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Muslim Girl Names Starting with Q

Welcome your new baby with a special collection of Islamic names that are ideal for her. These are unique names and give your child a sense of individuality. These names, which reflect their cultural heritage, are ideal for your little one because they capture them the most accurately. The meanings of modern Muslim baby Girl names beginning with the letter Q are presented in a concise and user-friendly format. You can make use Hamariweb if you’re looking for the best Muslim Girl name with the letter Q for your child.

Popular Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With Q

Qurat ul AIn Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight قراۃ العین
Qirat Beautiful Recitation قيرات
Qudsia Pure, pure angel قدسیہ
Qaswa Name of the camel of Holy Prophet قصواء
Quraisha Strong,Pertaining to the tribe of quraish in makka قريشا
Qandil Chandeliers قندیل
Qamar Moon قمر
Qara Cloudlet. قرہ
Qanita Submitters قانتہ
Qaria Read The Quran Koran Recitation قاریہ
Qasida Carrying the message قاصدہ
Qahira Overpowering, victorious. قاهرة
Qabila Able, wise. قبيلة
Qaila Convincing قائلہ
Qaima Cream Origin Arabic قائمہ
Qaifa SIGHT-READER قائفہ

Qurrat Eye, cooling قرة
Qaisra Queen قیصرہ
Qarah Cooling قارہ
Qismat Fate, Destiny, Area قسمت
Qudsiyah In Sindhi meaning is : Holy. قدسیہ
Qadira The control قادرہ
Qamri Like a bird dove قمری
Qanaat Patience. قناة
Qailah One who speaks. قايله
Qania Contended


Qasima To Distribute قاسمہ
Quddusiyah Sacred, Pious. قدسيه
Qabra Paradise قبرہ
Qabtia Nation ancient SUGAR CANDY woman قبطیہ

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Islamic Girl Name Starts With Letter Q

Muslim Girl names starts with alphabet Q are very common among the parents. Every parent related to any religion tries to find the best possible name for the baby however Muslim parents are more focused on beautiful Girl names as well as meaningful Girl names for their babies. Popular Girl names starting Q hold amazing names and personality traits that affect positively on one’s nature. Your search is about to end here for Muslim Girl names starting with Q on this all-rounder page that has a variety of names.

Here we have gathered all the Muslim Girl names starting with Q to cater to the need of parents looking for Girl names starting from the Q alphabet. A huge list of unique Muslim Girl names from Q letter is mentioned here with its meaning, origin, lucky number, and all the related information. Parents can now easily reach to the sahabi Girl names starting with Q to select the best name for their little one. Check out an updated list of Muslim baby names starting with Q here. Islamic Girl names starting with Q are also mentioned as this portal is providing a huge range of names from all the alphabets.

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People by Last Names: Q

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People by Last Names: Q


Over 40,000 profiles are available. Browse by last name:


