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100+ Cool Space Names With Meanings

A space name is perfect if you want your baby to be a forward thinker!

Instead of reaching back into history to search for names, space names are a constant reminder to your little one to dream big and reach for the stars.

Whether you need an edgy new-age space name that conjures up images of exploring far-off planets, or just a beautiful solid name to keep your little one looking ahead, the cosmos is the perfect place to look for inspiration.

Space names are nothing new!

Aurora was the name of Sleeping Beauty in the fairy tale and is currently a trending girl’s name, and in recent years there are plenty of others too.

Nova, Celeste, and Juno are all fast-rising names that are ranking high in popularity!

Follow this new trend of space baby names and your little one will never forget that they are the center of your universe.

Without further ado, let’s blast off to find the best 101 space names for your little star!

Cool Space Names for Girls

Parents of baby girls are spoiled for choice with the abundance of beautiful space names for their little one.

The stars and space have been a source of wonder and beauty since the start of time, and there are a wide variety of girl’s space names that are truly out of this world.

If you love the beauty of celestial names, then this first list of girl names is for you!

Space Themed Names for Girls

  • Aurora – a cute name meaning goddess of the dawn. A beautiful, unique girl name would be Aurora Borealis, naming her after the Northern Lights.
  • Halley – a comet visible from earth twice in each person’s lifetime.
  • Luna – the name of a moon in Latin.
  • Astra – in Latin, ‘Astra’ means stars in a night sky
  • Nashira – a bright star in the constellation of Capricornus. The inherent meaning of the word is ‘bearer of good news.’
  • Elara – this pretty girl’s name is also the name of Jupiter’s moon.
  • Stella – what could be lovelier than naming your little girl with a word that means star?
  • Celeste – a feminine-sounding name that means ‘heavenly.
  • Libra – the name of a constellation and one of the zodiac signs that carries qualities of fairness and balance.
  • Arpina – a beautiful name meaning ‘the rising of the sun.’
  • Eris – a newly discovered dwarf star in our solar system.
  • Helia – a Greek word meaning the sun.
  • Leia – no one could forget Princess Leia from the iconic Star Wars series, which would immediately make your little Leia a legend. There are several meanings of the name Leia in various languages. We love the Hawaiian meaning as it means ‘child of heaven.’
  • Sitara – a name of Hindi origin that means ‘star.’
  • Nevaeh – a beautiful all-American name that means heaven.
  • Rhea – one of Saturn’s moons.
  • Sunshine – of English origin, meaning light from the sun.
  • Miranda – the smallest moon orbiting the planet Uranus.
  • Starla – a variation of the English word ‘star.’
  • Estella – a variation of Stella which means ‘star.’
  • Sally – name your little girl after an inspirational American astronaut who was the first woman to fly into space. Sally Ride was smart, brave, and a leader in her field – a perfect role model.
  • Juliet –Juliet is one of the small moons orbiting Uranus.
  • Sidra – means’ goddess of the stars’.
  • Kamaria – a beautiful name with an African origin. Kamaria means ‘moonlight’ in Swahili.
  • Leda – the moon orbiting Jupiter.
  • Callisto – Jupiter’s second-largest moon and the third-largest in the solar system.
  • Venus – a heavenly planet.
  • Nuray – a Turkish girl’s name that means ‘bright moon.’
  • Helene – one of Saturn’s moons.
  • Stellaluna – a combination of words meaning ‘stars and moon.’ This space name has a lovely smooth rhythmic flow.
  • Adhara – a bright star in the sky.
  • Selena – meaning ‘moon goddess.’
  • Alula – one of the first double stars observed.
  • Electra – the name of a star in the Taurus constellation.
  • Juno – Latin for ‘Queen of Heaven.’
  • Danica – meaning morning star in Slavic.
  • Chandra – of Hindi origin, meaning ‘goddess of the moon.

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Space Themed Names for Boys

Parents of little boys can enjoy a space themed name too!

Boys’ space names can be classic, with a sprinkle of added stardust.

Enduring names like Leo will always be a winner, but there are plenty more space names to choose from that will perfectly capture your son’s personality.

If you’re looking for a unique boy name, one of these celestial baby names will make a perfect name for your baby boy.

