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Nicknames For Daniel: 41 Of The Best Daniel Nicknames

If Daniel or Dan Is Top Of Your Baby Name List, Here Are 41 Of The Best Daniel Nicknames

If you’ve decided on Daniel for your new baby, and you’re looking for Daniel nickname inspo, read this post for 41 nicknames for Daniel and Dan and the Daniel meaning.

Daniel is a classic and strong three syllable name, so if you love using shorter versions of names, there are lots of different Daniel nicknames you can use plus funny nicknames for Daniel and Dan.

How popular is the name Daniel? We take a look at where Daniel appears on the baby name lists, and also look at the Daniel meaning, as well as middle names for Daniel.

What Does The Name Daniel Mean? The Daniel Meaning

Are you looking for the Daniel name meaning?

The name Daniel is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. The Daniel meaning is ‘God is my judge.’.

Looking For Biblical Names For Boys?

As Daniel is a biblical name, you might be looking for more biblical names for boys.

You could also pick Noah, James, Elijah, Joshua, Levi, Joseph, Peter, Ezekiel, Ezra, Isaac or Benjamin.

How Popular Is Daniel As A Baby Name?

How popular is the name Daniel? Is Daniel a rare name?

In the US, Daniel is the 14th most popular name for American boys.

Daniel is 56th most popular name for boys in the UK, with 1150 boys registered with the name.

Searching For Middle Names For Daniel?

Looking for middle names for Daniel?

Look on our list of 150 one syllable boy names.

Or you can read our list of unusual boy names and list of 101 unisex names.

If you want a short name try Sam or Ben.

Famous People Named Daniel

Looking for famous people named Daniel? Try one of these:

Daniel Radcliffe, actor

Daniel Ricciardo, Australian race car driver

Daniel Day Lewis, actor

Daniel Craig, actor

41 Nick names For The Name Daniel

Here are 41+ Daniel nicknames:

Here are nicknames for Daniel to help you find your perfect Daniel nickname:

  1. Dan
  2. Danny
  3. Dany
  4. Dannie
  5. D
  6. Dee
  7. Di
  8. DeeDee
  9. DiDi
  10. DD
  11. Danielle
  12. Danilo
  13. Dante
  14. Aidan
  15. Dane
  16. Daney
  17. Danno
  18. Dans
  19. Danz
  20. Dansy
  21. Dansie
  22. Danzie
  23. Danzy
  24. Danyal
  25. Iel
  26. El
  27. Ell
  28. Niel
  29. Dang
  30. Dango

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Daniel

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Daniel to help you find your perfect funny Daniel nickname:

  1. Mr D
  2. D-Dog
  3. Dan The Man
  4. Danosuar
  5. Dancer
  6. Dooz
  7. Danny Boy
  8. Dandy
  9. Dan O
  10. Danno
  11. Danone

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250+ BEST nicknames for Daniel

Whether you’re searching for your friend or looking for a baby name, we’ve compiled the best nicknames for Daniel.

Choosing the perfect nickname takes time, and you have to make sure that it fits the person. To make it easier, we’ve created lists of funny nicknames for Daniel, cute nicknames for Daniel and cool nicknames for Daniel.

If you’re trying to find the perfect name for your baby, you should take time to consider the initials you are using. You don’t want a surprise later down the line! Daniel can be used as a great first name or middle name too. 

If you’re still considering other names, why not check out our nicknames for Alex, nicknames for Andrew and nicknames for Henry? 

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Where does the name Daniel come from?

Daniel is originally a Hebrew name. The name comes from the Old Testament in the Bible, giving it religious connotations. This links to the idea of Daniel being a traditional name. Daniel could be a great option if you want a strong name for your baby. 

What does the name Daniel mean? 

In Hebrew, the name means to judge and God, translating to God is my judge. Daniel is also a character in the Book of Daniel. Daniel is a classic and masculine name with an interesting history. 

How popular is the name Daniel?

Daniel is a popular name for boys. While it is occasionally used for girls, it’s more popular with males. The name Daniel has ranked in the top 15 boys’ names since the early 1970s! The name Daniel has been common across the globe and has a number of variations you could look into. 

Please note that some of the nicknames listed in this article may be more suited to adults.

Best nicknames for Daniel 

Always consider Daniel’s feelings when choosing a nickname. 

