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13 Names That Mean Lake

  1. NimueHeart
    • Origin:

      Celtic Mythology (one of the names of the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legends)

    • Description:

      Nimue (Lady of the Lake) is the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend. Nimue plays a pivotal role in many stories, including giving King Arthur his sword Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot after the death of his father.

    Nimue ContinuedChevron — Right

  2. LynnHeart
    • Origin:

      Diminutive of Linda or Welsh

    • Meaning:


    • Description:

      Lynn arrived in the 1940s, spinning off from the wildly popular Linda, to become a top midcentury middle name. Now, Lynn’s in limbo.

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  3. LocklynHeart
    • Origin:

      Variation of male name Lachlin, Gaelic

    • Meaning:

      «lake land»

    • Description:

      This phonetic spelling of a traditional Scottish male name wasn’t seen until used by Vince Vaughn for his daughter. As Lachlan becomes more of an established boy’s name in the US, more parents are turning to the Locklyn spelling on the girl’s side.

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  4. MearaHeart
    • Origin:


    • Meaning:

      «pool, lake»

    • Description:

      A name that has many close, more familiar relatives, like Mira and Myra.

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  5. LochHeart
    • Origin:

      Scottish Gaelic

    • Meaning:


    • Description:

      Loch is a watery word that sounds more like a name because it’s one step removed from its English form. Pronounced as «lock,» it’s also a short form of the variously-spelled Lachlan.

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  6. ArledgeHeartArledge ContinuedChevron — Right
  7. LynnHeartLynn ContinuedChevron — Right
  8. LagunaHeartLaguna ContinuedChevron — Right
  9. TalcottHeart
    • Origin:


    • Meaning:

      «cottage near the lake»

    • Description:

      A bit formal for our time, Alcott would be a bit less forbidding.

    Talcott ContinuedChevron — Right

  10. CarlowHeartCarlow ContinuedChevron — Right
  11. TahoeHeart
    • Origin:

      Native American

    • Meaning:

      «edge of the lake»

    • Description:

      A unique natural-wonder option, conjuring up the beauty of the lake between California and Nevada that has become a popular tourist destination.

    Tahoe ContinuedChevron — Right

  12. MertonHeartMerton ContinuedChevron — Right
  13. TahoeHeart
    • Origin:

      Native American

    • Meaning:

      «edge of the lake»

    • Description:

      Unique baby names are often found in nature, conjuring up the beauty of the lake between California and Nevada that has become a popular tourist destination. Though Tahoe is also a line of SUVs, which may not be the kind of unique name you’re after.

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Baby names that mean lake


Gender : AllBoyGirlUnisexSort by : A to ZZ to APopularity: Popular to UniquePopularity: Unique to Popular

Adallyn Friendly, Special Things that Matter, Pond, Happy❯

Adamline Red Earth, Beautiful Jade, Voice, Man❯

Addielynn Ardent, Awe-inspiring, The Word Llyn Which is of the Meaning Lake, Lin❯

Addylynn Pond, Lin, The Word Llyn Which is of the Meaning Lake, Friendly❯

Adilynn Lake, Adornment, Waterfall, Kind❯

Aerilyn Dwells by the Torrent, Pond, Waterfall, Lion❯

Aerilynn Friendly, Dwells by the Torrent, Pretty, Waterfall❯

Analin From the Graceful Lake❯

Analinda From the Graceful Lake, Form of Anna, Priceless, Friendly❯

Analine Name of a King, Grace, He (God) Was Gracious, Grain❯

Analynda English From the Graceful Lake❯

Analynn From the Graceful Lake❯

Anlinda Form of Anna, Grace, Favour, Lives by the Linden Tree Hill❯

Annaliine Food, He (God) Was Gracious, Angel, Full of Grace❯

Annalin From the Graceful Lake❯

Annalinda Swedish Priceless, From the Island of Linden Trees, God has Favoured Me, Favour❯