Maggie Q Actor Mission: Impossible III 22-May-1979
Stacey Q Singer Two of Hearts 30-Nov-1958
Q-Tip Rapper A Tribe Called Quest 10-Apr-1970
Muammar Qaddafi Head of State Dictator of Libya 1942 20-Oct-2011
Leyla Qasim Activist Kurdish martyr 1952 05-Dec-1974
Shu Qi Actor Gorgeous 16-Apr-1976
John Quade Actor Every Which Way But Loose 01-Apr-1938 09-Aug-2009
Dennis Quaid Actor Any Given Sunday 09-Apr-1954
Randy Quaid Actor Parents 01-Oct-1950
Pete Quaife Bassist Former bassplayer of The Kinks 31-Dec-1943 24-Jun-2010
John M. Quain Attorney Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney 1954
Anthony Quainton Diplomat US Ambassador to Peru, 1989-92 04-Apr-1934
John Qualen Actor The Grapes of Wrath 08-Dec-1899 12-Sep-1987
DJ Qualls Actor Road Trip 12-Jun-1978
Lois E. Quam Business Managing Director, Piper Jaffray c. 1961
Jean Quan Politician Mayor of Oakland 21-Oct-1949
William Quantrill Criminal Quantrill’s Raiders 31-Jul-1837 06-Jun-1865
Robert Quarry Actor Count Yorga, Vampire 03-Nov-1925 20-Feb-2009
Salvatore Quasimodo Poet Acque e terre 20-Aug-1901 14-Jun-1968
Suzi Quatro Musician Can the Can 03-Jun-1950
Frank Quattrone Business The Prince of Silicon Valley 14-Oct-1955
Matthew S. Quay Politician Twice US Senator from Pennsylvania 30-Sep-1833 28-May-1904
Anthony Quayle Actor Ice-Cold in Alex 07-Sep-1913 20-Oct-1989
Benjamin Quayle Politician Congressman, Arizona 3rd 05-Nov-1976
Dan Quayle Politician Vice President under George H. W. Bush 04-Feb-1947
Marilyn Quayle First Lady Wife of Dan Quayle 29-Jul-1949
Stephen R. Quazzo Business Transwestern Investment Company c. 1960
Carol Queen Author Prolific sexologist c. 1957
Joe Queenan Author Closing Time 03-Nov-1950
John A. Quelch Educator Professor at HBS c. 1951
James A. Quella Business Blackstone Group c. 1950
James Quello Government FCC Commissioner, 1974-97 21-Apr-1914 24-Jan-2010
Raymond Queneau Novelist Zazie dans le métro 21-Feb-1903 25-Oct-1976
Gregory L. Quesnel Business CEO of CNF, 1998-2004 c. 1949
Question Mark Singer ? and the Mysterians 1945
?uestlove Drummer Drummer for The Roots 20-Jan-1971
Allen I. Questrom Business CEO of JC Penney, 2000-04 13-Apr-1941
Manuel Quezon Head of State 2nd President of the Philippines 19-Aug-1878 01-Aug-1944
Ludwig Quidde Activist German pacifist, Nobel Prize recipient 23-Mar-1858 04-Mar-1941
Albert H. Quie Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1979-83 18-Sep-1923
Carroll Quigley Educator Harvard professor, mentor to Bill Clinton 09-Nov-1910 03-Jan-1977
Joan Quigley Government Reagan’s astrologer 10-Apr-1927
Linnea Quigley Actor Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 27-May-1958
Mike Quigley Politician Congressman, Illinois 5th 17-Oct-1958
Philip J. Quigley Business CEO of Pacific Telesis, 1994-97 c. 1943
DJ Quik Rapper Rap artist 18-Jan-1970
Eddie Quillan Actor In 20 short films by Mack Sennett 31-Mar-1907 19-Jul-1990
James H. Quillen Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1963-97 11-Jan-1916 02-Nov-2003
Denis Quilley Actor Privates on Parade 26-Dec-1927 05-Oct-2003
Fred Quimby Film/TV Producer Producer of Tom and Jerry 31-Jul-1886 16-Sep-1965
Phineas P. Quimby Hoaxer Father of New Thought movement 16-Feb-1802 16-Jan-1866
Roxanne Quimby Business Co-Founder, Burt’s Bees 1950
Peggy A. Quince Judge Justice, Florida Supreme Court 03-Jan-1948
Josiah Quincy Educator President of Harvard, 1829-45 04-Feb-1772 01-Jul-1864
Anna Quindlen Columnist NYT columnist, later novelist 08-Jul-1953
Richard Quine Film Director Bell Book and Candle 12-Nov-1920 10-Jun-1989
Robert Quine Guitarist Sonic punk rock guitarist 30-Dec-1942 31-May-2004
Willard Van Orman Quine Philosopher Two Dogmas of Empiricism 25-Jun-1908 25-Dec-2000
Kathleen Quinlan Actor I Never Promised You a Rose Garden 19-Nov-1954
Maeve Quinlan Actor South of Nowhere 16-Nov-1964
Thomas J. Quinlan III Business CEO of RR Donnelley & Sons c. 1963
Aidan Quinn Actor Reckless 08-Mar-1959
Aileen Quinn Actor Annie 28-Jun-1971
Anthony Quinn Actor Zorba the Greek 21-Apr-1915 03-Jun-2001
Bill Quinn Actor Mr. Van Ranseleer on Archie Bunker’s Place 06-May-1912 29-Apr-1994
Brady Quinn Football Cleveland Browns QB 27-Oct-1984
Christine C. Quinn Politician Speaker, New York City Council 25-Jul-1966
Colin Quinn Comic Tough Crowd, SNL 06-Jun-1959
David W. Quinn Business CFO of Centex, 1987-2000 ?
Ed Quinn Actor Eureka 26-Feb-1968
Francesco Quinn Actor Platoon 22-Mar-1963 05-Aug-2011
Glenn Quinn Actor Mark Healy on Roseanne 28-May-1970 03-Dec-2002
J. C. Quinn Actor The Abyss 30-Nov-1940 10-Feb-2004
Jack Quinn Politician Congressman from New York, 1993-2005 13-Apr-1951
Jack Quinn Attorney White House Counsel, 1995-96 16-Aug-1949
Jane Bryant Quinn Journalist Personal finance columnist 05-Feb-1939
Kenneth M. Quinn Diplomat US Ambassador to Cambodia, 1996-99 26-May-1942
Martha Quinn TV Personality Original MTV veejay 11-May-1959
Maureen E. Quinn Diplomat US Ambassador to Qatar, 2001-04 1956
Nancy K. Quinn Business Hanover Capital LLC c. 1953
Pat Quinn Politician Governor of Illinois 16-Dec-1948
Patricia Quinn Actor The Rocky Horror Picture Show 28-May-1944
Robert E. Quinn Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1937-39 02-Apr-1894 19-May-1975
Stephen D. Quinn Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs c. 1956
William F. Quinn Politician Governor of Hawaii, 1957-62 13-Jul-1919 28-Aug-2006
Quintilian Critic Institutio Oratoria 35 AD 96 AD
Zachary Quinto Actor Sylar on Heroes 02-Jun-1977
Elpidio Quirino Head of State 6th President of the Philippines 16-Nov-1890 29-Feb-1956
Vidkun Quisling Politician Norwegian president, Nazi collaborator 18-Jul-1887 24-Oct-1945
George Quist Business Co-Founder, Hambrecht & Quist ? 1982
John A. Quitman Politician Twice Governor of Mississippi 01-Sep-1799 17-Jul-1858
Robin Quivers Talk Show Host Howard Stern’s sidekick 08-Aug-1952
Sayyid Qutb Philosopher Muslim Brotherhood philosopher 09-Oct-1906 29-Aug-1966

