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75 Badass Boy Names (With Meanings) for Your Little Rebel

If you’re looking for a tough, rebellious or aggressive-sounding name, our ultimate list of badass names for boys takes inspiration from all the non-conformists, activists and fighters in the world.

Updated: April 22, 2022

Everyone loves a bad boy, or so they say, so if you have a little guy on the way, why not consider a quintessential badass name? Being badass isn’t about breaking the rules or being the tough guy; instead, it’s all about marching to the beat of your own drum.

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Don’t confuse being badass with only being manly and strong because badass boys can also be artistic, sensitive, and caring. What makes someone badass is their willingness to stand up for what they believe in and do what feels right to them, come what may.

Badass boys are unique, strong-willed, creative, and non-conformist, and that’s why we love them. So to help you on your quest to name your future rebel, we’ve compiled a list of 75 badass boy names taken straight from the pages of history, literature, and film. Use this list as inspiration to find the perfect badass baby name for your little one.

  1. Aera — Hindu. Lion.
  2. Alonso — Spanish. Battle ready. Ready to fight.
  3. Apollo — Greek. Destroyer. Apollo is the god of light, music, and poetry in Greek mythology, and he drives a chariot across the sky; that’s pretty badass.
  4. Archer — English/Anglo Saxon. A bowman or an archer.
  5. Arnold — German. Eagle ruler. Imperious ruler. When we say Arnold, we think of Schwarzenegger.
  6. Arthur — Welsh. Bear-like. Hero. The legendary king from the tales of Camelot.
  7. Axel — Scandinavian. This name means my father is peace, not the most badass definition; however, the lead singer of Guns n Roses is 100% badass.
  8. Aziz — Arabic. This unique name means strong and powerful. It can also be used as a girl’s name when spelled Aziza.
  9. Barack — Arabic. Blessed. Barack Obama was the first African American American president. That’s pretty badass.
  10. Bjorn — Swedish. Pronounced B-yorn. Bear.
  11. Blaze — Latin. This Latin origin name means fire.
  12. Bond — Norman. Husband or farmer. But when we hear Bond, we think of James Bond.
  13. Bowie — Scottish/Gaelic. Blond. This name makes us think of David Bowie, the epic rockstar.
  14. Boyan — Bulgarian/Slavic. Warrior or fighter. If that meaning weren’t badass enough, Boyan Slat won the 2015 Champion of the Earth Award from the UN at 18.
  15. Bruce — Scottish. The willow-lands. Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne, and Robert the Bruce was the first king to unify Scotland.
  16. Carlos — Spanish. Free man, strong.
  17. Caesar — Latin/Roman. Long-haired. Julius Caesar was an infamous Roman ruler.
  18. Christian — Greek/Latin. A follower of Christ. According to Christian history, early disciples were pretty revolutionary. Christian is also the name of the protagonist from the Movie and Broadway Musical Moulin Rouge, and he is one badass character not afraid to give it all up for love.
  19. Cobain — Norse/Old Scottish. It is a name referring to a fair or blond person. Kurt Cobain was part of the grunge music revolution.
  20. Corbin — English. Raven. This name gives off dark and mystical vibes.
  21. Damion — Greek. To conquer, master, or tame. An alternate spelling is Damon, like the actor Matt Damon’s last name.
  22. Darwin — English. Dear friend. Charles Darwin was a naturalist and scientist who wrote the famous On the Origin of Species and introduced the theory of revolution.
  23. Dimitri — Russian. A follower of Demeter. Demeter was the Greek goddess of farming and fertility. Caring about the earth is 100% badass in our book.
  24. Draco — Greek. Dragon.
  25. Einer — Old Norse. Warrior or to stand alone.
  26. Enzo — Italian. Rules the home.
  27. Falkor — Norse. Guardian of the people. This unique name has an edge to it.
  28. Flynn — Galic. Red-haired on. Flynn Ryder from Disney’s Tangled is a pretty badass antihero.
  29. Fox — Old English. Cunning and sly. One with red hair. Fox Mulder from the X-Files was one badass detective.
  30. Griffin — Greek. Hooked nose. In Greek mythology, a griffin was a fierce creature, half eagle and half lion.
  31. Gunnar — The traditional meaning of this name is «bold warrior».
  32. Harley — English. Spacious meadow. Harley has become more popular as a girl’s name because of the DC character Harley Quinn. She is pretty badass, and Harley works well as a girl or baby boy name.
  33. Hawking — English. Hawk-like. Legendary quantum physicist Stephen Hawking makes this name badass.
  34. Hendrix — English. Son of Hendrick. The name itself isn’t that exciting, but few people influenced music like the great Jimi Hendrix.
  35. Hugh — Old French/Old German. Soul, mind, intellect. Hugh Jackman is badass for being both a star of the Broadway stage and a legendary X-man.
  36. Iggy — English. Fiery One. It is also the name of the father of punk, Iggy Pop.
  37. Jacques — French/Hebrew. One who supplants. The famed ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau, makes this name pretty badass.
  38. Jax — English. Song of Jack. Jax is the perfect name for fans of Sons of Anarchy.
  39. Keanu — Hawaiian. The breeze. Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s top badasses both on the screen and off.
  40. Kestrel — Old French. A bird of prey, like a hawk or falcon. The name also means rattle, referring to the sound of the bird’s cry.
  41. King — English. Monarch. Martin Luther King, Jr. is the inspiration for this name, making the list.
  42. Krishna — Sanskrit. Black or dark. Krishna is the god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love in the Hindu religion.
  43. Lars — Scandinavian. Crowned with Laurel.
  44. Legend — English. History, story, or myth.
  45. Lennon — Irish. Dear one. John Lennon is considered a music legend. Lennon could also work for a little girl as it is widely considered a unisex name.
  46. Liam — Celtic. Wolf. This cool name is a popular name and makes us think of the Hollywood action star Liam Neeson.
  47. Logan — Scottish. Hollow. Wolverine’s first name.
  48. Luke — Greek. Light giving. Luke Skywalker … need we say more?
  49. Maddox — Welsh. Fortunate. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose this for their son.
  50. Marcelo — Italian. Hammer.
  51. Maverick — English. Independent thinker. The perfect moniker if you’re a Top Gun fan.
  52. Mick — English. Who is like God? Perfect for fans of Mick Jagger or Mick Dundee.
  53. Moses — Hebrew. To pull water. Moses stood up against his adoptive brother and led the Jewish people out of Egypt to freedom. Now that’s badass.
  54. Neil — Irish. Champion. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.
  55. Nelson — Irish. Son of Eleanor. We added this name to Honor Nelson Mandela, the South African revolutionary, statesman, and philanthropist.
  56. Neo — Tswana. Gift. In Greek, this name means new. Neo is the protagonist in The Matrix and an all-around badass.
  57. Neville — French. New town. Few people are more badass than Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series.
  58. Orion — Greek. Rising in the sky, dawning. In Greek mythology, Orion was a hunter and the son of the mighty Poseidon.
  59. Orwell — English. The branch of the river. George Orwell was the revolutionary author of Animal Farm and 1984.
  60. Phillip — Greek. Friend of horses. Queen ELizabeth II’s husband was Prince Phillind, and he lived to be 99 — that’s badass. He was also the inspiration for the prince in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  61. Phoenix — Greek. A phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from the ashes. The name means dark red.
  62. Rocco — Italian. This name has an edgy, fun fee, but it means to rest—something all badasses need to do from time to time.
  63. Sawyer — English. Woodcutter. The name was made famous by Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Sawyer is also the edgy bad boy from the hit television series Lost.
  64. Snow — English. Frozen haired. This English name is usually on lists for baby girl names, but Jon Snow in Game of Thrones is the quintessential badass.
  65. Talon — English. Claw or hook.
  66. Thor — Norse. The Norse God of thunder and strength.
  67. Tyrion — Irish. Rock—a person from County Tyrone. Tyrion Lannister is the clever and badass character from the Game of Thrones books and television series played by a real-life kick-ass person Peter Dinklage.
  68. Tyson — Old French. High spirited. You may think of Mike Tyson, but we also want to give the nod to Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famous astrophysicist from Cosmos.
  69. Vader — German. Father. If you’re going for edgy, why not go all the way with this name inspired by Darth Vader and Star Wards.
  70. Van — Danish. It is usually a prefix in names like the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. This is also a nod to rocker Van Morrison.
  71. Wilder — German. Hunter. This name is all about adventure.
  72. Winston — Old English. Joyful stone. Winston Churchill was one of England’s most famous and influential Prime Ministers.
  73. Wolfe — German. Wolf. Another wild animal name to consider alongside Hawk or Fox.
  74. Zale — Greek. This unique Greek name means a sea of strength.
  75. Zeke — Hebrew. If you’re looking for something biblical, this Hebrew name means God strengthens.