  • Dan
  • Danny
  • D
  • Dan the Man
  • Dan-O
  • Danno
  • Dandy
  • D-man
  • Danimal
  • Dani
  • Danie
  • Danzig
  • Dantastic
  • Danchi
  • Danté
  • Dantron
  • Danny Boy
  • Danne
  • Daneezy
  • Danosaur
  • Dantastic
  • Danthony
  • Danimalistic
  • Danpocalypse
  • Danimal Kingdom
  • Danse
  • Danté’s Inferno
  • Danimalz
  • Danimal Planet
  • Dan-Dan
  • Dannykins
  • Dannerz
  • Danley
  • Daninator
  • Danman
  • Danmeister
  • Danube
  • Danzo
  • Danny the Lion
  • Danosaurous Rex
  • D-Train
  • Danno 3000
  • Danny Phantom
  • Danimal House
  • Danovirus
  • Danjam
  • Danyo
  • Dangel
  • Danjammin
  • Danwick

Cool nicknames for Daniel 

  • Danimal
  • D-Man
  • Daninator
  • Dan the Man
  • Danzig
  • Dantron
  • Danté
  • Danpocalypse
  • Danimalistic
  • Danimal Kingdom
  • Danzilla
  • Dan the Destroyer
  • Danhammer
  • Dan the Terrible
  • Dan the Titan
  • Dan the Conqueror
  • Dan the Beast
  • Dan the Warrior
  • Dan the Champion
  • Dan the Mighty
  • Dan the Brave
  • Dan the Intrepid
  • Dan the Bold
  • Dan the Valiant
  • Dan the Fierce
  • Danimal Crackers
  • Dan the Flying Squirrel
  • Dan the Space Man
  • Dan the Disco King
  • Dan the Banana
  • Dan the Whirlwind
  • Dan the Spark
  • Dan the Bubble Boy
  • Dan the Happy Camper
  • Dan the Funky Chicken
  • Dan the Maverick
  • Dan the Rebel
  • Dan the Outlaw
  • Dan the Adventurer
  • Dan the Explorer
  • Dan the Trailblazer
  • Dan the Navigator
  • Dan the Voyager
  • Dan the Nomad
  • Dan the Wanderer
  • Dan the Wizard
  • Dan the Dragon Slayer
  • Dan the Superhero
  • Dan the Time Traveler

Funny nicknames for Daniel 

  • Dangle
  • Dan Bananaman
  • Danny Phantom
  • Danimal Crackers
  • Danny DeVito
  • Dan the Mannequin
  • Dandelion
  • Dan the Tan Man
  • Dan-tastic
  • Dan the Party Animal
  • Dan the Delightful
  • Dan the Dapper
  • Danny McFlurry
  • Dan the Doughnut
  • Dan the Donut King
  • Dan the Doughboy
  • Danny McDouble
  • Dan-tastic
  • Dan-tastic Four
  • Dan the Diva
  • Dan the Diversion
  • Danny McRib
  • Danny McMuffin
  • Dan the Ding Dong
  • Dan the Dingleberry
  • Dan the Doormat
  • Dan the Dumbbell
  • Dan the Dumdum
  • Dan the Dweeb
  • Danny McChicken
  • Dan the Dipstick
  • Dan the Diaper Changer
  • Dan the Desperate
  • Dan the Desperado
  • Dan the Doofus
  • Dan the Dummy
  • Dan the Drunkard
  • Dan the Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Dan the Disaster
  • Dan the Deceiver
  • Dan the Dastardly
  • Dan the Discombobulated
  • Dan the Ditz
  • Dan the Deranged
  • Dan the Debunker
  • Dan the Dub
  • Dan the Clown
  • Dan the Prankster
  • Dan the Goofball
  • Dan the Funny Bunny

Cute nicknames for Daniel 

  • Danny
  • Dan-Dan
  • Dan-O
  • Danno
  • Danjo
  • Danjojo
  • Danzel
  • Danie
  • Dani-boy
  • Dani-bear
  • Danikins
  • Danie-pie
  • Danie-cakes
  • Danie-bop
  • Danie-pop
  • Danie-boo
  • Danie-buddy
  • Danie-pup
  • Danie-poo
  • Daniekins
  • Dannykins
  • Dan-doodle
  • Dan-the-lion
  • Dan-bow
  • Dan-muffin
  • Dan-bun
  • Dan-bear
  • Dan-tastic
  • Dan-tasmo
  • Dan-tastic-man
  • Dan-tan
  • Dan-chin
  • Dan-wolf
  • Dan-hugger
  • Dan-handsome
  • Dan-champ
  • Dan-mazing
  • Dan-wizard
  • Dan-erific
  • Dan-licious
  • Dan-smile
  • Dan-sunshine
  • Dan-cheeks
  • Dan-sweetie
  • Dan-angel
  • Dan-sugar
  • Dan-sparkle
  • Dan-rose
  • Dan-cherry
  • Dan-blossom