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Name Q: name meaning, origin, destiny, character, nationality, translation, spelling

  • Popular names

What does the name Q mean? What does the name Q stand for? What does the name Q mean for a person? What is the meaning of the name Q, the origin, fate and character of the carrier? What nationality is Q’s name? How is the name Q translated? What is the correct spelling of Q’s name? Compatibility with the name Q is a suitable color, amulets, a patron planet and a zodiac sign. You can read a full description of the Q name and its detailed analysis online in this article for free.

Name interpretation content

Q name analysis

Q name consists of 1 letter. After analyzing the meaning of each letter in the name Q, you can understand its secret meaning and hidden meaning.

  • Q — achieve the desired goal, have self-esteem, achieve love and recognition of others. Mental capacity. The ability to turn the situation around. Leadership and activity.
  • The meaning of the name Q in numerology

    Numerology of the name Q can suggest not only the main qualities and character of a person. But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher fateful signs and even predict the future. The number of the name Q in numerology is 8. The motto of the name Q and eights in life is: “I am the best!”

    • The patron planet for the name Q is Saturn.
    • The sign of the zodiac for the name Q is Leo, Scorpio and Pisces.
    • Q Charm Stones — calcite, cinnabar, coral, dioptase, ivory, black lignite, marcasite, mika, opal, selenite, serpentine, smoky quartz.

    «Eight» as one of the numbers of the numerological core is an indicator of the dominant principle, practicality, materialism and indestructible self-confidence.
    «Eight» in the numbers of the name Q — the Number of Expression, the Number of the Soul and the Number of the external appearance — is, first of all, the ability to confidently handle money and secure a stable financial position.
    Leaders by nature, 8s are incredibly hardworking and hardy. Natural organizational skills, dedication and extraordinary mind allow them to achieve their goals.
    The Man of Eight resembles a safe, it is so difficult to understand and decipher it. The true motives and desires of the Eight with the name Q are always hidden from others, it is difficult to find common ground and establish easy relationships. Eight is well versed in people, feels the character, recognizes the weaknesses and strengths of others. She likes to control and dominate in communication, she herself does not admit her mistakes. Very often he sacrifices his interests in the name of the family. Eight is reckless, loves non-standard solutions. In any profession, he achieves a high level of skill. This is a good strategist who is not afraid of responsibility, but it is difficult for the Eight to be in the background. Q is a fast learner, loves history, art. Able to keep other people’s secrets, by nature a born psychologist. You can please the Eight only with trust and open communication.

    • The impact of the name Q on the profession and career. Optimal options for professional self-realization of the G8 — own business, managerial position or politics. The final choice often depends on the initial assumptions. For example, it depends on who the dad is — a senator or the owner of a fashion studio — what the number 8 means in choosing a particular occupation in life. Suitable professions: financier, manager, politician.
    • The impact of the name Q on personal life. The number 8 in relationship numerology makes life together or marriage as much a business venture as any other. And in this case, we are not talking about a “marriage of convenience” in the generally accepted sense of this expression. Eights have a strong-willed character, great energy and authority. Once disappointed in a person, they will make huge demands on the next partners. Therefore, they are important to those who simply come to their aid without further ado. They fit units, twos and eights.

