Nabih) — noble, noble, famous 901 55 Navid — good news
    Nadir — rare (female: Nadira)
    Naji — saving, (female: Nadzhiya)
    Najib — noble birth
    Najmuddin (Nazmuddin) — star of faith
    Nadim — friend
    Nadir (Nadir) — dear, rare
    Nadia — the first
    Nazar (Na Zir) — look, far-sighted (female: Nazira)
    Nazih (Nazip, Nazif) — clean — (female: Nazifa)
    Nazil — gentle, affectionate, graceful, graceful (female: Nazila)
    Nazim (Nazmi) — order
    Naib — assistant, deputy
    Nail — a gift, a gift, reaching and striving, achieving the desired (feminine: Naila, Nelya, Nelli)
    Naim — quiet, calm
    Namdar (Namvar) — famous
    Nariman — Iran. strong in spirit
    Nasim — fresh air
    Nasikh — adviser, helper, friend
    Nasyr (Nasr) — friend
    Nasseruddin — defender of the faith
    Naufal — generous
    Nafis — graceful, thin, (feminine: Nafisa)
    Naretdin (Nuretdin, Nurutdin) — torch of faith 9 0155 Neymat (Nimat) — good
    Niaz (Niyaz) — mercy
    Nigina — feminine, nigin — precious stone in a frame, ring
    Nizam — device, order
    Noman (Numan) — creative, temperamental
    Nur — light
    Nurania — from the words nur — light and the name Aniya (Khaniya) tat — a gift
    Nuri — light (feminine: Nuria) 9015 5 Nurlan (Nurlat) — sparkling (female: f.Nurlana)
    Nuruddin — the radiance of faith
    Nuriahmet — the light of the glorified, holy radiance
    Nurislam — the light of Islam
    Nurulla — the light of Allah
    Nurutdin — (Naretdin, Nuretdin) — the torch of faith
    Nelifya (Nelifar) — fresh


    Oygul (Aigul) — moonflower
    Oktay — judge
    Olzhas — gift, gift
    Omar (Umar, Umyar, Omeir, Gumar, Homer) — life, long-liver
    Omi e — hope
    Omran — firmly built
    Oner — advanced
    Orkhan — khan of the troops, commander


    Payam — good news
    Parviz — winner (female: Parviza, Parvisa, Purvisa)
    Parvana (Pervana) — moth
    Patimat (Patemat, Patima, Fatima) — capable, quick
    Pasha — owner
    Payman — promise
    Poem — strong, powerful
    Pujman — Dream, desire
    Puya — Seeker

    slaves — Wintering
    slaves — spring
    rabiga — spring
    RAVIL — Scientific Bogo, traveler 901 55 Rabi — a wishing one who thirsts
    Razil (Ruzil, Ruzbekh) — happy
    — happy, pleased, pleasant, desired
    Radik — directed
    Radiph — Spiritual
    Razi — Secret
    Razil (Ruzil) — The Secret of Allah
    Raid — leader
    Rail — the miracle of Allah
    Rais — militant (feminine: Raisya)
    Rakin — respectful
    Rakia — walking in front
    Ralina — loving father
    Ralif (Raif) — young
    Ramiz (Ramis) — symbolizing the good
    Ramil — magical, magical (female: Ramilya)
    Rania — rich, noble
    Rasil — sent
    Rasim — stronghold, protector (female: Rasima)
    Rasikh — firm, stable
    Rasul — apostle; harbinger
    Ratib — measured
    Rauza (Ravza, Rose) — rose flower
    Rauf — merciful (female: Raufa)
    Rauza (Rose) — rose flower
    Rafael (Raphael, Raphael, Rafil, Rafil) — God’s medicine
    Rafgat — height, greatness, majesty, high rank
    Rafek (Rafik, Rifkat, Rafgat, Rifat, Rafkat) — kind
    Rafis — noticeable, popular
    Rafi (Rafik) — good friend
    Rafkat — height, greatness, majesty, high rank
    Rachel — female: sheep
    Rahim — gracious
    Rahman — mercy
    Rashid (Rashad) — going the right way, conscious, prudent (feminine: Rashidya)
    Reza — determination; humility
    Renat (Rinat) — reborn, reborn, renewed (feminine: Renata, Rinata)
    Reseda — healing
    Refah — prosperity
    Rida (Riza) — benevolence, favor
    Ridvan — contented
    Rome (Rem) — (feminine: Rimma) 9 0155 Rimzil (Rimzil) — having a mark (female: Ramsia)
    Rizvan — favor, satisfaction
    Rifat (Refat, Rufat) — high standing
    Rifkat (Refkat) — partnership, friendship, kindness, beneficence, beneficence
    Rishat (Rashid, Rashad) — correct, sensible, prudent
    Riyadh — Gardens of Eden
    Rosalia — from the names of Rose and Aliya
    Roxana — fortune-teller
    Ruby — precious stone
    Р uzil (Ruzbeh) — happy
    Rumia — Roman princess
    Runar — the secret wisdom of God
    Ruslan (Arslan) — a lion
    Rustam (Rustem) — strong, big, giant
    Rufiya (Ruth) — friendship
    Rushan (Ravshan) — bright, brilliant, radiant (feminine: Rushana, Rushaniya)