Wacky nicknames for Daniel 

  • Dan the Man
  • Daninator
  • Danny Boy
  • Danimalistic
  • Dan-tastic
  • Dan-tasmo
  • Dan-tastic Four
  • Dan-o-rama
  • Dan-o-mite
  • Dan-tendo
  • Dan-tana
  • Dan-gerous
  • Dan-germouse
  • Dan-gerzone
  • Danimal
  • Dan-goon
  • Dan-demonium
  • Dan-o-saur
  • Dan-o-lantern
  • Dan-shine
  • Dan-niella
  • Dan-nosaur
  • Dan-mazing
  • Dan-matic
  • Dan-gelic
  • Dan-imal Kingdom
  • Dan-some
  • Dan-imal House
  • Dan-ta Claus
  • Dan-shark
  • Dan-omite Warrior
  • Dan-ger Mouseketeer
  • Dan-derella
  • Dan the Conqueror
  • Dan-tastic Voyage
  • Dan-sanity
  • Dan-tagonist
  • Dan-taloupe
  • Dan-tasy Island
  • Dan-talizing
  • Dan-telope
  • Dan-tastic Mr. Fox
  • Dan-dy Lion
  • Dan-guerrero
  • Dan-nihilator
  • Dan-tom of the Opera
  • Dan-tarctica
  • Dan-ny Phantom
  • Dan-zilla
  • Dan-gelic Warrior

Famous people named Daniel 

Perhaps you’re thinking of naming your child Daniel, but you want to know a little more about others with the name. Here are just a few famous people named Daniel. 

  • Daniel Craig – British actor, James Bond
  • Daniel Defoe – English writer and journalist, “Robinson Crusoe”
  • Daniel Day-Lewis – British actor, “Lincoln” and “There Will Be Blood”
  • Daniel Radcliffe – British actor, Harry Potter
  • Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit – German physicist 
  • Daniel Handler – American author, Lemony Snicket, author of the “Series of Unfortunate Events”
  • Daniel Bernoulli – Swiss mathematician and physicist
  • Daniel Boone – American frontiersman

TV characters named Daniel 

  • Daniel LaRusso – from “Cobra Kai” and “The Karate Kid”
  • Daniel Grayson – from “Revenge”
  • Daniel Faraday – from “Lost”
  • Daniel Holden – from “Rectify”
  • Daniel Jackson – from “Stargate SG-1”
  • Daniel Meade – from “Ugly Betty”
  • Daniel Desario – from “Freaks and Geeks”
  • Daniel “Dan” Humphrey – from “Gossip Girl”
  • Daniel Pierce – from “Perception”
  • Daniel “Danny” Pink – from “Doctor Who”

Did you see your favourite TV character called Daniel on the list? 

Girl versions of the name Daniel 

Maybe you love the name Daniel, but you’re looking for alternatives for a girl. We’ve found these options for you. 

  • Daniela
  • Danielle
  • Danika
  • Dania
  • Danitza
  • Danika
  • Danalee
  • Danalyn
  • Danalynn
  • Danilynn

We hope this blog has been useful for you when finding nicknames for Daniel. Daniel is an excellent name for any age and has an interesting background too! Good luck finding the perfect nickname for Daniel.

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Why is Kvyat a torpedo? The history of the nickname of the fastest racer in Russia — Ok Google: Formula 1 — Blogs

Ok Google: Formula 1 the answer to a popular query about the main racing championship in search engines. We will help those who want to know more about the fastest races on the planet — or just broaden their horizons.

Today we will tell you about the history of the nickname of the main Russian rider. How did Daniil Kvyat become a torpedo? Why did the remark thrown by Sebastian Vettel in his address become winged? How has the perception of an atypical nickname evolved?

The nickname of the Russian pilot is another proof that the four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel is capable of giving out phrases for history on emotions.