Annaline Food, Eagle, Angel, God has Shown Favour❯

Annalinn English From the Graceful Lake❯

Annalyne Full of Grace, Eagle, Angel, From the Graceful Lake❯

Annalynn From the Graceful Lake❯

Annalynne Full of Grace, Eagle, Angel, From the Graceful Lake❯

Annelinde Grace, Graceful, God has Favoured Me, Mercy❯

Anpu Tamil Royal Child, Love, Lake, God of Death❯

Arilyn The Element Ariy Which Means Lion, Brave, Exalted, Pool❯

Arilynn Dwells by the Torrent, Friendly, Lion, Eagle❯

Arledge Lake with the Hares, Lives at the Hare’s Lake❯

Arlege English Lives at the Hare’s Lake, Lake with the Hares❯

Arlidge Lake with the Hares, Place Name❯

Arlledge Place Name, Lake with the Hares❯

Arllidge English Lake with the Hares, Lives at the Hare’s Lake❯

Arrledge English Lake with the Hares, Lives at the Hare’s Lake❯

Brooklynn Dutch A Combination of Brook and Lynn, Stream by the Lake, Water❯

Brooklynne Stream by the Lake, Water❯

Buhairah Arabic Lake❯

Chelan Beautiful Lake, Deep Water❯

Chelesea Little and Womanly, Tiny and Feminine, Carl, Female Version of Charles Manly, Man Warrior, Pure, Beautiful Lake❯

Dasarna Sanskrit Ten Lakes❯

Donalyn Friendly, Lady, Pool, Pond❯

Donalynn Friendly, Lady, Pool, Pond❯

Donnalynn Pretty, The Word Llyn Which is of the Meaning Lake, Lin, Lady❯

Elselin Lives by the Linden Tree Hill, Family Name, Variation of Linda, My God is Abundance❯

Elseline Swedish Lives by the Linden Tree Hill, Family Name, Variation of Linda, My God is Abundance❯

Flykra Flake❯

Haflína Waterfall, Lin, Family Name, Variation of Linda❯

Harda Lake, Harp, One with Good Heart❯

Hardine Harp, Lake, One with Good Heart❯

Hardinius Lake, Harp, One with Good Heart❯

Harelach English Lives at the Hare’s Lake, From the Hares Lake❯

Harelache Lives at the Hare’s Lake, From the Hares Lake❯

Harelak English Lives at the Hare’s Lake, From the Hares Lake❯

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Lake Valdai what does its name mean

Lake Valdai is one of the most unusual lakes in the country. It is said that the reservoir appeared during the ice age, when massive warming began.

Now the lake is a source of fresh water in Russia and it is believed that this is the only source of this size. The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe reservoir is about 19 square kilometers, excluding the islands.

Lake Valdai description

The lake has weak sources of supply by springs and little inflow. It is believed that the water here is stagnant due to the fact that the currents are imperceptible. A complete renewal of water occurs approximately once every 50 years.

Such stability enables the underwater world and the animals that love the shores of this reservoir to develop well. There are quite a lot of birds here, on the shores of the lake there are opportunities for their life and food.

Inside the lake there is an island Rowan. While sailing on a boat on a pond, you can stop there and rest. The lake with the name Dinner is connected to the Valdai reservoir by a shallow channel. We can assume that it is part of it.

The depth of Valdai is uneven, there are areas with a depression from 12 to 60 meters. There are various fish in the lake, crayfish live. When the fishing season comes, there are always many lovers of fishing and relaxing in nature.

There are also sandy beaches on the shore of the lake. Some of them belong to tourist complexes and recreation centers, which are within walking distance from the reservoir.

The lake is considered one of the largest reservoirs in the country, there is a nature reserve nearby and this is an excellent platform for the development of tourism business.

With the advent of December, the lake is covered with a layer of ice and remains motionless until May itself. Due to the springs, the water in the reservoir is transparent, you can see the bottom during a boat trip. The water temperature is low, even on the hottest day.

The upper layers of the water do not warm up, so swimming here is an extreme form of recreation. There are also attractions in these parts. For example, in the 17th century a temple was built here with the name Iversky Monastery.

The monks were attracted to this region by the silence and the small number of locals. Despite the flow of tourists, here you communicate more with nature than with people.

If you are interested in the history of the development of religion, then take the time to visit the monastery. It fits beautifully into the landscape of the region and complements the overall impression of the region.

The western side of the lake is more developed. A provincial town of the same name was even built here. Once this city was a center for the production of bells for temples, and ancient buildings have been preserved on its territory.

A small park overlooks the lake, where locals spend their time and you can take good photos. From the city of Valdai and other settlements that are in contact with the lake, boat trips are real.

You can see the shores that are inaccessible, get acquainted with the underwater world and vegetation of the region. Boat trips are possible from the end of spring until December, when the lake is covered with ice.

At the recreation center you can rent a boat, a jet ski, a boat, a catamaran and fishing equipment. Seasonally available activities such as fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, hiking, competitions on the water.

You can stay in one of the rest houses on the shore of the reservoir, at the camp site, rent a house from a private person. Let’s consider what recreational opportunities the Valdai Lake offers.

Rest on the Valdai Lake

On the banks of the reservoir there are recreation centers, tourist bases, campsites, sanatoriums and children’s camps. Each establishment offers its guests entertainment according to the season.