Space Related Names for Boys

  • Orion – a popular space name for boys, which means ‘rising in the sky’ and ‘dawning.’ Orion is the best-known constellation, represented by the figure of a hunter.
  • Archer – the image formed by the group of stars in the Sagittarius system depicting half-man and horse. A strong space name for your little warrior.
  • Rigel – a giant star in the Orion constellation. Rigel would be a meaningful name for anyone who loves the ocean, as it is the star that guides seafarers.
  • Sirius – the brightest star in the sky.
  • Atlas – a Titan forced to carry the universe on his shoulders for eternity.
  • Armstrong – in 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon’s surface.
  • Janus – one of the moons orbiting Saturn.
  • Astro – a boy’s name that means ‘star.’
  • Draco – it has a Greek mythology meaning ‘dragon’ and is one of the constellations in the northern sky.
  • Jericho – an Arabic name of Arabic origin meaning ‘city of the moon.’
  • Oberon – a moon orbiting the planet Uranus.
  • Astrophel – a literary name meaning ‘star lover.’
  • Buzz – a super cute, fun space name for boys. Although it means ‘settlement in the woods, ’ it has become a popular name after astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Buzz Lightyear, the toy space ranger from the Toy Story franchise.
  • Cosmo – a world name meaning the whole universe.
  • Zenith – the point in the sky that is directly above the observer.
  • Phoenix – an edgy space name with a modern touch. Phoenix is a constellation in the southern sky.
  • Leo – a constellation name meaning ‘of the lion’. It’s one of our star names that would also make a great middle name.
  • Tarak – Sanskrit name meaning ‘star’ or ‘protector.’
  • Astin – a French name meaning ‘starlike.’
  • Vulcan – a theorized planet that was thought to exist. Also the home of a famous pointy-eared character, Mr. Spock, in the space television series Star Trek.
  • Spock – even before the Star Trek phenomenon, Spock was a boy’s name meaning popularity and origin. It was instantly transformed into a cute space name for boys that immediately conjures up images of space adventures.
  • Aten – the Egyptian god of the sun.
  • Arche – a moon orbiting the planet Jupiter.
  • Aldrin – after former American astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
  • Cosmos – a unique name meaning the entire universe.
  • Holmes – a comet discovered in 1892. It will be visible again in January 2028
  • Alioth – the brightest star in the Great Bear constellation.
  • Marcus – a Latin word meaning ‘dedicated to Mars.’
  • Hoku – the Hawaiian word for ‘star.’
  • Badar – an Arabic word that means ‘full moon.’
  • Samson – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘sun.’
  • Pollux – space names with X in them are very trendy. Pollux means crown and is also the brightest star in the constellation of Gemini.
  • Neil – another tribute to the American astronaut Neil Armstrong.
  • Branson – the entrepreneur of space tourism and meaning ‘son of the raven.’ Branson is a trendy space name for boys.
  • Apollo – the Apollo program is a famous NASA program and the Greek god of sun and light.

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Gender Neutral Space-Related Names

Space names have plenty to offer to parents looking for unique gender-neutral names.

Gender-neutral names allow you to choose your baby’s name long before you find out the sex.

A gender-fluid name also allows your baby to develop their personality without stereotyping based on an overly masculine or feminine name.

Check out these cool gender-neutral space names that are as timeless and enduring as their origins!