Looking for more baby names and inspiration? Check out our Baby Name Center.

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50 Rugged And Edgy Baby Boy Names With Real Swagger

Savage names for your tough little man.

Image: Shutterstock

There’s a certain charm to bad boys, which many would probably agree with. So, if you’re looking for a name for your baby boy, you can choose from our list of rugged and edgy baby boy names. Unique and cool, these names will make your child stand out and make them feel confident. So, go through the names listed below to choose the right one for your baby boy.

1. Jax:

Jax is a punchy twist on the classic name Jack. This ‘x’ ending name has an infamous association with Jax Teller, the tattooed president of the motorcycle club in “Sons of Anarchy”.

2. Brendan:

Most of the parents shy from keeping a bad boy baby name because of their unpleasant meaning. If you are one of those mommies, then you can pick Brendan, a Gaelic name meaning ‘brave.’

3. Ace:

From an ace up your sleeve to acing a test, this name has plenty of positive connotations yet sounds bad to the bone. This name is even starting to take a flight among the celebrity parents, Jessica Simpson being one of them.

4. Joaquin:

Joaquin pronounced as ‘wah-keen’ is very popular in South Africa right now. Joaquin Phoenix brought this name to Hollywood and actress Kelly Ripa popularized it by giving it to her son.

5. Rocco:

Rocco is a tough, cool bad boy name. It will sound a bit big for a little boy, but he will inevitably grow into it just like Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s son. This year, the name Rocco is on the #423 spot.

6. Draven:

The name Draven is inspired by the Brandon Lee’s role in “In the Shadows’. This Wiccan name is also used by a member of the Linkin Park.

7. Lars:

Lars got the swagger from the Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Even Ryan Gosling played the role of Lars in “Lars and the Real Girl”. Lars sounds both nerdy and badass to us.

8. Flash:

Flash will appeal to modern parents who are looking for an active boy name. We think that Flash would make a nice nickname or middle name.

9. Phoenix:

Is there anything more badass than naming your kid after a mythical bird that rose from the ashes? We think naught! Phoenix sounds very edgy and cool to us.

10. Axel:

The association with the Guns ‘N’ Roses Axle Rose and the hard ‘X’ sound make this moniker increasingly popular with parents. Meaning ‘father of peace,’ the name has been rising steadily and currently ranks #167 on the baby boy list. Ax would be the perfect nickname for Axel.

11. Boris:

Boris, an old English name meaning ‘to fight’ is gaining extreme popularity in Europe. You never know you could be setting up your son for a career in skull cracking if you give him this name.

12. Zane:

Yes yes, we know John is classic, and no name can take its place. But bestowing a quirky version of the name won’t harm you either. Zane, meaning ‘Gift from God’ is a Hebrew version of the name John.

13. Tyrell:

Tyrell sounds similar to Terrell Owens, the controversial footballer.

14. Damon:

Damon, meaning stoic strength, is a tougher and edgier version of the name Damien. Damon Salvatore, the vamp in the “Vampire Diaries” perfectly embodied this name.

15. Ernest:

Ernest is said to be the name or the liars. Do you remember the Ernests from Oscar Wilde’s play “The Importance of Being Earnest?

16. Malcolm:

Malcolm the X was a rebel, but with a cause. The name Malcolm is a royal name in Scotland, being the name of four Scottish kings.

17. Fox:

Fox is a tough, animal name backed by a long tradition. This sleek and simple name would make a very intriguing middle name.

18. Gunner:

Gunner, meaning the ‘bold warrior’ is a nouveau macho name usually favored by trendy parents. Gunnar is an alternate spelling of this name.

19. Jagger:

Jagger is a swagger name that has been picked by a number of celebrities including Bret Scallions and Lindsay Davenport. The occupational name means ‘carter.’