    The patron planet of the name Q

    The number 8 for the name Q means the planet Saturn. People of this type are lonely, they often face misunderstanding from others. Outwardly, the owners of the Q name are cold, but this is just a mask to hide their natural craving for warmth and well-being. Saturn people do not like anything superficial and do not make rash decisions. They are prone to stability, to a stable financial position. But even though they manage to achieve all this, but only with their sweat and blood, nothing comes easy to them. They are constant in everything: in relationships, in habits, in work. By old age, carriers of the name Q are most often financially secure. Among other things, they are stubborn, which contributes to the achievement of any goals. These people are punctual, prudent in the good sense of the word, careful, methodical, hardworking. As a rule, people of Saturn subjugate, and do not obey themselves. They are always faithful and constant, you can rely on them. Harmony is achieved with people of the second type.

    Zodiac signs of the name Q

    The following zodiac signs are suitable for the name Q:

  • Zodiac sign Leo for the name Q. go to success, not lingering on the sidelines. Name holders for the name Q hate any kind of limitation. Lions Q are demanding of themselves, picky about their appearance, so they pay a lot of attention to it. They try to make a favorable impression on people, they like to please. Sign of the zodiac Got in favor with Leo — consider yourself lucky. You will be praised, taken everywhere with you (to show off) and taught manners — the aristocrats are still the same. But swearing with Leo Q is not recommended: they are sharp-tongued and will not go into their pocket for a word. In five minutes, you will be standing with red cheeks from anger and indignant, why the hell does he dare to talk to you like that? Moreover, Leo will not lie — he will say little, clearly and to the point. With a nasty grin. So you yourself will remain to blame for depression on the topic “where my life is heading”. Creepy egocentric owners of the name Q — love compliments, being the center of attention and gifts (although they prefer the word «offerings»).
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio for the name Q. Scorpios with the name Q love to live, as they say, to the fullest, extremely reckless, prone to addictions, categorical. People named Q are more often mistrusted and create a tragedy from scratch. The innate intuition of Scorpios made them excellent psychologists and natural manipulators. The owners of the name Q cannot live without love and vivid emotions, so as soon as they part with one partner, they immediately find another and drag him on a roller coaster — restaurants and movies for wimps. At the same time, they simply adore themselves, they know how to count money and remember what every ruble of their salary was spent on. Hidden to the point of impossibility: they will start talking about themselves three years after the wedding, not earlier. They do not like to chat, they are more often silent than they attract attention. You can’t leave them near Aries for a long time — together they will come up with such adventures for their fifth points that everyone will have to rake.
  • Zodiac sign Pisces for the name Q. Those with the name Q are dreamers. In their fantasies, a Fish named Q has long conquered the world, prevented global warming and eradicated hunger on the planet, but in real life they are not interested — everything is boring, insipid and generally unworthy of their royal attention. Pisces named Q are terrible liars, and it is almost impossible to catch them in a lie. People with the name Q have no remorse, so they are not going to repent and confess. And you believe them, looking into their big and honest eyes. It is impossible to offend Pisces named Q — they will suffer for a long time, dreary and with pleasure. If everything goes well in life, Pisces Q begin to have manic thoughts about the coming nightmare, because it cannot be perfect. In everyday life, Pisces Q are unpretentious, balanced, able to hide feelings and often manipulate other people. Vanity and commercialism are not inherent in the water sign, they know how to work, but do not strive for fame.
  • The color of the name Q

    The color of the name Q is pink. People with a name wearing pink are reserved and good listeners, they never argue. Although they always have their own opinion, which they strictly follow. It is impossible to hear criticism of others from Q-name bearers. But they evaluate themselves people with the name Q are always critical, which is why there are frequent emotional gains and depressive states. They are wonderful family men, because it is impossible not to love them. The positive character traits of the name Q are philanthropy and sincerity. The negative character traits of the name Q are depressiveness and criticality.

    Video meaning of the name Q

    Do you agree with the description and meaning of the name Q? What fate, character and nationality do your acquaintances with the name Q have? What famous and successful people with the name Q do you still know? We would be happy to discuss the Q name in more detail with our website visitors in the comments below.

    If you find an error in the description of the name, please highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter .

    Dog breeds according to the classification of the RKF / FCI (FCI)

    List of breeds and their varieties according to classification of the International Cynological Federation (FCI) (Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)) and of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF).

    Breeds in groups 1 to 10 marked (RKF) are recognized in the RKF but not recognized in the FCI. The rest of the breeds in these groups are recognized both in the RKF and in the FCI.

    The breed name link points to the breed standard page.