Gender Neutral Names Inspired by Space

  • Nova – a star that becomes large and bright in a never-ending cycle.
  • Starr – let everyone know that your baby is the most beautiful star in your life.
  • Alpha – every constellation has the brightest star, which is called Alpha—also the first letter in the Greek alphabet.
  • Eris – a dwarf planet
  • Jupiter – a strong name meaning the biggest planet in earth’s solar system.
  • Sky – an English name that is easy to understand and conjures up images of endless skies and the universe above.
  • Eclipse – the movement of celestial bodies. An eclipse happens when the moon moves between the fun and the earth.
  • Cielo – an Italian word name that means ‘sky.’
  • Muraco – one of the coolest moon names meaning’ white moon’.
  • Aquarius – the 11th sign of the zodiac and a constellation between Capricorn and Pieces.
  • Skywalker – one who walks in the sky. This space name was made popular by the original Star Wars movie.
  • Vesper – of Latin origin and meaning ‘evening star.’
  • Solar – meaning ‘of the sun.’
  • Kennedy – after the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida
  • Vega – the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra.
  • Comet – a favorite for celestial objects, a small solar system body moving through space.
  • Sol – meaning the ‘sun’ in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Blake – it means ‘light.’
  • Hartley – a small periodic comet that will next be visible in October 2023.
  • Ceres – a dwarf planet located in the inner solar system between Mars and Jupiter.
  • Halo – a circular aura of light frequently portrayed on spiritual figures.
  • Infinity – endless in space and time.
  • Mercury – a planet and a word meaning ‘messenger of the gods.’
  • Moon – this space name is self-explanatory and perfect for both sexes.
  • Finlay – William Finlay was a South African astronomer well known for his work on comets. Alternative spellings are Finley and shortened version, Finn.
  • Surya – the Hindu sun deity
  • Yuri – meaning ‘lily’ in Japan. Yuri Gagarin was the first person to travel into outer space.
  • Namid – of Native American origin, meaning ‘star dancer.’
  • Rinn – of Irish origin and meaning a star or constellation.
  • Polaris – a literal meaning for the North Star

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Final Words On Choosing Baby Names Inspired by Space

There is an entire universe of gorgeous space names to choose from for your baby!

Each of these galaxy names has a meaning that will forever remind your little star just how precious they are to you.

Whether you choose a planet, comet, constellation, or the name of a space explorer, space names are a reminder that we are all part of something bigger.

Something to think about as you choose your own space-inspired baby name!

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125 Cool Space Names For Boys And Girls (With Meanings)

We have searched the galaxy to find the most extraordinary and unique space-related baby names, helping you find the perfect one for your son or daughter.

With intergalactic meanings, origins, and more to discover, you’re bound to find a cosmic fit for your new little star. After all, who said the sky had to be the limit?

125 Space Names For Kids That Are Out-Of-This-World

Read on to find a stellar space name that you’ll love to the moon and back.