The characteristic “torpedo” that stuck to Kvyat was not born after the accident, as one might think: after the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix, Seb told Daniil that he did not appreciate his bold but clean maneuver. At the entrance to the Shanghai “snail”, the Red Bull pilot found a loophole on the inside trajectory, as a result of which Vettel steered and crashed into Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen. Before the award ceremony, the German was quite aggressive, despite the fact that he eventually ended up on the podium — like Daniil.

Vettel vs. Kvyat na afloop van de Chinese Grand Prix #F1 #RTLGP #ChineseGP #GPChina #Vettel #Kvyat

— RTL GP (@RTLGP) April 17, 2016

Kvyat was nicknamed «Torpedo» for inept overtaking. But now he beautifully tears apart his rivals

– Are you asking what happened at the start? — Seb was indignant, — If I had not shifted to the left, you would have driven into us, and we would all have taken off. You flew in like a torpedo!

— It’s racing! — retorted Kvyat.

— If I had stayed on the same trajectory, we would have crashed!

— Don’t stay on the same path.

— But there was another car on the left.

— I can’t keep track of three fireballs, boy — I only have two eyes.

The episode was included in the cut-up of ‘s best moments in F1 history (at number 2!), but «torpedo» became a household name two weeks later. In Sochi, Vettel and Kvyat met again — this time it all ended in two collisions, the immediate retirement of Seb and the finish of Daniil outside the points.

VÍDEO: Kvyat acerta Vettel duas vezes na largada #F1noGP

— Grande Prêmio (de 🏠) (@grandepremio) May 1, 2016

“What the #####? Oh, I’m out. Someone hit the ###### rear of a car on turn two, and then someone hit the ###### rear of a car on turn three. ## your mother! Seriously, what are we ##### doing here?” — the Ferrari driver’s radio had to be notably bleeped.

An unintelligible performance on the home track was the reason for Kvyat’s demotion to Toro Rosso: rumors about the transition of Max Verstappen to the senior team have been circulating for a long time, but the reshuffle after only four stages after the start of the season came as a shock. The rest is history: Max won his first race for Red Bull, and Daniil had a series of unsuccessful Grand Prix in 2016 and 2017 and lost his place in Toro Rosso. Several collisions with rivals (for example, with partner Carlos Sainz at the 2017 British Grand Prix) only cemented the nickname. It seemed that the accident in Sochi was the beginning of the end of his career, and the podium in China was the last in Formula 1.

Fortunately, in 2019 Daniil proved everything — first he returned to Toro Rosso, and then won the second podium in the history of the team. This season, Kvyat did not allow numerous misses (only an accident on the last lap of the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​exclusively his fault). On the other hand, colleagues remembered the nickname No. 26 already in the second race of the season: when the Russian was behind Hamilton in the second practice at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the champion reacted sarcastically “Oh, I almost got torpedoed!”

No. 26 refers to the image of the “torpedo” with irony and back in 2017 he prepared a themed helmet for the home Grand Prix.

At Toro Rosso, the nickname has become a cult one: after the triumphant German Grand Prix 2019, mechanic Daniil even got a matching tattoo!

Drivers of other teams are also in the subject: at a press conference at the 2017 British Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo noted that the Russian would be a welcome guest at the party on the occasion of Vettel’s 30th birthday:

“I saw an invitation for Torpedo.

And Lewis Hamilton was out of touch with the trends (it’s not clear why the British need instagram and twitter) — the Australian had to explain:

«Seb called him that after last year’s Chinese Grand Prix.»

For the German Grand Prix, the champion corrected himself and congratulated his colleagues in a peculiar style:

“I am very happy for Seb, who went through the entire peloton, and for Torpedo — whatever his name is, for Kvyat. It’s great to see him on the podium.»

The nickname went through a full cycle with Kvyat — for the first time it sounded like an involuntary compliment from Vettel, became synonymous with a crasher after Daniil’s mistakes, and now it is again perceived positively — like the best Russian pilot.

Did you like Formula 1? Subscribe to our social networks — there are the most important and interesting stories from the world of the fastest sport on the planet. Transfers, technical analytics, team economics, the best quotes from pilots — only valuable information!

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Kvyat is the best option for Renault.

The auto giant calls Vettel and Alonso, but Daniil is cheaper and more reliable for the team’s reputation

Kvyat loves boxing: he hits a punching bag on a bad day and dreams of an amateur fight. UFC coach’s verdict: Daniil is good!

What is the price of a Formula 1 car? Can it be bought somewhere? How much does production cost?