20. Dash:

Dash is a nickname that sounds smashing on its own. It was popularized by none other than the Kardashian enterprise. Dash is an Anglicization of the French surname de Cheil or Dashiell.

21. Hunter:

The name Hunter combines a macho imagery with a softened masculinity. The name has been attached for years to the journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Even Josh Holloway used the name for his son.

22. Ranger:

Ranger is a neo-macho name meaning ‘forest guardian.’ The name has a cowboyish feel to it. It even sounds a lot better than Danger.

23. Diesel:

This name has badass written all over it. The moment we think of the name Diesel, either the fuel or the denim brand comes to the mind. But the name was actually a pet form of the name Mathias or Matthew.

24. Maddox:

Maddox is a name with a strong and powerful image. We all know that Angelina Jolie chose it for her son in 2002.

25. Power:

The name Power carries more assertiveness than any other virtue name.

26. Racer:

Racer is one of the newest and coolest names chosen by director Robert Rodrigues. He chose Rocket, Rebel, and Rogue for his other kids.

27. Ransom:

Ransom is rakish and carries is still associated with holding someone for ransom. This image makes Ransom a bad boy name.

28. Rowdy:

The moniker Rowdy originated in the United States to describe a lawless and rough backwoodsman.

29. Maxen:

This ancient and badass name manages to sound both cool and modern. It was the name of the fourth-century Spanish general.

30. Ryder:

Ryder is one of the favorite ‘er’ ending names. It came into the spotlight when Kate Hudson and her husband Chris Robinson chose for their son.

31. Sargent:

Sargent is one of the few military names. It is also associated with painter John Singer Sargent. Sergeant is a spelling variation of this name.

32. Stone:

You may find this name severe and harsh, but most of the parents these days are leaning towards this single-syllable name.

33. Striker:

Striker is the latest, two-syllable gang of boy’s name. It has a macho and aggressive meaning and image.

34. Talon:

Talon is a French name meaning ‘large claw of a bird’. The meaning may be menacing, but the name has been selected by hundreds of parents because of its trendy ‘on’ ending.

35. Wolf:

Wolf, just as Bear and Fox is one of the fierce animal names. It is also a short form of the name Wolfgang.

36. Shooter:

Shooter is a trendy, badass name for baby boys. It became more popular as the nickname of Waylon Jennings Junior, the husband of Drea DeMatteo. Even Julian Schnabel used for his newborn son.

37. King:

King is a name filled with offbeat style and rich association. The name climbed to #175 this year.

38. Neo:

The name Neo may not have enjoyed the same popularity as its female counterpart, but it sounds good for boys too.

39. Denim:

If you want to give a fabric name to your kid, then Denim would be your perfect choice. Even the renowned singer Toni Braxton chose this name for her son.

40. Breaker:

Breaker is another aggressive name for you baby boy. The name is perfect for people who want an out-of-the-box name for their son.

41. Buster:

Buster is one of the old fashioned nicknamed that sounds cool and quirky even today.

42. Butch:

Just like Spike and Babe, Butch is an old school, rough and tough nickname. The name will surely click to the hipster parents.

43. Rebel:

Rebel is the perfect name to make your son the center of attraction.

44. Dagger:

There seriously cannot be a more badass name than this. This sharp and slightly scary name will arm young guns to battle in the cruel, modern world.

45. Buck:

In the 18th century, the term Buck was used to describe a fashionable and dashing young man. Today, it refers to ‘male deer’.

46. Blade:

Blade is one of those male names that manage to be macho and unconventional at the same. It even has an aggressive touch it. We like it!

47. Harley:

Harley was traditionally an English surname, but these days, when we think about Harley, we believe Harvey-Davidson. The name revved to the 500 Baby name list last year.

48. Wilder:

You can never go wrong with this tough guy name. Meaning ‘to cause to lose one’s way,’ it really cannot get much badass than this. The name is even on the rise, having made to top 100 lists this year.

49. Mekhi:

Just like Zane, if you like the name Michael, but want an edgy variation of the name, and then you can try Mekhi. Despite being old, this name sounds very new.

50. Jett:

Jett is a perfect heavy metal rock name. The moniker comes from the black, semi-precious stone Jett.

These rugged and edgy baby names exude a badass vibe while being cute and attractive. If you want a baby name that is cool, unique, and edgy, this list can help you find the name most suitable for your baby’s personality. You can go through each name and its origin and shortlist a few names. Remember that choosing your baby’s name is an important decision and may shape their future. Hence, you could share the shortlisted names with your partner, friends, and family and seek their opinions.

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From flipping through baby name books, to looking to pop culture for inspiration, mums and dads search high and low for strong and meaningful monikers.

But there’s also the need to be unique. After all, nobody wants their little one to share their name with five other kids in the class.

Thinking of a name for your baby? Don’t pick any of these! (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet — unless, perhaps, if it was called ‘demon flower’.

Yes, there is a LOT to think about when choosing a name for your baby boy or girl. Because it’s not just the name itself, oh no; it’s also the MEANING of the name.

To help you out, we’ve taken a look through the baby name catalogues and dug out the monikers with the most terrible meanings ever.

From sadness to devil worship, unluckiness to physical ailments, these name meanings are all outstanding in their terribleness.

Isn’t it sad when bad things happen to good baby names, eh?

Don’t take any chances when it comes to naming your pride and joy. Pick the best name for your baby and go gaga for these 9 popular baby name books.

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They’re nice enough names but the meanings… Eek. (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images






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1 — AkujiThe meaning of this African name is «dead and awake» – not very cheery for a new life!2 — CeciliaAlthough this pretty-sounding Latin name may be your name of choice, you may want not want to tempt fate as it means «blind».3 — ClaudiaAgain, you might want to avoid this feminine of Latin Claudius as it means «lame» or «disabled».4 — DeirdreThis Celtic and Gaelic name unfortunately means «sorrowful» or «sad one». 5 — DesdemonaYou’d already be off to a bad start as this Shakespearean character is murdered by her husband, Othello. Never mind that this Greek name means «of the devil», «ill-fated one» and «misery».





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6 — DoloresThis Spanish name sadly means «lady of sorrows» – you don’t want your little girl to become one of those, do you?!7 — EmilyEmily is an English version of the Latin Aemilila, which comes from the word for «rival».8 — HecateThis Greek goddess of witchcraft is probably not a good omen for your little’un.9 — KennedyA unisex name of Celtic and Gaelic origin, and is often a surname too – meaning «deformed head».10 — KeresThis Greek baby name means «evil spirits» – eek!