Space Names For Girls

  1. Adhara – derived from Arabic, meaning “maidens,” Adhara is one of the brightest stars in the Canis Major constellation.
  2. Aditi – meaning “boundless” or “infinite” from Sanskrit, Aditi is the name of a Hindu goddess.
  3. Andromeda – meaning “ruler of men,” Andromeda is a constellation, galaxy, and mythological figure.
  4. Aquaria – a feminine form of Aquarius, a zodiac constellation meaning “water-carrier,” in Latin.
  5. Artemis – Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon, a powerful space name for your little ruler.
  6. Astra – originating in Latin, Astra means “of the stars.
  7. Astrid – star-like in sound, Astrid is a Scandinavian girl name, meaning “divine beauty.”
  8. Aurora – meaning “dawn” in Latin, an “aurora” is the magical light spectacle in the Earth’s sky.
  9. Ayla – a gorgeous Turkish name symbolizing the aura of light that shines around the moon.
  10. Aylin – a pretty Turkish female name, meaning “of the moon.”
  11. Callisto – a moon of Jupiter, meaning “most beautiful” in Greek.
  12. Celeste – an out-of-this-world Latin girl’s name meaning “celestial.”
  13. Chandrakanta – a gorgeous Hindi feminine name derived from Sanskrit, meaning “beloved by the moon.”
  14. Csilla – pronounced “CHEEL-la,” this pretty, feminine name comes from the Hungarian “csillag,” meaning “star.”
  15. Danica – in Slavic folklore, Danica is the personification of the morning star.
  16. Diana – an ancient Roman moon goddess whose name means “heavenly” or “divine.
  17. Elara – meaning “spear,” Elara is a moon of Jupiter and a mythological Greek princess.
  18. Estella – a pretty form of the Latin Stella, meaning “star.”
  19. Esther – a Persian girl’s name offering loads of celestial charm, meaning “star.”
  20. Estrella – the Spanish word for “star,” Estrella would make an adorable girl’s name.
  21. Gaia – the name of the beautiful personification of the Earth in ancient Greek mythology.
  22. Galaxy – a rarely heard English name derived from the Greek “galaxias” for “milky.”
  23. Gemini – a constellation and zodiac sign, Gemini is Latin for “twins.”
  24. Halley – inspired by astronomer Edmond Halley, a namesake for Halley’s Comet, meaning “of the hall in the clearing.”
  25. Heaven – a gorgeous angelic choice for your new little cherub.
  26. Helene – a pretty Greek girl’s name meaning “light,” Helene is also one of Saturn’s moons.
  27. Helia – inspired by the Heliades or “daughters of the sun” in Greek mythology.
  28. Hoshi – Japanese for “star,” Hoshi makes a sweet choice for a girl.
  29. Hoshiko – as if Hoshi wasn’t cute enough, Hoshiko means “star child.”
  30. Juno – belonging to various spacecraft after Juno, the Roman queen of the gods.
  31. Kalyke – is a moon of Jupiter, named after Calyce, a figure in Greek mythology.
  32. Larissa – a moon of Neptune and also a city in Greece.
  33. Luna – meaning “moon” in various languages, Luna was also a Roman moon goddess.
  34. Lyra – a constellation in the northern sky, said to resemble a lyre.
  35. Mahina – a lunar deity in Hawaiian mythology, “mahina” means “moon” in Hawaiian.
  36. Moon – dreamy and mysterious, Moon makes a pretty choice among space-themed names for girls.
  37. Neoma – derived from Greek, Neoma means “new moon.”
  38. Nevaeh – a popular modern choice, Nevaeh is the word “heaven” spelled backward.
  39. Nova – derived from the Latin for “new,” in astronomy, a “nova” is the phenomenon of a star suddenly increasing in brightness before fading.
  40. Nyx – the personification of nighttime in ancient Greek mythology.
  41. Ourania – meaning “heavenly,” Ourania was the ancient Greek goddess of astronomy.
  42. Portia – a Shakespearian name derived from the Latin for “pig,” Portia is also a Uranian moon.
  43. Rosalind – meaning “beautiful rose” in Latin and belonging to a Uranian moon, Rosalind offers many beautiful nicknames.
  44. Sanjna – the Hindu cloud goddess whose pretty name means “image” or “sign.”
  45. Saranyu – meaning “quick” in Sanskrit, Saranyu is another name for Sanjna, the Hindu cloud goddess.
  46. Selena – derived from Greek, this ethereal name means “moon.”
  47. Seren – pretty and fairy-like, this beautiful space name means “star” in Welsh.
  48. Sidra – an adorable Latin name meaning “like a star.”
  49. Soleil – meaning “sun” in French, Soleil is a shining choice among astrology names.
  50. Star – a perfect choice for any ethereal baby girl!
  51. Starla – an invented name from “star,” like an astronomical alternative to Carla.
  52. Stella – arguably the most “stellar” of choices, as Stella means “star” in Latin.
  53. Stellaluna – an ethereal name combining the Latin Stella (“star”) and Luna (“moon”).
  54. Steren – meaning “star” in Cornish, Steren is very similar to its Welsh form, Seren.
  55. Sterre – a celestial Dutch girl’s name meaning “stars.”
  56. Tähti – a rare choice fit for a princess, meaning “star” in Finnish.
  57. Tara – meaning “star” in Sanskrit, Tara is also the name of a Hindu goddess.
  58. Urania – the Latinized name of a Greek goddess, meaning “heavenly.”
  59. Vanessa – a name created as a version of Esther, derived from the Persian for “star.”
  60. Vega – an Arabic feminine name meaning “swooping” and also a star in the Lyra constellation.
  61. Venera – a version of Venus, after the planet and Roman goddess, derived from the Latin for “love.”
  62. Venus – the name of a planet in our solar system, plus the Roman goddess of love.
  63. Yllita – a feminine form of Ylli, this sweet name is derived from “yll,” Albanian for “star.”
  64. Zvezda – in Slavic mythology, Zvezda (“star”) was the personification of Venus as the morning star.