    Saad — luck
    Sabir (Sabur) — patient (feminine: Sabira)
    Sabit — strong, strong, steadfast, firm
    Sabih — beautiful, beautiful
    Savalan — majestic
    Sagit (Sagyt, Sagyyt, Zagit ) — happy, prosperous
    Sajid (Sajid) — worshiping God
    Sadri — the first (feminine: Sadria)
    Sadyk (Sadiq, Sadiq) — sincere, faithful, true
    Said — happy (feminine: Saida, Saida)
    Saifi — sword (feminine: Sayfiya)
    C aifuddin — sword of faith
    Saifulla — the sword of Allah
    Sayyar (Sayar) — walking, wandering, moving, satellite, planet
    Saqib — meteor, comet
    Sakit — peaceful, moderate
    Salavat — laudatory prayers
    Salar — leader justice, good, righteous
    Salim — peaceful, quiet, calm (feminine: Salima)
    Salman (Salem, Salim) — necessary, peaceful, quiet, calm
    Samad (Samat) — eternal
    Sami — sublime
    Samir (Samiir) — interlocutor
    Sanjar — prince
    Sani — praising, shining
    Saniya — second, second child in the family
    Sarah (Sarra) — mistress
    Safi — best friend
    Sahir — watchful, awake
    Sahidyam (Sahi) — clear, pure, cloudless
    Sayyar (Sayyar) — walking, wandering, moving, satellite, planet
    Sepehr — sky
    Sibgat — temper, thought
    Siraj — light
    Sophia (Sufi, Sofya) — wisdom, intelligence
    Sohel — star
    Soyalp — from the kind of brave men
    Subhi — early morning
    Suleiman — protected, living in health and prosperity
    Sultan — power, ruler
    Suud — good luck
    Suhaib (Sahib, Sahib) — friendly
    Sylu — graceful, beautiful


    Tahir — flying, soaring
    Taymullah — servant of the Lord
    Taysir — relief, help
    Such (Tagi) — pious, pious 901 55 Talgat (Talha, Talhat) — beauty, attractiveness, the name of a desert plant
    Talip — Talib — irreconcilable
    Talal — beautiful, beautiful
    Tamam — perfect
    Tanzila — sent down from above
    Tansylu — beautiful as the morning dawn
    Taref (Tariff) — rare, unusual
    Tarik — morning star
    Tarkhan (Tarhun) — led
    Taufik — consent, reconciliation
    Tahir (Tagir) — pure, modest, chaste
    Tahir (Tagir) — a bird
    Timur (Timer, Teimur, Temir) — iron, iron, strong
    Tinchura — a pleasant boy
    Tokay (Tukay) — warrior
    Tomindar — protected, secured
    Tofik (Taufik, Tavfik) — success, luck, happiness
    Tugan — native
    Turan — happiness for everyone
    Turkel — Turkic land, Turkic people
    Tufan — storm, hurricane

    9 0030 U

    Ubaida — servant of the Lord
    Uzbek — independent
    Ulmas — immortal
    Ulfat — friendship, love
    Ulus — people, land
    Umar (Umyar, Umer, Amar, Omar) — long-liver
    Umida — Hope mid)
    Ural — joy, pleasure
    Uruz (Urus) — Russian
    Urfan — knowledge, art
    Osama (Osama) — lion
    Usman — unhurried, slow