You can search online for establishments and evaluate what opportunities they offer to their guests on the official website. Already, proceeding from this, it is necessary to decide whether it is worth paying them money or not.

Consider your company and your needs when choosing. If you take children with you, you should know what you will do with them on a trip.

In the recreation center there may be sports grounds, a sauna, a swimming pool, a rental office for water recreation equipment. In summer you can spend time on the beaches, there are water rides.

Hiking and cycling trips will be interesting. Lake Valdai is located in the reserve. There are many insects, birds and animals. Watching them will bring pleasure to both you and the children.

Walking in the woods helps to strengthen the immune system, breathe fresh air, which is lacking in cities.

Seasonally you can pick berries and mushrooms here. Grass and plants cannot be torn in the reserve, because they are protected by law. Boat trips, various alloys will be interesting.

Rest on the Valdai Lake can be compared to a trip to the sea. Only there are noticeably fewer people here, and rest is cheaper.

Lake Valdai origin of the name

Lake Valdai has a long history. Until now, they argue about the origin and name of the reservoir. The most common opinions on the topic: Lake Valdai, which means its name, say that it is a forest property.

This seems logical, because there are quite a lot of dense forests around the lake. The word Wald is also translated from German as a forest. We can assume that the ancient people called the lake a forest pearl, because it is still difficult to find it among the forests.

The lake was formed during the destruction of a glacier. The pits left by the debris gradually filled with water, springs and small channels appeared. Now this reservoir is considered one of the brightest in the country.

How to get to the Valdai lake

The Valdai reservoir is located near the city of Valdai and the Novgorod region. It is convenient to get here from many settlements. If you want to spend the weekend here, plan your itinerary in advance.

We are going from St. Petersburg

When you are without a car, you can take the bus. It departs from the station on the Obvodny Canal Embankment. On the way, you will spend a maximum of 7 hours and will already be there.

There is an option to get to the lake from the Moscow railway station, but you need to go with transfers. First you are heading to the Tver region, Bologoe station. It takes about 2 hours to get to this station from St. Petersburg. On the spot, take a taxi or catch a ride to the city of Valdai.

An electric train called Bologoe-Valdai also departs from the Bologoe station, it takes about an hour to get there. Getting from St. Petersburg to the lake is not difficult, the main thing is to immediately determine what transport you will use for this.

We’re going from Moscow

From the capital to the lake you can get by bus Moscow — Veliky Novgorod, it goes from the Air Terminal (landmark Leningradsky Prospekt). The Moscow-St. Petersburg bus goes in the same direction, it departs from the bus station, which is located on Shchelkovskaya.

There is an option to get to the Bologoe station from the Moscow railway station. From there you can take a taxi to Valdai. Veliky Novgorod is located from the city of Valdai at a distance of about 150 kilometers.

They can be passed by a passing car, by taxi or by bus. When you go on vacation with your car, then make a convenient route for yourself. To do this, you will need paper maps, a navigator and an action plan.

Lake Valdai rental housing

You can stay by the lake in campsites, find a place to stay with a tent or rent a house at the recreation center. Consider several tourist complexes where you can rent housing.

Eremina Gora

The city of Valdai is only 10 kilometers from the base. You will live in a separate cottage, which can accommodate a company of up to 8 people. It takes about 30 minutes by car from the train station.

The cottages have a kitchen where you can cook for yourself. There are standard amenities, the presence of a hairdryer and bedding.

You don’t have to cook your own food. You can eat at the hotel dishes of Scandinavian and European cuisine. Food is selected not only tasty, but also in accordance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle. You can spend the evening in the Eremushka cafe, which is located on the territory of the complex.

For entertainment, guests are offered Russian billiards, equipment rental for water activities, fishing tackle and sports grounds. There may not be free rooms, before the trip, call the administration and check.

Base Valdai Lake

This complex is a large house with amenities where you can relax with your company or family. The house is located right on the lake, it is surrounded by forests and natural meadows.

If necessary, they can pick you up from the station, bring you to your house, and pick you up after your rest. The house has everything you need for a normal holiday, including TV.

There is a sauna and the possibility to cook on the grill. In addition, the usual kitchen also works. There is no entertainment here, leisure must be thought out on your own.

The house inside the forest is designed for those who want to relax their souls, spend a few days or even weeks in a calm environment.

Okhotnik’s Shelter Complex

The base is located about 17 kilometers from the city of Valdai. It is surrounded by a forest, near a lake, there is an opportunity for comfortable accommodation and a certain range of entertainment.