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11 — JezebelOnce used as a word to shame women, this Hebrew name actually means «an impure follower of idols». 12 — LeahThe name Leah actually has many different meanings in many languages, but in American or Hebrew-speaking families this name means «tired or weary».13 — LilithIt’s so close to the pretty flower name Lily, that we wouldn’t have thought Lilith would be anything but lovely and pretty. But it turns out that this Hebrew name means «night monster» or «ghost».14 — LolaLola is actually a diminutive of Dolores (who knew!) which is above, meaning «lady of sorrows». Oh dear!15 — LoraleiThis German name is another pretty-sounding name, but deriving from Lurlei which means «ambush cliff», Loralei actually means «she whose singing lures men to destruction». Yikes!





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16 — MalloryYou just can’t get any worse than this unisex French name – it means «unfortunate» or «ill-fated». 17 — MalvoliaThis feminine version of Shakespeare’s Malvolio translates to «ill will».18 — MaraSee, although this name DOES mean «bitter» or «sorrow» in Hebrew, and is also a Hindu goddess of destruction, Mara does mean «sea» in Gaelic. So, you know, there’s that…19 — MarySURELY the mother of Jesus has a name which is holy and wonderful? Unfortunately not. Mary means «rebellion» or «bitter» in Hebrew.20 — MollyWe’re not sure what’s going on with these three but yet again, Molly also means «bitter».





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21 — NarcissaThere are two ways you can look at this name. The Narcissa flower is more commonly known as a daffodil – you know, those beautiful yellow flowers which signify the beginning of Spring! But it sadly also links to the word narcissistic, which means to be obsessed with yourself. 22 — NerezzaThis Italian name means «darkness». Which isn’t necessarily a BAD thing, but…23 — PortiaYou’d probably rather hear about the Shakespearean character, who was rich, beautiful and intelligent. But the word Portia derives from a word for… well, pig.24 — PersephoneAgain, there are two ways to think about this name. Yes, the first is the meanings of «to destroy» and «murder». But bear in mind that Persephone was the Greek goddess of Spring!25 — RebeccaAlthough this biblical woman is normally looked up to, being one of the main characters in the bible, the name actually means «to bind», «to tie» or «snare».





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26 — SideroThis name is a Latin name meaning «evil nymph». You don’t want one of those on your hands!27 — SloaneThis Gaelic name is slightly ambiguous – yes, it means «warrior» or «fighter», but that’s not ALWAYS a bad thing, is it?28 — ThanaSounds lovely doesn’t it? But Thana actually means «death» in Arabic. Gulp.29 — TristanaThis Celtic name means «sorrowful» or «sad». Poor Tristana!30 — TristesseFollowing the same train of thought, this French name means «sadness».31 — ZillaHmm, this Hebrew baby name might sound very pretty, but it actually means «shadow», «shade» and «gloom»…

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You wouldn’t like it if you were named for a «deformed head», we’re sure (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images






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1 — AbaddonYIKES – translated into Hebrew, Abaddon means «Angel of death». He’s also the king of a locust army in the New Testament.2 — AlastorAnyone considering naming their sprog after Mad Eye Moody in Harry Potter, think again. This name is Ancient Greek for «persecutor» or «tormentor».3 — AzazelBiblical groups cite his name as an «evil demon» or «evil spirit», or even a «fallen angel».4 — BrennanWhen used as a first name, this Gaelic name is Anglicised and means «sorrow» or «sadness».5 — BroneAnother Irish name, and it also means «sadness».





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6 — ByronIt’s not as concerning as some of the other names on the list, but Byron is derived from Old English «byre», which means «cowshed».7 — CalvinDerived from the French «chauve», meaning «bald»… Don’t tempt fate!8 — CameronCould be worse, but this Scottish name means «crooked nose».9 — CampbellAnother Scottish name, this time meaning «crooked mouth». 10 — CessairIn Irish legend, Cessair was the granddaughter of Noah and died in the flood. This name means «sorrow» or «affliction».





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11 — DasThis Indian name derives from the Sanskrit word Dasa, which means «servant» or «slave».12 — DoyleThis Irish name translates to «dark stranger». Eek!13 — DraculWell, for starters, it’s too close to Dracula for our liking. Even worse than that, it actually means «devil» or «dragon».14 — DugalDugal comes from the same origins as Doyle, and therefore also means «dark stranger».15 — HuxleyThis well-sounding name is of English origin – but it means «inhospitable place».





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16 — JabezThis Hebrew name means «he makes sorrowful», and apparently his mother said: «I gave birth to him in pain». 17 — JacobAlthough Jacob helped to found the 12 tribes of Israel in the bible, the name actually means «supplanter» – which is someone who takes the rightful place of someone else.18 — JamesJames is derived from Jacob, which as above means «supplanter».19 — JolonThis Native American name translates to «valley of the dead oaks». Not a pretty picture.20 — KennedyAs seen in the girl’s list, this unisex name means «deformed head».





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21 — MalloryAnother unisex name mentioned in the girl’s list, this French name means «unfortunate» or «ill-fated».22 — MortAlthough it might just be short for Mortimer, this name means «dead» in Old French.23 — OleanderIt’s not far away from Oliver is it? But it actually means «poisonous flower». We’d stick to Oliver if we were you.24 — PhobusThis name sort of makes sense as it means «fear», similar to the word phobia.25 — SamaelThis Hebrew name means «venom of God» or «blindness of God» and was an archangel in folklore. Yikes!





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26 — TeivelThis name is the Yiddish word for «devil».27 — ThanThan is a Greek name for «death» – how morbid!28 — TristanThis Celtic name has many meanings, but one of them is «sorrowful» or «sad».29 — UbelIn this day and age, your little one may be nicknamed «Uber», whether you like it or not. Never mind that it actually means «evil».30 — ValdisThis is another unisex name which means «the dead».

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Now if those weren’t bad enough, some Reddit users had their say on the worst baby names they’d ever heard.

As we know, some parents take their quest for a unique baby name too far. In a new Reddit thread, people were asked to share the worst baby names they have ever heard.