    Favuaz — prosperous
    Fadl — venerable
    Faik — excellent, amazing
    Fail — giving a good sign, which is a good omen
    Faizullah (Feyzullah) — the generosity of Allah
    Faisal — decisive
    Fawziya — the winner
    Fagin (Fagim) — quick-witted, intelligent
    Faiz — the winner
    Faik — excellent
    Faizrahman — a merciful winner
    Faina (Fania) — excellent
    Fayzullah — a winner from Allah
    Fandas — a scientist, educated
    Fanis — a lighthouse, a lamp (feminine: Fanisa)
    Faraz — exalted
    Farbod — direct, uncompromising
    Farzan — wise
    Farid (Farit, Fyarit, Farit) — rare, exceptional, unique (feminine: Farida)
    Faris — strong; insightful
    Faruk (Farukh) — happy
    Farhat (Ferhat, Farshad) — happy
    Fateh (Fatih, Fatykh) — winner
    Fatima — light-faced
    Fatin — smart
    Fahad — lynx
    Fakhir — proud
    Fakhri — honorable, respected
    Fakhrutdin (Farkhutdin) — superior in faith
    Fayaz — generous
    Fida — sacrificing
    Filuz (F ilus) — victorious (female: Filuza)
    Finat — purposeful
    Firdaus — paradise, heavenly abode
    Firnat (Firinat) — spiritual, thoughtful
    Firoz (Firuz) — winner
    Firuza — feminine: radiant, turquoise
    Flera ( Flyora, Flyura) — flower
    Flyun — blooming, luxurious, lush
    Foat (Foad, Fuat, Fuad) — heart, mind
    Foruhar — aroma
    Franis (Fanis) — sugar
    Fuat (Fuad, Foat) — heart, mind
    Fudeil (Fadl) — dignity, honor friend (feminine: Khabiba, Khabibya, Habibi, Apipya)
    Khabibrahman — from the names: Khabib and Rahman
    Khabibullah — the favorite of Allah
    Khabir — informant
    Hava (Eve) — female, life-giving, mother
    Khagani — ruler
    Hadi — leader, leader. (feminine: Khadia)
    Khadija — symbolizes a holy woman, the wife of the prophet
    Hadith — tradition, legend, story (female: Hadith)
    Khadicha — premature
    Hadiya — a gift
    Haydar — walking in front
    Khairat — a benefactor
    Khazar — a city dweller, a person with an average income
    Hakim — knowing, wise
    Khalida — eternal, constant
    Khaliq — a faithful friend
    Khalil — a faithful friend
    Halim — soft, kind (feminine: Halima, Halima)
    Khalit — immortal
    Hamza — sharp, burning
    Hamid — glorifying, ascending (female: Hamida)
    Khamis — fifth
    Hamat, Hamit — glorifying
    Khan — ruler, leader, lord
    Hanif — true (female: Hanifa)
    Haniya — gift
    Haris — plowman
    Hasan — good ( feminine: Hasana)
    Khattab — woodcutter, lumberjack
    Hafiz (Hafis, Hafis, Hafiz) — protector
    Hashim — generous
    Hayat — life
    Hedayat — leader, leader
    Hikmat (Hikmet) — wisdom
    Hisam (Khusam) — blade, sword, saber
    Hisan — very handsome
    Khoja — master, master, mentor
    Khusain (Khusein, Khusein) — handsome, good
    Khusam (Khisam) — blade, sword, saber


    Celebi — dandy, handsome, handsome ) — great, strong
    Chulpan — morning star (planet Venus)


    Shavkat (Shafkat) — good
    Shadida — strong
    Shaida — beloved
    Shaikhullah — the elder of Allah
    Shakir — thanks (feminine: Shakira) 9 0155 Shakird (Shakirt) — student
    Shakirzhan — taking into account the soul
    Shakur — sugar
    shamil — comprehensive (female: shamil)
    Shamsi — sunny (female: Shamsia)
    Shafagat — help
    Sharif, ball — honor, fame
    Shafik — compassionate
    Shafkat (Shavkat) — Good
    Shakhriyar — Sovereign
    Shirin — Sweet


    Evelyn — Forest Orex
    Edgar — Speak
    Eduard — abundant, rich
    Eleanor — Allah My Light
    Elvir — Obtermary (Women’s: Elvira)
    Eldar — the ruler of the country
    Elsa — swore before God, short for Elizabeth.

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