The base offers small houses for 4 people, where there are amenities, a kitchen, a TV and a warm floor. The cottages have everything you need for a comfortable life.

As entertainment, guests are offered excursions to architectural and historical sights, fishing, hiking and cycling, sports activities.

There is a rental shop for water sports equipment. You can also eat on site. Choice between full board and breakfast only. On request, it is possible to arrange baby food, meals for a certain diet or lean meals.

Check the cost of recreation on the lake with the administration of the complex.

Base Berendeevo Kingdom

This complex is located in the village of Shuya, near Valdai. Guests are offered comfortable accommodation in log cabins. Each house can accommodate up to 9 people.

You can cook your own meals in the kitchen, or eat at the hotel. From the entertainment there is a bathhouse, rental equipment for relaxing on the lake, billiards. Excursions to attractions and the region can be organized upon request.

Book your rooms in advance. There may be few rooms available during high season.

In addition to recreation centers, you can stay at the campsite. It differs in that you live in a tent city, in conditions close to the wild, but you can use the services of the complex.

Shower, normal toilet, meals in the canteen or field kitchen. If necessary, you can use the services of doctors or rescuers. Camping life will never be boring. There is a constant turnover of people, so you are guaranteed new acquaintances.

You can relax only with your company by stopping by the lake with tents. It is recommended to do nearby campsites. You can leave the car there under guard and use the services of the institution, if necessary.

At the same time, no one will disturb you. Rest on the Valdai Lake is a great opportunity to change the situation without leaving far from home.

Lake Seliger

Tver and Novgorod lands are very picturesque: hills and meadows invite wanderers to their green expanses, and endless blue lakes invite you to sit down and rest on the banks, admiring the serene beauty. It seems that there are hundreds of these mirror windows between the forests on the ancient Russian land, but, without a doubt, the clearest and largest lake stands out from them, its name is Seliger.

Seliger can safely be called a giant, a real system of reservoirs: 70 km to the north and 40 km to the west. Vast expanses of water are interrupted by islands of various shapes and sizes. Glacial origin causes bizarre outlines and picturesque coasts.

History of the name

The reservoir got its name from the ancient Finns, the first inhabitants of this region. In translation, it means «highly located lake.» In the annals, it was called Sereger — back in the 12th century, Novgorod merchants transported their goods along it. In the 18th century, Peter I came up with the idea to unite Seliger and Ilmen with a canal in order to open a waterway to the Baltic, but these plans were not destined to come true.

Primordial beauty

Seliger has 24 stretches — deep sections of the riverbed. The largest of them are Polnovsky, Ostashkovsky, Kravotynsky, Selizharovsky, Troitsky, Sosnitsky, Nizhnekotitsky and Berezovsky. And small lakes, straits, channels and bays on the islands are simply innumerable! And «everyone has his own temper,» as they said in Rus’. Interestingly, more than a hundred rivers and rivulets flow into Seliger, but only one originates — Selizharovka. The average depth of the lake is 6 meters, although experienced researchers take it upon themselves to assert that in some places even a 20-meter anchor does not reach the bottom. Seliger is known for its clear waters — and at a depth of five meters you can see how pike, ide, bream and pike perch swim. It is impossible not to fish while relaxing on this beautiful lake.

Animals in the forest can boast of a variety of species: peaceful squirrels and hares coexist with very serious wolves, wild boars and bears, the owners of the local forests.

Rest on Seliger

Seliger region offers countless options for vacationers: camp sites, boarding houses, rest houses. Any conditions — from Spartan to elite. Going to Seliger in summer with tents is a sacred thing! All kinds of water sports — diving, boats, catamarans, windsurfing, fishing (yes, this is really a sport!). In winter, life does not stop either — snowmobile and ski lovers celebrate Christmas and New Year here.

Those who prefer cultural and educational recreation will not be bored either. On the island of Stolbny there is the famous monastery of the Nil Hermitage — the hermit Nil was so struck by the beauty of these places that he settled on the island. The nearest city of Ostashkov has preserved the best examples of Russian architecture of the 17th century. It is famous for its temples and museums, one of which is a private collection — the Museum of Forgotten Things.

In the summer, Lake Seliger is often mentioned in the news — youth forums are held here, the participants of which live on the shore in tents.

Lake Seliger is an energetic place, people come here to relax, as they say, with their soul. Much depends on whether you are lucky with the weather, but the rest — air, views, peace and relaxation — always pleases everyone.

Kaluga region, Borovsky district, Petrovo village

In the ethnographic park-museum «ETNOMIR» guests are always welcome.

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