Photo: Huebner/Scheiber;,

“I was given the nickname Putin Jr.”: how a French engineer who built the Louvre pyramid got to Samara — August 16, 2021

Daniel participated in the creation of the world-famous symbol of France


He laid electricity in Disneyland around the world, and his first big project was the famous glass pyramid in the Louvre. At the same time, he does not live in Los Angeles or New York, and in France he only visits. But in Samara, Daniel De Leo, perhaps, will settle down forever. How did he end up in our city? The engineer spoke about this and many other things in an interview with a 63.RU journalist.

— Daniel, tell us how you ended up in Samara?

— My wife Olesya from Samara. We met in Moscow. Olesya then lived between Samara and Moscow, and I constantly lived in France. So our relationship developed in the «back and forth» mode. But when you start dating a girl, at some point you want to meet her parents, visit her homeland. And I visited Samara once, and then again. When we found out that we would have a child, we decided that he should be born in Samara. When he was born, I was working in Hong Kong. We could only see each other on weekends — in Moscow. Then we decided to settle in Samara, because I fell in love with this city, and Olesya has a good job here.

From 2014 to 2016 I was working in Shanghai and asked my wife to come with me. And Olesya lived between Shanghai and Samara. And now our son has grown up. He is almost 17 years old, and he no longer needs his mother so much. Olesya found a job in France, and now we live in two countries. Our French apartment is located in a small village 40 kilometers east of Paris. I rent it out when we are in Samara. And when we are in France, a grandmother lives with her son.

«I see only the best in Samara»


— Tell us about your impressions of your first visit to our city.

— I was shocked. You see, I was born in Israel in 1959. I arrived in Samara in 2003. And I felt like I was back in Tel Aviv of my childhood. But that was normal, because Russia was just starting to recover from the 90s. In general, I like to study how Russia has changed from the 90s to the present. Much has been done, although, of course, much has not been done.

But, you know, sometimes you see a tree and a dirty wall behind it. And you focus only on what you need, and you do not notice the wall. In Samara, I learned to see only its best fragments. I know this city has flaws. But since I don’t live in Samara permanently, I can ignore them and focus only on the positives. When people ask me about Russia abroad, I only say good things. For this, some colleagues even gave me the nickname Putin Jr.

— Have you made friends in Samara?

— I have a friend in Tolyatti, he is an engineer. He was my wife’s colleague, but he was fired for political reasons. And I was just working in Tyumen, and I needed an engineer. And I also have two friends in Samara, they are doctors. And, of course, Olesya’s friends are my friends too. So we can say that we have more friends in Samara than in France.

Daniel’s wife Olesya is from Samara


How do you usually spend your time in Samara?

— We work online at home and around the house, we often meet with friends. And, of course, we walk around the city. We were almost everywhere in Samara. I love taking pictures and making videos, especially from a drone. We visited the Helicopter, in Tolyatti — at the AvtoVAZ plant, and at the dacha of friends. We also went beyond the Volga — to the islands, rode bicycles in the village of Rozhdestveno.

Tell us more about your hobby of drone photography.

— Like many others, as a child I dreamed of becoming a pilot. At one of the sites, the customer used a drone. A week after my first encounter with the drone, I already had my own. Now I have two. Piloting this thing is very interesting. You are still standing on the ground, but you look into the camera and see everything from a bird’s eye view, as if you are flying. And, of course, at the same time you are shaking for one and a half thousand euros, which you launched to a height of 120 meters.

“You can learn to pay attention only to the positive aspects”


— Tell me, as a person who has seen many countries and cities, what does Samara lack?

— Qualities. I look at Samara buildings and I like their architecture. I consider them beautiful. But let’s say the building was built 10 years ago, but it looks like it was built 50 years ago. The problem is not how it was designed. The problem is how it’s built.

The pyramid was the first major project of Daniel


— Tell us about your experience with the Louvre Pyramid. How did you get into this project?

— I was lucky to be smarter than 8 other candidates. They came and went from the project. But I stayed, so they chose me. I was 27 years old and this was my first major project. Another advantage was my knowledge of English. Thanks to this, the pyramid architect Io Ming Pei could work with me without intermediaries. This is one of the best architects in the world.

Io Ming Pei (or Yuming Bei) is an American architect of Chinese origin who became one of the first five Pritzker Prize winners, a member of the American Institute of Architects, and a founder of the Royal Institute of British Architects. In addition to the pyramid in the Louvre, his list of works includes such projects as the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the World Trade Center in Baltimore.