Space Names For Boys

  1. Aero – a prefix meaning “of the ai,” and a cool choice among space names for boys.
  2. Apollo – spaceflight programs, a crater, asteroids, and the Greek god of sunlight all bearing this super-space-y name!
  3. Aries – with the fleecy meaning of “ram” in Latin, Aries is also a constellation and zodiac sign.
  4. Aruna – a Sanskrit name referring to the reddish-brown hue of the rising sun and a Hindu god.
  5. Astrophel – created by 16th-century poet Philip Sidney, Astrophel means “star lover” in Greek.
  6. Aten – a handsome name of Egyptian origin, meaning “sun disk.”
  7. Atlas – meaning “enduring,” Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology, condemned to hold up the heavens forever.
  8. Buzz – a name fit for any spaceman, from Aldrin to Lightyear!
  9. Caelius – derived from the Latin “caelum,” Caelius means “heaven.”
  10. Castor – one of the mythological Gemini twins, whose stars shine in the Gemini constellation.
  11. Cosmo – a prefix related to the universe, Cosmo makes a cool space name and fun cocktail.
  12. Dievs – a supreme god in Baltic mythology and creator of the universe who ruled the skies.
  13. Draco – meaning “dragon” in Latin, Draco is the name of a constellation and a dwarf galaxy.
  14. Galileo – meaning “from Galilee” – a region in Israel – belonging to Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.
  15. Helios – in ancient Greek mythology, Helios was the deity and personification of the sun.
  16. Horus -an ancient Egyptian god of the sky, is a vast and powerful namesake.
  17. Jiemba – an indigenous Australian boy’s name meaning “star” or “laughing star.”
  18. Jupiter – the largest planet and Roman king of the gods, who governed the skies and thunder.
  19. Khonsu – meaning “traveler,” Khonsu was the ancient Egyptian god of the moon.
  20. Leo – meaning “lion” in Latin, Leo is a zodiac sign and constellation in the night sky.
  21. Lintang – a unique Indonesian name for boys, meaning “star.”
  22. Luan – meaning “moon” from Portuguese, Luan also means “lion” in Albanian.
  23. Máni – meaning “moon” in Norse mythology, Máni is the personification of the moon.
  24. Mars – the feisty name for the “red planet” and the mighty Roman god of war.
  25. Mercury – the metal, the planet, and the Roman god, this Latin-rooted name means “trader.”
  26. Namid – a dreamy choice from Native American origins, meaning “one who dances among stars.”
  27. Neptune – the Roman god of the sea and the name of a planet in our solar system.
  28. Nuada – a strong, legendary Irish male name meaning “the cloud maker.”
  29. Orion – a Greek mythological huntsman and a constellation that’s visible worldwide.
  30. Ouranos – the strong original root of Uranus, “ouranos” means “the heavens” in Greek.
  31. Perëndi – meaning “god” or “heavens,” in Albanian mythology, Perëndi was the God of the sky and thunder.
  32. Perun – meaning “thunder,” Perun is the Slavic god of stormy weather.
  33. Pluto – inspired by the dwarf planet, the Roman god of the underworld, and an animated dog.
  34. Pollux – with Castor, Pollux was one of the mythological Gemini twins.
  35. Ra – the sun god in ancient Egyptian religion, believed to have created the world.
  36. Saturn – the name of a planet and the Roman god of agriculture.
  37. Solaris – meaning “of the sun” in Latin, Solaris is a hot choice among space names.
  38. Tarak – derived from Sanskrit, Tarak means “star” and “protector.”
  39. Taurus – meaning “bull-like” in Latin, Taurus is also the name of a constellation and astrological sign.
  40. Titan – is the largest of Saturn’s moons and a powerful group of gods in Greek mythology.
  41. Uran – a translation of Uranus in various languages and a less anatomically-awkward name option.
  42. Ylli – a uniquely-spelled name derived from the Albanian “yll,” meaning “star.”
  43. Zeus – meaning “sky,” Zeus was the Greek king of the gods who ruled over the sky.
  44. Zodiac – this cool word for the belts in the heavens would make a standout name for a little boy.