And they didn’t disappoint…





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1 — Aliviyah«Pronounced Olivia. This baby’s parents fit every trap stereotype.»2 — Baby«Yup. That’s the name.»3 — Mhavryck«Pronounced as Maverick.»4 — Elizabreth«…Which easily becomes The Lizard Breath.»5 — Nevaeh«It will always be the worst. Your going to [hell] for naming your kid that.»





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6 — Little Sweetmeat«Swear to God. «7 — Danger«I work in childcare. I could do this all damn day.»8 — Beberly«Sounds like an accidental birth certificate spelling error.»9 — Harley Quinn«Not first name and middle name. Not «Harleen Quinzel» and she calls her Harley Quinn… her first name is Harley Quinn. Poor kid.»10 — D’Artagnan«They must have read The Three Musketeers.»





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11 — Panthy«‘Nuff said.»12 — Jarica«Parents couldn’t decide between Jessica and Erica.»13 — Legend«For real. That’s the baby’s name!»14 — Olive Garden«Well, I have liked the name ‘Garden’ for a daughter, but my wife was really set on ‘Olive’ so we compromised and are naming her Olive Garden Smith.»15 — Meldor«One does not just walk into Meldor. «





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16 — Cameron«Why is this a stupid name, you ask? His last name is also Cameron. He’s Cameron Cameron.»17 — Merika«As in, America.»18 — C’andre (pronounced see-andre)«The mother claimed ‘I wanted his name to start with a C because his fathers name began with a C'»19 — Reighleigh«It’s Riley, but for a girl.»20 — Spartacus«Imagine when they get to school, and the teacher takes attendance.»21 — Orlando«For a girl. It was because of the Virginia Woolf book.»





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22 — Appaloosa«Yes, for a girl. And yes, like the horse.»23 — Sassi«Sassy, but with an i.»24 — Stormy Sea«Don’t do meth guys. It makes you do really stupid things.»25 — Abcde (pronounced ab-cee-dee)«It makes my head hurt.»26 — Queen Precious Jewel Earth«I swear to god!»27 — Stiffany«Stephanie and Tiffany, maybe?»





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28 — Hayydden«Double why?!?!»29 — Melanomia«My ex-boyfriend named his daughter Melanomia. Yup. Dodged a bullet.»30 — Keeler«Like vegetable peeler, but with a K.»31 — Kingsley«You had a baby, not a teacup poodle!»32 — Kelliton«Kelly + Wellington?»33 — Lotus«Lotus is a pretty flower, but an ugly word.»

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To be honest, we like to think that everyone makes their own good fortune, regardless of the name bestowed upon them.

Plus, you know, there are so many different interpretations of baby names out there, we bet there’s BOUND to be at least one good and positive meaning for each of the monikers listed above.

However, there’s no denying that the likes of Melanoma and Keeler will go down in history as some truly awful monikers.

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Top 100 Badass Names for Boys With Meanings

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Though we all love classic names for our baby boys, we realize they sound boring with changing times. Our new-age babies demand a more unique name in accord with their cool personalities. A badass name helps the little one to grow up confident and strong. The name is the first impression of a person. A sweet name will make people think the boy is timid, and a strong name creates the impression of a robust personality, ready to take on any challenge he will face.

A cool, badass Irish boy name for the baby boy tells the world he is super cool. The chilled-out kid will be popular not only in his school but in later life, too, as he grows up. A cool name to suit his burgeoning badass personality will enhance his style quotient where ever he goes. The badass name is a must for the confidence of the cool kid to enter the world.

Cool Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings

A cool, badass name for your little boy ensures the little boy is never taken for a boring and docile person. People around us first form an image of us by our name. A badass name ensures a boy is taken for strong in school, college or his job. Though many parents earlier thought badass names were harsh and severe, in contemporary times, parents have changed their outlook and are naming their baby boys with flinty, steely and stony names to imply the strong personality of their boys.

To know what some badass boy names see the below list to choose the apt badass name for your baby boy:




Alpha is one of the badass male names meaning ‘firstborn’. The name implies the leader of a pack or gang.


Alonso is a Spanish name that means ‘ready for battle.’ It also means noble.


Apollo is a macho badass name of German origin. The name of Uncle of Tristan means ‘destroyer’.


This name, meaning ‘fortified hill’, is the perfect unique name for a boy. The name implies a strong personality.


Archer is a latin name meaning ‘bow archer’. It is primarily a male name of English origin.


This is a germanic name meaning ‘powerful as an eagle’. It is a  is a masculine German, Dutch and English given name.


This is a celtic name meaning ‘bear’. It is believed to be derived from the word “artos.


This is a Persian name meaning ‘all-powerful’.


Baldwyn is one of the unique names. The name with German origin means ‘brave friend.’


This name has an Arabic origin and the meaning of the name is ‘blessed’. 


This is a name of Swedish origin meaning ‘bear’. It is quite a unique name to have for boys.


The badass name for boys, Blade, though sounding macho, is a bit threatening. The name associated with a superhero implies toughness and determination.


Blaze is one of the most badass boy names.  The name with English origin means ‘stutters’ and implies a fiery personality.


Boris is an old Russian name that is now becoming popular in Europe and the US. The name means ‘to fight’.


This name is derived from  British origin and the name means ‘farmer’.


This is a Scottish name which means ‘yellow-haired’. It is a unique name for boys.


This is a Norwegian name meaning ‘the sun’. 


Bruce is a popular Scottish name which also the name of a strong Scottish king.


This Celtic origin name means ‘strong’. The name suggests a strong, badass personality.


One of the most common badass names, Buster is derived from ‘to bust’ and implies a person who busts things.


Carlos is a badass name meaning ‘strong’.


Caesar is a popular name in the Roman history. Julius Caesar was a powerful emperor of Rome at one time, and a popular one. This is a latin name meaning ‘cut’.


This badass name for males means ‘good fortune.’


Chasin is a Hebrew origin meaning ‘strong’.


This means ‘positive soul’ and has Irish origin.


This name has anglo norman roots and the meaning of this name ‘crow’.


Cohen is a badass name with an opposing meaning. The name means ‘priest’.


This English origin name Colt means ‘from the dark town or unknown owner of the property’.


Damon is the edgier variation of Damian. This badass name implies stoic strength. The name Damon, from classical mythology, was the symbol of true friendship.