    Group 1 — Herding and cattle dogs other than Swiss cattle dogs

    Section 1 — Sheepdogs 4

  • White Swiss Shepherd — Bitches
  • Belgian Shepherd — Dogs (1) — Photo — Nicknames of males
    • Groenendael
    • Laekenois
    • Malinois
    • Tervueren
  • Bergamo Shepherd
  • Bobtail
  • Border Collie — Dogs (3) — Photo — Nicknames of females ki (4) — Photo — Nicknames of males — Names of bitches
  • Sarloos Wolfdog
  • East European Shepherd (RKF) — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
  • Dutch Shepherd
    • Long-haired
    • Wire-haired
    • Shorthair
  • Catalan Sheepdog
  • Rough Collie — Dogs (1) — Photo — Nicknames of males Heeler
  • Mallorcan Shepherd
  • Maremmo-Abruzzo Shepherd
  • Miniature American Shepherd
  • Moody
  • German Shepherd — Names of males — Names of bitches
    • Longhair
    • Shorthair
  • Picardy Shepherd
  • Pyrenean Shepherd Dog smooth-faced
  • Pyrenean Shepherd Dog long-haired
  • Polish Lowland Sheepdog
  • Polish Podgalian Shepherd Dog
  • Portuguese Sheepdog
  • 9000 3 Bullets

  • Pumi
  • Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog
  • Romanian Myoritic Shepherd Dog
  • Slovak Chuvach
  • Schipperke
  • Croatian shepherd dog
  • Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
  • Czech Cattle Dog
  • Chapendois
  • Sheltie — Male names
  • South Russian Shepherd Dog
  • Section 2 — Cattle dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

    • Australian Short-tailed Cattle Dog
    • A Australian Heeler
    • Ardennes Bouvier
    • Flanders Bouvier

    Group 2 — Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossians, Alpine and Swiss Cattle Dogs

    Section 1 — Pinschers and Schnauzers


    1 — Pinscher

    • Austrian Pinscher
    • Affenpinscher
    • Danish-Swedish Farmdog
    • Dobermann — Dogs (2) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
    • German Pinscher — Names of males — Names of bitches 90 004
    • Miniature Pinscher — Dogs (2) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
    1.2 — Schnauzer
    • Standard Schnauzer
      • Pepper & Salt
      • Black
    • Giant Schnauzer Aucer — Nicknames of males
      • Pepper and salt
      • Black
    • Miniature Schnauzer — Males — Females
      • White
      • Pepper & Salt
      • Black
      • Black & Silver 90 004
    1.3 — Smoothie
    • Dutch Smoothie
    1.4 — Black Terrier
    • Black Russian Terrier

    Section 2 — Molossians

    2.1 — Mastiff
    • Azores Cattle Dog
    • American Bully (RKF)
      • Bully XL
      • Bully Classic
      • Bully Standard
      • Pocket Bully
    • English Bulldog
    • English Mastiff — Bitch Names
    • 9 0003 Dogo Argentino

    • Dogo de Bordeaux
    • Brazilian Fila
    • Broholmer
    • Bullmastiff
    • Spanish Alano (RKF)
    • Ca de Bou
    • Canary Dog
    • Cane Corso — Names of males — Names of bitches
    • Continental Bulldog (RKF)
    • Neapolitan Mastiff
    • German Boxer — Dogs (1) — Photo — Bitches’ names
    • Great Dane — Bitches’ names
      • Blue
      • Fawn and brindle
      • Black and marble 90 004
    • Rottweiler
    • Tosa Inu
    • Uruguayan cimarron
    • Chongqing (RKF) — Dogs (1) — Photo — Nicknames of males
    • Shar Pei — Nicknames of males
    • South African Boerboel (RKF)

    2 — Molossus, mountain dog

    • Aidi
    • American Bulldog (RKF)
      • White
      • Red
      • Brindle
    • Bukovina Shepherd Dog
    • Spanish Mastiff
    • Caucasian Shepherd Dog — Nicknames of bitches
    • Kangal Shepherd Dog
    • Cao de Castro Laboreiro
    • Crash Shepherd Dog
    • Landseer
    • Leonberger
    • Moscow Watchdog (RKF)
    • Newfoundland
    • Pyrenean Mountain Dog
    • Pyrenean Mastiff
    • Rafeiro do Alentejo
    • Saint Bernard — Names of males — Names of bitches
      • Longhair
      • Shorthair
    • Central Asian Shepherd Dog
    • Tibetan Mastiff — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
    • Tornjak
    • Hovawart
    • Sharplanin Shepherd Dog
    • Estrel Sheepdog — Nicknames of bitches
      • Longhaired
      • Shorthaired

    Section 3 — Swiss mountain and cattle dogs Names of bitches

    Group 3 — Terriers

    Section 1 — Large and medium terriers

    • Bedlington Terrier
    • Border Terrier
    • Brazilian Terrier
    • Welsh Terrier — Male names
    • Glen of Imaal Terrier
    • Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
    • Irish Terrier
    • Kerry Blue Terrier
    • Lakeland Terrier — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of bitches
    • Manchester Terrier
    • 900 03 German Jagd Terrier