Unisex Space Names

  1. Ariel – a moon of Uranus and a Disney mermaid, Ariel means “lion of God” in Hebrew.
  2. Aster – meaning “star” in Greek, Aster belongs to a genus of star-shaped flowers.
  3. Cielo – the dreamy Spanish word for “sky.”
  4. Hesper – a cool, starry choice derived from the Greek “hesperos” meaning “evening.
  5. Hōkū – an exotic find among star names, “hōkū” means “star” in Hawaiian.
  6. Izar – “Izar” means “star” in Basque, a gorgeously unique find for names inspired by space.
  7. Jaci – in Tupi-Guarani mythology, Jaci was the god of the moon.
  8. Khaos – this Greek-rooted name relates to the gaping abyss of the universe.
  9. Nox – the Latin word for “night,” holding all the vastness and wonder of the skies above.
  10. Polaris – the brightly-shining star almost directly above the North Pole.
  11. Qamar – an Arabic unisex name meaning “moon” or “moonlight.”
  12. Shashi – a sweet Indian unisex name, taken from Sanskrit to mean “moon.”
  13. Sky – a charming word that sums up the vast, beautiful expanse above us!
  14. Sol – meaning “sun” in Spanish, Sol is also a god in Roman and Germanic mythologies.
  15. Sunny – a space-inspired word name for a baby as cute as a warm summer’s day.
  16. Terra – the Latin word for “earth” makes a cool, natural, planetary name for a new baby.
  17. Vesper – with the cute Latin meaning of “evening star,” Vesper is also a cocktail.


What Names Mean “Stars?”

Star is a beautiful outer-space name, but many other choices exist, meaning “star.” Stella, Hoshi, Nova, and Estrella are sweet international female name options, while Izar, Ylli, and Taraq make handsome male choices.

What Are Some Cool Galaxy-Related Names?

You can’t go wrong with Galaxy as an awesome, galaxy-related space name. However, Draco and Andromeda are also galaxy-related, being the names of galaxies themselves.

What Name Means “Universe?”

Cosmo and Khaos are unique futuristic unisex names meaning “universe.” Khaos is Greek in origin and relates to the gaping abyss of the universe, while Cosmo is also a prefix used in English to mean “universe.

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Madeleine is a writer from somewhere near Manchester, England. Madeleine’s background in languages and linguistics has led to baby names becoming one of her favorite topics to write about. When she’s not fallen down a rabbit hole of stories behind unique names, Madeleine can be found hanging out with her cat, taking photos of flowers, or dancing.

Name Space: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, nationality, translation, spelling

What does the name Space mean? What does the name Space mean? What does the name Space mean for a person? What is the meaning of the name Space, origin, fate and character of the carrier? What nationality is the name Space? How is the name Space translated? What is the correct spelling of Space? Compatibility with the name Space is a suitable color, amulets stones, a patron planet and a zodiac sign. You can read a complete description of the name Space and its detailed analysis online in this article for free.

Name interpretation content

Name analysis Space

Name Space consists of 12 letters. After analyzing the meaning of each letter in the name Space, you can understand its secret meaning and hidden meaning.

  • P — have their own opinion in all matters. Strive to grasp reality. Concerned about their appearance. Ability to summarize details and see the big picture. Constant search for your place in life, mission, new goals.
  • R — resist outside influences, self-confident, brave, enthusiastic individuals. Capable of taking unjustified risks, adventurous natures are prone to indisputable judgments. The ability to take risks for a goal. Desire and potential for leadership.
  • O — strive for self-knowledge, are able to experience strong feelings. They want to know their true purpose. The desire to improve and improve the world. High intuition, properly manage money. The pursuit of excellence. Change of mood from delight to despondency.
  • From — striving to achieve material stability, have common sense; irritable, power-hungry, can be capricious. Knowledge, the desire to bring any matter to the end, the ability to get to the bottom of the truth. They understand their life purpose. Ability to adapt to circumstances.
  • T — creative, sensitive people; have high intuition, are in constant search for the truth. Often desires do not match opportunities. They strive to do everything quickly, without putting off until tomorrow. Demanding to others and to yourself. Striving for the search for truth. Reassessing your abilities.
  • R — resist outside influences, self-confident, brave, enthusiastic individuals. Capable of taking unjustified risks, adventurous natures are prone to indisputable judgments. The ability to take risks for a goal. Desire and potential for leadership.
  • A is the strongest and brightest letter of the Cyrillic alphabet. Individuals with such letters in their names always strive for leadership. Often they compete with themselves. Indicates a desire to change something, to achieve the highest level of comfort in the physical manifestation and in the spiritual.
  • N — a sign of rejection of reality as it is; desire to achieve spiritual and physical health. The work shows diligence. Dislike for work, not causing interest. The presence of a critical mind and a categorical rejection of routine work. Inability to relax in society, constant tension and doubts.
  • C — strive to achieve material stability, have common sense; irritable, power-hungry, can be capricious. Knowledge, the desire to bring any matter to the end, the ability to get to the bottom of the truth. They understand their life purpose. Ability to adapt to circumstances.
  • T — creative, sensitive people; have high intuition, are in constant search for the truth. Often desires do not match opportunities. They strive to do everything quickly, without putting off until tomorrow. Demanding to others and to yourself. Striving for the search for truth. Reassessing your abilities.
  • B — the ability to get along with people, ease of communication, realism; creative personality, strives for unity with nature. In a person’s life, a lot depends on his decisions.
  • O — strive for self-knowledge, capable of experiencing strong feelings. They want to know their true purpose. The desire to improve and improve the world. High intuition, properly manage money. The pursuit of excellence. Change of mood from delight to despondency.
  • The meaning of the name Space in numerology