A historical name with the meaning “to tame” or “to subjugate” is Damian. It comes from “Damianos,” a Greek word that can indicate “master,” “overcome,” or “conquer.”


Darby is one of the hardcore badass boys’ names. Darby, meaning ‘deer town’ has been the name of the frontman of a famous punk rock band ‘the Gems’.


This is a British name meaning ‘dear friend’. Darwin is a British-born boy’s name that hardly ever needs an introduction.


The meaning of this name is ‘follower of demeter’. The name Dmitri is a Greek newborn boy name.


Donovan is Celtic origin name meaning ‘strong fighter’.


The badass name honoring James Dean, is perfect as the first name of a tough boy. The name meaning ‘having lived near a valley’ conjures an image of a young boy riding a motorcycle at night.


Diesel is a neo-macho badass name that is a type for fuel. The name is a German origin surname which is derived from Mathias or Mattew.


This name has Greek origins and means ‘dragon’


Dustin is an English origin name meaning ‘valiant’.


This name means ‘warrior’ And has Scandinavian roots. 


This is an Italian name meaning ‘home ruler’.


This is an Icelandic name meaning ‘guardian of the people’


This is an Italian origin name meaning ‘lucky’.


Farrell is a Celtic name meaning ‘brave’.


This is a Latin badass name meaning ‘lucky’.


Frederik is a German origin badass name means ‘Leader’.


Flynn is an Irish origin name meaning ‘son of a red-haired man’.


This name is the name of a bushy-tailed animal from the dog family and has British origin.


This Welsh origin badass name means ‘strong in faith’.


This is another Scandinavian name and it means ‘bold warrior’


Hawking is an English name that means ‘like a hawk’


Harley meaning ‘hare’s meadow’ is associated with the macho image of Harley Davidson.


Hardwin meaning ‘brave friend’ is an English origin badass name.


This name has a germanic origin and means ‘estate ruler’


Huntley means ‘from the hunter’s meadow’ implies a macho personality.


This is an English name for the old French name ‘Hugo’. The name means soul, mind, and intellect.  


This is an English origin name meaning ‘the fiery one’ 


This is a French name meaning “supplanter”


Jagger is a unique badass name meaning ‘hawker of goods’.


Jesse meaning ‘wealthy’ is a badass name for boys.


This badass males name means ’emperor’.


Kemen meaning ‘strong’ is a Spanish origin male name.


This is a Hawaiian name meaning “cool breeze”


This is an English name that means a small colorful falcon.


King is a popular badass male name meaning ‘tribal leader’.


Knox means ‘from the hills’ and is a strong name.


This name has Indian origin and is the name of an Indian mythological God. 


This is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘crowned’.


This is an English name meaning ‘a great story’.


This is an Irish name meaning lover.


This badass male name means ‘abounding in elm trees’.


Leo is a common male name meaning ‘lion’.


This is an Irish name that means “protector”


This means “hollow” And has Scottish roots.


This means “emitting light” And had Greek origins.


Maddox is an out and out badass name. Maddox meaning ‘beneficent or fortunate’ was an obscure Welsh family name, now this moniker has come to the mainstream as the first name.


This Italian origin name is derived from Marcellus meaning ‘hammer’.


Mason is an English origin name meaning ‘worker in stone’.


This is an American ne meaning ‘a strong man’


This is an Egyptian name and means ‘river nile’


This name has Gaelic origin and means ‘passionate’


As most of the badass names, Neron of Spanish-origin means ‘strong’.


This is an Irish name meaning ‘son of Neil’


This is a Greek name meaning “the rising sky”


This is a British name that means “branch of river”


Phoenix meaning ‘mystical bird’ implies rising from the dust.


This name means “lover of horses” And had greek roots


Ryder is a British origin name meaning ‘cavalryman’, ‘messenger’, ‘knight’. The super badass name sounds like it should be the name of some race car driver.


Ranger, rhyming with Danger is an occupational male name meaning ‘forest guardian’. The name implies a dangerous job of protecting the wild with a western, cowboyish feel.


This is an English name meaning ‘woodcutter’


This name means ‘having light hair’. The name Snow is primarily a female name of English origin that means Frozen Rain, Light-haired.


Steele is a macho name meaning ‘hard’, ‘durable’.


Striker is an English origin name with a macho and aggressive image.



This French origin name means ‘large claw of a bird of prey’.


Thor is associated with God of Thunder and implies a macho and strong personality.


Tyson meaning ‘son of Tye’ is a popular badass name.


This is a popular latin origin name that means “rock”


This is the Dutch word for father


This is a British name meaning ‘marshland’


This is a German name meaning ‘untamed’


This is a British name meaning ‘joyful stone’


This is a masculine name of German roots meaning ‘wolf’


Zale os a beautiful Greek name meaning “having strength like the sea”


Zane is the quirky and edgy version of the classic name John. This Hebrew origin name for John means ‘Gift from God’.

Badass Nicknames For Baby Boys with Meanings

Unique badass nicknames for boys are parent’s way of acknowledging their baby boy’s naughty and adventurous personality.  Choosing a badass nickname ensures their baby boy is taken for a macho and strong person.

Here are some delightful names for you to choose from:




Ace is one of the badass boys’ nicknames even though it has many positive connotations such as acing any examination. The name means ‘one’, ‘unity’ and has Latin origins.


Ajax is Greek origin name meaning ‘eagle’.


Axel is a badass nickname from Scandinavian and German origins. The name ‘father of peace’ is opposite to its image, but the edgy name sounds cool.


Buck is a popular male nickname meaning ‘male deer’.


Buster is an old-fashioned belligerent nickname.


Dagger is a new badass boy’s nickname. The name of English origin implies a sharp and edgy personality.


Dash is a popular badass nickname for males. The name implies a dashing person.


This name is associated with a superhero, Flash Gordon. This badass nickname is perfect for modern parents looking for an active baby boy nickname.


Jax is a boy’s nickname and edgy diminutive of Jackson or Jaxon. The name implying Jack’s son means ‘God has been gracious or has shown favor’.


Hunt is the badass diminutive of Hunter meaning ‘the one who hunts’. The English origin name combines the macho imagery with soft masculinity.


Max is a popular nickname of Latin origin meaning ‘greatest’.


Neo is a neo badass nickname. The name got popular from Keanu Reeves’ character in “The Matrix”.