Of course, various problems arose during the construction process. For example, it turned out that when installing glasses, the beam at the base of the pyramid would bend under their weight, and the glass would burst. The glasses themselves had to be as transparent as possible, otherwise, when tilted, they would work like mirrors, and it would be hard to see through them.

An electrical engineer must be able to handle such powerful cranes like this


There was one momentous situation for me personally. I couldn’t get the cables to all the right places because of the pyramid design. I suggested an alternative to Io Ming Pei and the lighting designer. And I was shocked that they listened to my opinion. One of the greatest architects of our time communicated on an equal footing with a little engineer with no name.

The glass pyramid of the Louvre was opened in 1989 to mark the 200th anniversary of the start of the French Revolution. Its height is more than 21 m. Under the pyramid there is an underground vestibule with cash desks. Now the pyramid is one of the symbols of Paris.

I know another funny construction story. When it was announced that a pyramid would be built in the Louvre, many were against it. Then a crane was brought to the museum. He held four cables that formed a pyramid. It stood like that for two months so people could get used to how it would look.

Before the pyramid, the wings of the Louvre were not connected to each other. To get from one wing to the other, one had to walk down the street. And with the pyramid appeared an underground passage that connected all the wings. When it was ready and I saw people coming and watching, I felt great pride and satisfaction to be a part of such a project.

A plaque at Disney Studios Park


Tell us more about your experience with Disney.

— After we finished the pyramid, one of the managers of this project was invited to build Disneyland in Paris. And you know how it is. One says: “I will take this one with me,” and “this one” will say: “Okay, but I will take this one and that one with me.” We have been working on the first park since March 1990 to April 1992. It was Magic Kingdom Park. Its feature is complete visual immersion. Children had to feel that they were in another world, so everything was thought out to the smallest detail. The lighting should match the bench, the bench should match the sidewalk, the sidewalk should match the theme of the attraction. I, as an electrical engineer, had the most important job, since the operation of the entire fleet depended on me. Naturally, I was involved in all stages of the project, from laying underground wiring to lampposts.

Magic Kingdom — company theme park Walt Disney . Its most recognizable element is Cinderella’s castle, which is still used in the screensaver for Disney films to this day.

On top of the Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris


Then we were sent to build a park in Los Angeles. We did it until 1993 years until the construction was deprived of funding. 4 years later things didn’t go well for me and I went back to Disney. We were again sent to the USA to complete the park in Los Angeles. Then we returned to France to build the Disney Studios park. Unlike Magic Kingdom, visual immersion was not required, which made it much easier to work with. I remember making the Armageddon attraction based on the movie of the same name with Bruce Willis. The attraction reconstructs the scene when the skin of the space station is torn and everyone is sucked into a vacuum with terrible force, and everything around is on fire. We found a special fan for this, which is used in wind tunnels. First I tried it on myself. By the way, everything that we build, we first experience on ourselves. So, we managed to set the fan so that it turns on not gradually, but immediately at full power. Then I had to think about how to fool the fire alarm so that I could make a fire.

Future Cinderella Castle in the heart of Shanghai Disneyland


This is what it looks like after construction


Then I did Hong Kong Disneyland in 2004. And, as I said, from 2014 to 2016, I worked on Disneyland in Shanghai. There is a rollercoaster based on the movie Tron. Like all other attractions, it was invented by the Dutch company Vecoma. Its peculiarity is that the trolleys are made in the form of motorcycles from the film. You have to ride on them, and there is no security system, like on ordinary slides. I had to tinker with the engine so that it would start the attraction immediately at speed 90 kilometers per hour.

Throne by Vecoma



— How Why do you think there is no Disneyland in Russia?

— Because not enough people would visit it. It wouldn’t pay off. I worked with a man assigned to build a Universal theme park in Russia. But nothing came of it. First, because of Russian corruption. The construction business is a real mafia. Secondly, due to the Russian climate, an indoor park would have to be built. It would be the largest indoor park in the world. It would be necessary to build an additional metro station to it. In short, it would all just be too expensive.

Working on the Adventureland section


— What major projects did you work on in Russia?

— I worked for the French company Auchan. For a year and a half I built their department stores in Tyumen. It was cold, but I really liked the city. For the same work, I was in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk. I carried out two more projects in Barnaul, but one was not completed. Then my three-year visa expired, and my former colleague called me to Shanghai.

By alexxlab

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