    Numerology of the name Space can suggest not only the main qualities and character of a person. But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher fateful signs and even predict the future. The number of the name Space in numerology is 2. The motto of the name Space and twos in life: “Team spirit!”

    • The patron planet for the name Space is the Moon.
    • Zodiac sign for the name Space — Cancer
    • Stones-talismans for the name Space — garnet, gold, meteorite, moldavite, shell rock, smoky quartz, spinel, sugilite, tanzanite, tavorite, tourmaline, brown tourmalite.

    Two Space lives in the past, keeps all old wounds in the soul, nurtures its grievances. The past of the Deuce makes it difficult to build a harmonious present. Two needs a partner, often too afraid of losing a loved one. Suffering from the unfair opinions of others and criticism. Two will always require the support of others, vulnerable, not confident in their abilities. Space is very fond of gifts, because this is how it represents manifestations of self-love. The deuce does not like open hostility, is sensitive and romantic. In general, this is a very family man who will always support and come to the rescue. By nature, the Deuce is a born social worker. To please the Deuce named Space, it is enough to give her true love and open her feelings. The most obvious negative qualities of the «two» include a tendency to a dependent position and conciliation, depression, and indecision. A passive life position can cause unjustified compliance in matters of principle. And this will inevitably lead to losses in all spheres of life, and, as a result, dissatisfaction with oneself, anger and alienation. When interpreting the meaning of the number 2, one should clearly see the line separating diplomacy and the desire for peaceful coexistence from compliance and timidity. The calmness and poise inherent in deuces allow them to think objectively and make informed decisions. Bearers of the name Space try to be guided by logic and common sense. Excellent diplomats, they are able to resolve any conflict peacefully. They are characterized by kindness, tact in delicate matters and a gentle nature.

    • The influence of the name Space on the profession and career. Number 2 in numerology is a great chance for self-realization in a variety of professional activities. Suitable Professions: Team player, peacemaker, charity worker.
    • The influence of the name Space on personal life. What does the number 2 mean in personal terms? «Deuce» always has a positive effect on the successful choice of the second half. Of course, the presence of this indicator is not a 100% guarantee of a happy marriage. Twos need support and are often subject to doubt, therefore, in a relationship, the most important thing for them is stability, trust and reliability. For such people, unit leaders, strong-willed eights and sixes demanding of themselves are perfect.

    The patron planet of the name Space

    The number 2 for the name Space means the planet Moon. The moon endows those subject to it with emotionality. People with the name Space are open and naive. They easily come into contact with others and, accordingly, easily and quickly adapt to the surrounding circumstances. They have a highly developed intuition, thanks to which they achieve their goals without bothering too much, do not go ahead, but find easier, but no less worthy ways to achieve their goals. The nature of the name Space is generally simple, but mood swings happen, people, for example, the first type, who are stronger emotionally, can help get out of them. Lunar people with the name Space are serious about family and marriage. They are faithful to their spouse, housewives. In addition, carriers of the name Space are introverts, sometimes they are closed and taciturn. The problems they are trying to solve within themselves often lead to mood swings. Among other things, these are individuals with character, it is not so easy to make them dance to someone else’s tune. The owners of the name Space are independent, diplomatic and responsible.