Rocco meaning ‘Rock’ is a tough name as hard as a rock. This name from Italian origin is the perfect badass nickname for any boy.


Wild is the perfect badass male name implying asking for trouble or causing trouble.


Zeke is an English origin name is abbreviation of Hebrew name Ezekiel meaning ‘God strengthen’.


The modern-day parents want their baby boys to break the mold of sweet and docile imagery. The best way to do so is by giving them or naming them with a badass name. A badass name doesn’t mean the boy or man is evil, it just tells the world the person is adventurous and cool. The name befits his active and badass personality and makes society take them with respect and reverence.

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Acute scrotum syndrome in boys

Children’s Clinic

Moscow, Spiridonevsky lane, 5/1,

Moscow, Orlovsky lane, 7,

Moscow, Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, 187

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The most common reasons for visiting a pediatric surgeon are acute surgical diseases and injuries in children. Any emergency situation, especially if it requires the intervention of a surgeon, causes reasonable concern for parents. It is very important for a number of diseases or injuries to contact a pediatric surgeon in a timely manner so that qualified assistance is provided as quickly as possible.

One of these causes is diseases of the scrotum in boys . These diseases are combined into one group, which is called «edematous scrotum syndrome» (SOM).

This syndrome is characterized by symptoms common to all diseases of the group:

  • swelling of the scrotum, sometimes very pronounced;

  • hyperemia (redness) of the skin of the scrotum;

  • severe pain in this area.

In addition to these symptoms, COM may present with fever, nausea, and vomiting.

Scrotal edema and hyperemia without pain are sometimes signs of an allergic reaction, but only a surgeon or a very experienced pediatrician can distinguish an allergy from an SOM. Parents should never rely on their own impressions or information from the Internet!

Among the most typical disorders that cause this triad of symptoms are testicular torsion, testicular hydatid torsion, orchitis (or epididymitis orchitis).

The most dangerous condition is testicular torsion . This disease occurs in 1 in 500 patients with OSS. Most often occurs in boys and adolescents aged 11-15 years, but can happen at an early age and in a newborn (in about 10% of cases). In addition, intrauterine testicular torsion occurs, leading to organ atrophy.

The disease occurs when, due to a number of anatomical and physiological features or under the influence of external factors, the testicle rotates around its own axis, which leads to volvulus of the blood vessels going to it. As a result, the blood supply to the testicle deteriorates significantly. This condition is accompanied by sharp pains in the scrotum, vomiting, followed by swelling and hyperemia. Delay is unacceptable here! Only an urgent appeal to the surgeon and immediate vigorous treatment can save the testicle from necrosis (death). In the vast majority of cases, only an urgent operation allows the surgeon to eliminate the torsion and restore the blood supply to the testicle. An extremely insidious symptom is a decrease in pain a few hours after they occur. This may mean the onset of the death of the testicle, and not improvement against the background of unskilled treatment.

A much more common cause of COM is torsion of the testicular hydatid or its epididymis. This disease is the cause of COM in about 45% of patients and can occur at any age. Testicular hydatida is a small remnant of embryonic tissue that is connected to the testicle in the form of an «earring» on a thin stalk. Torsion of the hydatid leads to the appearance of symptoms characteristic of COM: pain in the scrotum, its swelling and hyperemia. Unlike testicular torsion, the pain syndrome is less pronounced, and the characteristic symptoms do not develop so rapidly. Treatment is only surgical: it is necessary to remove the twisted hydatid, otherwise the inflammation will go to the testicle itself, which will subsequently affect the ability to bear children.

Orchitis (epididymitis) , inflammation of the testis (or its epididymis), can occur in children of any age. Very often it develops against the background of various viral diseases. A typical example of infectious orchitis is with mumps. Chronic infection of the lower urinary tract can also lead to orchitis. In most cases, surgical treatment is not required. Antibacterial and symptomatic therapy can effectively cure the child.

Ultrasound of the scrotum helps in the diagnosis of SOM. When contacting the EMC Children’s Clinic, a child with OM always undergoes an ultrasound scan. Ultrasound may show testicular torsion or hydatids, signs of inflammation of the testis and its epididymis. But any of the existing high-tech methods does not replace, but only complements the examination by a surgeon, whose experience and qualifications play a decisive role. Pediatric surgeons at EMC, based on clinical data and ultrasound results, make an informed decision on the need for surgical intervention.

In most cases, the treatment of SOM does not require long-term hospitalization. In our clinic, children operated on for uncomplicated forms of OM are usually discharged home on the day of surgery or the next day. Of course, the treatment does not end there. At home, all doctor’s prescriptions must be strictly observed.

It is important to remember that the onset of symptoms of acute scrotum syndrome requires prompt referral to an experienced pediatric surgeon. Specialists of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of EMC are ready to consult the child and carry out the necessary treatment at any time of the day.


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SKIN WILL NOT BE THE LIKE BEFORE THE BURN – WHAT IS ELSE IMPORTANT TO KNOW FOR PATIENTS prom, and will we stop paying attention to unusual skin? Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Burn Center at Children’s Hospital No.

9 talks about this and many other things in an interview with the Pravmir online publicationthem. G.N. Speranskogo Lyudmila Iasonovna Budkevich

A mug of tea on the table, an iron placed on the floor, a hot barbecue — most burns in children occur due to carelessness of adults. Forty years ago, a pediatric surgeon, Lyudmila Budkevich, came to work in the burn department, and in the first six months she wrote a letter of resignation three times, but she always stayed. She is known as the head of the burn center at the Moscow hospital No. 9 named after G. Speransky, where children from all over Russia are treated.

– How is it that almost three thousand children come to you every year with burn injuries?

— For some reason, our parents think that trouble can happen to someone else, but not to their child, and most often children under 3 years old get burns at home, due to some inattention of adults. Just today, we discharged a boy who fell face down on a hot grill and got a burn on his face and a cut wound on his lip! Our children are burned by hot liquid — the child curiously reaches for a cup of coffee, overturns hot milk, soup, contacts with a heated surface — leans his palm against the switched on burner, against the oven door, against the iron that has just been turned off and for some reason placed on the floor . The child may pick up any metal object and plug it into an outlet that does not have a plug, or grab a bare wire from some non-functioning household appliance, such as a television or radio.