    • Parson Russell Terrier
    • Fox Terrier Smooth
    • Fox Terrier Wire
    • Airedale Terrier

    Section 2 — Small Terriers

    • Australian Terrier
    • West Highland White Terrier yer
    • Dandie Dinmont Terrier
    • Jack Russell Terrier — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of females
    • Cairn Terrier — Names of males
    • Norwich Terrier
    • Norfolk Terrier 9000 4
    • Sealyham Terrier
    • Skye Terrier
    • Czech Terrier
    • Scottish Terrier
    • Japanese Terrier

    Section 3 — Bull Terriers

    • American Staffordshire Terrier — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names males — bitches nicknames
    • Bull Terrier
    • Miniature Bull Terrier — Dogs (2) — Photo — Names of bitches
    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Section 4 — Toy Terriers

    • Australian Silky Terrier
    • English Toy Terrier — Male names
    • Yorkshire Terrier — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches

    Group 4 — Dachshunds

    • Dachshund — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
      • Rabbit dachshund
        • Longhaired
        • Wirehaired
        • Shorthaired
      • Miniature Dachshund
        • Longhaired
        • Wirehaired
        • Shorthair
      • Standard Dachshund
        • Longhair
        • Wirehair
        • Shorthair

    Group 5 — Spitz and primitive breeds

    • Jackal-dog dog – Shalaika (RKF)

    Section 1 — Nordic Sled Dogs

    • Alaskan Malamute
    • Greenland Dog
    • Samoyed Dog — Male Names
    • Siberian Husky — Dogs (1) — Photo — Nicknames males
    • Yakutian Laika

    Section 2 — Northern hunting dogs

    • East Siberian Laika
    • West Siberian Laika
    • Karelian Bear Dog
    • Norbotten Spitz
    • Norwegian Lundehund
    • Norwegian Gray Elkhund
    • Norwegian Black Elkhund — Names of bitches
    • Russo-European Laika — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of bitches
    • Finnish Spitz — Names of males
    • Yamthund

    Section 3 — Northern Watchdogs and Herding Dogs

    • Icelandic Dog
    • Lappish Reindeer Dog
    • Norwegian Buhund
    • Finnish Lapphund
    • Swedish Vallhund
    • Swedish Lapphund 9000 4

    Section 4 — European Spitz

    • Volpino Italiano
    • German Spitz — Dogs (2) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
      • Large Spitz
        • White
        • Black and brown
      • Wolfspitz (Keeshond)
      • Miniature Spitz
        • White
        • Orange, gray and other colors
        • Black and brown
      • Miniature (Pomeranian)
      • Medium Spitz 90 002
      • White
      • Orange, gray and other colors
      • Black and brown

    Section 5 — Asian Spitz and related breeds

      90 003 Akita
    • American Akita
    • Eurasian
    • Kai
    • Kintamani
    • Kishu
    • Korean Jindo
    • Shiba — Names of males
    • Shikoku
    • Thai Bangku
    • Hokkaido
    • Chow-Chow — Names of bitches 9000 4
    • Japanese Spitz — Male Names

    Section 6 — Primitive Breeds

    • Basenji
    • Xoloitzcuintle
      • Miniature
      • Medium
      • 90 003 Standard

    • Peruvian Hairless
      • Large
      • Miniature
      • Medium
    • Pharaoh Hound
    • Canaan Hound

    Section 7 — Primitive Breeds — For Hunting Use

    • Ibizenco Podenco
      • Smooth
      • Rough
    • Canario Podenco
    • Portuguese Podengo
      • Large
        • Smooth kohl and shorthair
        • longhair and roughhair
      • small
        • smooth and shorthair
        • longhair and roughhair
      • Medium
        • Smooth and Shorthair
        • Longhair and Wirehair
  • Taiwanese dog
  • Thai Ridgeback
  • Cirneco del Etna
  • Group 6 — Beagles and related breeds

    90 009

    Section 1 — Beagles


    1 — Large Beagles

    • American Foxhound
    • English Foxhound
    • Billy
    • Bloodhound
    • Greater Anglo-French White and Red Hound
    • Greater Anglo-French White and Black Hound
    • Greater Anglo-French Tricolor Hound
    • Great Blue Gascon Hound
    • Great Vendée Griffon
    • Gascon Sentauge Hound (big)
    • Otterhound
    • Polish Ogar
    • Poitevin 900 04
    • Russian Hound (RKF)
    • Russian Pinto Hound (RKF)
    • French White-Red Hound
    • French White and Black Hound
    • French Tricolor Hound
    • Black and Tan Coonhound
    1.2 — Medium Hound
    • Austrian Broadhaired Bracc
    • Austrian Smoothhaired Bracc
    • Anglo-French Small Venus
    • Artois Hound
    • Ariege Hound
    • Beagle Harrier
    • Bosnian Wirehaired Hound
    • Gascon Sentozh Hound (small)
    • Blue Gascon Griffon
    • Hamilton Hound
    • Schiller Hound
    • Dunker Hound
    • Spanish Hound
    • Istrian Wire Hound
    • Istrian Shorthaired Hound
    • Italian Roughhaired Hound
    • Italian Shorthaired Hound
    • Small Blue Gascony Hound
    • Maremma Hound
    • 900 03 Nivernai Griffon