    Zodiac signs of the name Space

    The following zodiac signs are suitable for the name Space:

  • Zodiac sign Cancer for the name Space. Cancer with the name Space surpassed all the signs of the zodiac in terms of sensuality and susceptibility. Space Cancer, as a representative of the water element, is under the auspices of the planet of secrets, doubts and experiences — the Moon. God forbid to offend Cancer named Space. Seriously. They will say that they have forgiven, but in fact they will remember for another 50 years and at every opportunity they will stick a hairpin in you: “But remember, you squeezed my eraser in the second grade.” The owners of the name Space are squeamish to the point of impossibility: even a crumb on the table infuriates them. The owners of the name Space, like other Cancers, adore ideal (read — clinical) cleanliness and try to draw all their surroundings into this religion. The excuses “this is a creative mess” do not suit Cancers — they will bring beauty in any case, and they won’t even ask permission.
  • Color of the name Space

    Orange color of the name Space. People with the name Space, wearing orange, are charming and charming, they are bright both externally and internally. The owners of the name Space can be seen by their original clothes and appearance. The bearers of the name Space are smart and cheerful, however, they say about them that there are too many of them, so they have a lot of acquaintances, but there is only one real friend. Because he must have angelic patience and the ability to listen and correct the orange comrade gushing with stupid ideas. Positive character traits for the name Space are sociability, originality. The negative character traits of the name Space are lack of culture and even some rudeness.

    How to spell the name Prostranstvo

    In Russian, the correct spelling of this name is Prostranstvo. In English, the name Space can have the following spelling — Prostranstvo.

    Video meaning of the name Space

    Do you agree with the description and meaning of the name Space? What fate, character and nationality do your acquaintances with the name Space have? What famous and successful people with the name Space do you still know? We will be happy to discuss the name Space in more detail with visitors to our site in the comments below.

    If you find an error in the description of the name, please highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter .

    Classes, namespaces, attributes | Python: An Introduction to OOP

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    At the last lesson, the word «class» was already mentioned. We have compared the class with the template , which creates objects of this class, called instances of (class) . Next, we will analyze the declaration of classes in terms of syntax, but first it is worth noting that each class is separate namespace .

    Namespace (namespace) , this is a certain collection of these names, within which each name is unique. At the same time, different namespaces can contain the same name, but in different spaces this name can be associated with different entities.

    A familiar example of namespaces is a module. Within a module, you can’t make two declarations with the same name: what’s done later will just change the meaning of the name. However, different modules can contain elements with the same name.

    Each class is also a separate namespace — class attribute names . Attribute is the same definition. When a class is defined, its attributes are also defined.

    By the way, module elements are also called attributes, because modules are also objects, and they even have a class.

    Class declaration

    A class can be declared anywhere in the code. After all, declaring a class is just creating a special object. Yes, classes are objects too! More often than not, however, classes are declared at the top level of modules, and thus are created the first time the module is imported (I’ll talk about this later).

    The minimum class declaration looks like this:

     class C:

    As you can see, the class declaration construct contains a block. In this case, the keyword pass allows you to describe an empty block (this keyword can be used anywhere where a block is required — in functions, loops, conditions!).

    After executing this code, a new «C» attribute appears in the module, where «C» is both the name of the module attribute and the name of the declared class. From this point on, a class object can be used like any other — passed to functions, stored in variables, placed in lists and dictionaries.

    Class C does not currently contain any attributes. But this is already a full-fledged class. This «template» can be used to create instances, which we’ll talk about in the next lesson. But let’s put at least something in the class, and at the same time see how the created class looks from the outside:

     class C:
        a = 100
        b = "potato"
    C.b# "Potato"

    This version of class C already contains two attributes — a and b . These attributes are similar to variables in modules, but their visibility is limited to class C .

    Notice how class C is rendered in the REPL output:

    By alexxlab

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