    • Polish Hound
    • Posava Hound
    • Red Breton Griffon
    • Serbian Hound
    • Serbian Tricolor Hound
    • Slovak Hound
    • Småland Hound
    • Medium Vendée Griffon
    • Tyrolean Brakk
    • Transylvanian Hound
    • Porcelain Hound
    • Finnish Hound
    • Halden Hound
    • Harrier
    • Hugenhund 9 0004
    • Montenegrin Mountain Hound
    • Swiss Hound
      • Bernese Hound
      • Lucerne Hound
      • Swiss Hound
      • Jura hound
    • Hellenic hare hound
    • Estonian hound

    3 — Small hounds

    • Artesian-Norman Basset
    • Basset Hound
    • Beagle — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males
    • Great Vendée Basset Griffon
    • Westphalian Dachsbracke k
    • Blue Gascony Basset
    • Drever
    • Small Swiss Hound
      • Little Bernese Hound
        • Smooth
        • Rough
      • Little Lucerne Hound
      • Little Swiss Hound
      • Lesser Jurassic Hound
    • Lesser Vendeen Basset Griffon
    • German Bracken
    • Red Breton Basset

    Section 2 — Folded

    • Alpine Dachsbracke
    • Bavarian Mountain Hound
    • Hanoverian Hound

    Section 3 — Related Breeds

    • Dalmatian
    • Rhodesian Ridgeback — Bitches Nicknames

    Group 7 — Hounds

    Section 1 — Continental Hounds

    1.1 — Continental Hound Type
    • Ariège Bracque
    • Bourbon Bracque
    • Weimaraner
      • Longhair
      • Shorthair
    • Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
    • Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males
    • Italian Brakk
      • White-Orange
      • Chestnut Roan
    • German Drathaar
    • German Shorthaired Shorthair — Bitches
    • German Stichelhaar
    • Auvergne Bracc
    • Perdiguero de Burgos
    • Portuguese Hound
    • Poodlepointer
    • Saint Germain Bracc
    • 9000 3 Slovak Coarse-Haired Hound

    • Old Danish Pointer
    • French Braque (Gascon)
    • French Braque (Pyrenean)

    2 — Spaniel type

    • Greater Münsterländer — Male names
    • Breton Spaniel
      • White-orange
      • Other colors
    • Blue Picardy Spaniel
    • Drents Partridge Dog
    • Small Münsterländer
    • German Langhaar
    • Picardy Spaniel
    • Pont Aumer Spaniel
    • Stabyhoun
    • French Spaniel
    1.3 — Griffon type
    • Cortalsa Griffon
    • Italian Spinone
      • Orange White
      • Chestnut Roan
    • Czech Wirehaired Hound

    Section 2 — British and Irish Pointers and Setters

    2.1 — Pointers
    • English Pointer
    2.2 — Setters
    • English Setter
    • Irish Red and White Setter
    • Irish Red Setter
    • Gordon Setter

    Group 8 — Retrievers, Spaniels and Water Dogs0004

  • Curly Coated Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
    • Brown
    • Fawn
    • Solid black

    900 04

  • Nova Scotia Retriever
  • Flatcoated Retriever
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Section 2 — Spaniels

    • American Cocker Spaniel
      • Mixed Color
      • Solid Color (except Black)
      • Black
    • English Cocker Spaniel — Names of males — Names of females
      • Other color
      • Red
      • Black
      • Welsh Springer Spaniel
      • Clumber Spaniel
      • Kooikerhondier
      • German Wachtelhund
      • Russian Hunting Spaniel (RKF) — Names of males — Names of bitches
      • Sussex Spaniel
      • Field Spaniel

      Section 3 — Water Dogs

      • American Water Spaniel
      • Barbet
      • Wetterhoon
      • Irish Water Spaniel
      • Spanish Water Dog
      • Lagotto Romagnolo
      • 90 003 Portuguese Water Dog

        • Longhaired and Wavy
        • Curly Coated

      Group 9 — Decorative and companion dogs

      • Biewer Terrier (RKF) — Nicknames of males
      • Russian Salon Dog (RKF)
      • Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka (RKF) — Nicknames of males
      • Toy Fox Terrier (RKF)
      • Shien particolo a poul frise (RKF)
        • Miniature
        • Medium
        • Standard
        • Toy

      Section 1 — Bichons and related breeds


      1 — Bichon

      • Bichon Frize — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
      • Bolognese — Names of bitches
      • Havanese — Names of males
      • 90 003 Maltese — Names of males

      1.2 — Coton de tulear
      • Coton de tulear
      1.3 — Lesser lion dog
      • Lesser lion dog
      • 9000 5

        Section 2 — Poodles

        • Poodle — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
          • Miniature
            • Apricot
            • White
            • Brown
            • Red
            • Silver
            • Black
          • Medium
            • Apricot
            • White
            • Brown
            • Red
            • Silver
            • Black
          • Standard
            • Apricot
            • White
            • Brown
            • Red
            • Silver
            • Black

        Section 3 — Small Belgian Dogs

        3.1 — Griffon
        • Belgian Griffon
        • Brussels Griffon

        2 — Petit Brabancon

        • Petite Brabancon — Names of bitches

        Section 4 — Hairless dogs

        • Chinese Crested Dog — Names of bitches
          • Hairless
          • Downy
          • 9 0005

          Section 5 — Tibetan breeds

          • Lhasa Apso — Dogs (1 ) — Photo — Male names
          • Tibetan Spaniel
          • Tibetan Terrier
          • Shih Tzu — Dogs (3) — Photo — Male names — Female names

          Section 6 — Chihuahua

          • Chihuahua — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
            • Smooth
            • Longhair

          Section 7 — English Toy Spaniels

          • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Dogs (2) — Photo — Names female
            • Blenheim
            • Ruby
            • Tricolor
            • Black and Tan
          • King Charles Spaniel
            • Blenheim 900 04
            • Ruby
            • Tricolor
            • Black and Tan

          Section 8 — Japanese Chin and Pekingese

          • Pekingese — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males
          • Japanese Chin

          Section 9 — Continental Toy Spaniel, Russian Toy and Prague Krysarik

          • Continental Toy Spaniel
            • Papillon
            • Phalene
          • Prague Krysarik
          • Russian Toy — Names of males
            • Smooth-haired
            • Long-haired

          Section 10 — Cromforlander

          • Cromforlander

          Section 11 — Small Molossoids

          • Boston Terrier
          • Pug — Dogs (1) — Photo — Bitches nicknames
            • Apricot with black mask
            • Fawn with black mask
            • Silver
            • Black
          • French Bulldog — Dogs (4) — Photo — Names of males — Names of bitches
            • With slight white markings
            • With medium or predominant amount of white

          Group 10 — Greyhounds

          Section 1 — Longhaired Greyhounds

          • Afghan Hound — Dogs (2) — Photo — Names of males
          • Russian Borzoi — Names of males
          • Saluki
            • Longhair
            • Shorthair

          Section 2 — Wirehaired Greyhounds

          • Deerhound
          • Irish Wolfhound

          Section 3 — Shorthaired Greyhounds

          • Azawakh
          • Hungarian Greyhound
          • Greyhound
          • Spanish Galgo
          • Italian Greyhound
          • Polish Hart
          • Slugi
          • 90 003 Whippet

          Breeds not classified by FCI

          • American Leopard Dog
          • American Eskimo Dog
            • Miniature
            • Standard
            • Toy
          • American English Coonhound
          • American Hairless Terrier
          • Anglo-Russian Hound
          • Afghan Native Hound (RKF)
          • Boykin Spaniel
          • Boerboel
          • Buryat-Mongolian Wolfhound (RKF)
          • Arboreal raccoon hound
          • Tennessee brindle dog
          • Canadian eskimo dog
          • Mottled -blue Coonhound
          • Red Coonhound
          • Catahoula Leopard Dog
          • Lithuanian Hound (RKF)
          • Nenets Reindeer Spitz (RKF)
          • Plott
          • Rat Terrier
          • Tazy
          • Taigan
          • Hortaya Greyhound
          • Chinook
          • Chukchi Sled Dog

          9 0012 Section 99 — Designer Breed

          • Vestipu (West Highland White Terrier + Poodle)
          • Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle)
          • Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Bichon Frize)
          • Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle)
          • Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever + Poodle)
          • Maltipoo (Maltese + Poodle) — Dogs (1) — Photo — Names of males
          • Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier + Maltese)
          • Pagapu (Pug + Poodle)
          • Pomchi (Pomeranian + Chihuahua)

          Recommended name :

          • Male — Teddy

          English (Latin)

          Russian (Cyrillic)

          New photo

          Dog food rating

          1. Bosch 9 0004
          2. Eukanuba
          3. Purina Pro Plan
          4. Hill’s Science Plan
          5. Nutram
          6. Cesar
          7. Savarra


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