– Isn’t there any concern that the house could be so dangerous?

– Exactly! And a small child in the first years of life can get a deep burn when the skin is damaged to the full depth and sometimes even the underlying tissues, pouring a glass of water over 45 degrees. Burn area up to 30% of the body surface, and irreversible effects on the skin. There are chemical burns: for example, a child drinks or spills left open liquid for cleaning surfaces. And it contains alkali, causing damage to the skin and mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. We notice that burn injuries have a certain seasonality: in winter they are caused by hot liquid, and in summer by flames. Contrary to the instructions, adults pour firelighter liquid on smoldering coals or firewood, and clothes explode and ignite! There have been cases when a child stands with his feet on hot coals. Summer is characterized by «hooks» — teenagers who run on the roofs of electric trains, getting pleasure from it and some kind of courage, touch the wires, lose consciousness and fall onto the platforms, breaking their arms and legs. You see, a second is enough for a child to be injured, and believe me, in this short time life is instantly divided into two periods “before” and “after”, problems appear that change the whole subsequent life of not only the child himself, but also his family.

– But if the injury did happen, what would you advise to do or not to do?

— As a rule, whatever the thermal burn, with the exception of electrical injury, it is necessary to pour water at a temperature of 25-27 degrees on the area for five to seven minutes to cool the wound surface. This is the very first step that is required. At the same time, if the clothing caught fire, then it is impossible to tear it off the child — thereby we injure the damaged skin. It is necessary to put out the clothes and call an ambulance in order to hospitalize the child in a specialized hospital if necessary. And the doctors will already figure out what to do next. I do not recommend self-medication. There are a lot of folk remedies, but most often they harm. For some reason, grandmothers recommend using sunflower oil, but it only creates a film on the wound surface and prevents the evaporation of heat from the tissue into the environment, and this deepens the burn. For some reason, they use honey or potato cakes, which in themselves can cause a burn — the mother will not feel the temperature of the potatoes in a hurry. Toothpaste, especially with mint, does have a cooling effect, but again, it must be washed off, and this hurts. And aerosols with an orange color prevent us from determining the depth of the lesion.

Ashina disaster: there were no children with burns less than 50%

– Is it true that forty years ago doctors did not want to work in burn units and often ended up there for some misconduct?

– You know, I found such a period in the early 1980s, when few surgeons voluntarily went to work in the burn department. Patients are the most severe and unpredictable in terms of the outcome of the disease of all surgical patients. The treatment used outdated methods known since the Second World War. As a rule, the so-called chemical necrectomy was used to remove necrotic tissues, in which the wounds were cleaned no earlier than the 3rd week of the disease. There was no adequate anesthesia. I ended up in such a department, being a sixth-year student of a medical institute, I will never forget this smell … And not everyone can withstand the groans and cries of adult patients, not to mention children, so doctors really most often ended up in burns for any misconduct in their professional activities. For the first six months of work in the burn center of the children’s city hospital No. 9them. G.N. Speransky, I wrote a letter of resignation three times, believe me. And although by that time I already had ten years of experience as a pediatric surgeon, for some reason I could not calmly see these suffering children. At that time, there were many children with amputated limbs, with severe burn injuries caused by flames and electric current. And I was a young mother, and I positioned this trouble on my sons. But life developed in such a way that I stayed for one reason or another.

– Why did you start working in the burn unit at all?

– So it happened. People often become combustiologists by pure chance (smiles). I wanted to do science and be a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics, but free positions for researchers were only in the department of thermal injuries of the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery. I thought I would work here temporarily, and two months later the head of the department asks me: “What topic will you write your dissertation on?” And so I became a combustiologist.

– What topic did you choose for your dissertation then?

— My dissertation research was called «Criteria for the readiness of a burn wound for skin grafting.» In 1988, I defended my thesis, and I was offered the position of head of the newly opened burn department for young children (the first three years of life). I must say that such a department is the only one not only in Russia, but also in the world. Just in that year, a law was passed that women could take parental leave up to 3 years, and, oddly enough, the number of children with burn injuries increased. And a year later, at 89-m, there was a railway accident near Asha (the largest in the history of the USSR and modern Russia. At the time of the meeting of two passenger trains No. 211 «Novosibirsk — Adler» and No. 212 «Adler — Novosibirsk» due to a gas leak from the main product pipeline, a gas cloud exploded , about seven hundred people died — ed.), and I was delegated with another surgeon of our clinic to help our colleagues, doctors of children’s hospitals in Ufa, where the burned ones were admitted. There were no children with burns of less than 50% area. But the most deplorable impression was made by a trip to the crash site. The territory within a radius of 500 meters was all burned out, sprinkled with ashes, children’s shoes and toys were lying under it . .. In those days, one journalist asked me: «How do you relieve stress?», And I answered: «The smile of a recovering child is the best medicine», and for me it still is. Of course, psychologists worked with us, but then there was no time to think about ourselves — there were many sick people, there were cases of death. We took 28 of the most severe children by plane to our burn center in Moscow. This tragedy was the beginning of the creation of the All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine «Protection» and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

– Did your attitude to the profession change after the Ashina tragedy?

— Absolutely! Since then, I have not thought of myself in another branch of medicine. Soon we began to work with combustiologists from England and the USA (Hope project). The British founded the Friends of Russian Children Foundation. The doctors of our burn center and I went abroad for internships, where we got acquainted with modern methods for diagnosing burn injuries and its complications, mastered innovative surgical interventions in victims with deep skin burns. And, of course, thanks to new technologies in all areas — the anesthetic service, antibiotic therapy, and surgical treatment — we began to nurse even the most seemingly hopeless patients who were doomed in the 70-80s.

Treatment of a deep burn is not just a “patch” on the skin

– What does the treatment of children with burns consist of in general?

— When the wound area is 10% of the body surface or more, burn shock occurs in children — a process in which not only damage to the skin occurs, but also functional disorders in the body of the victim. And it is urgent to remove patients from this state. Sometimes medical assistance is needed during the evacuation phase.

We had such a case: a disaster happened on the river bank, teenagers were riding a motorcycle and a gas tank exploded, the guys got deep burns with an area of ​​45-50% of the body surface. It is more than an hour and a half to the burn center, so it is necessary to carry out resuscitation measures already in an ambulance — put a peripheral catheter in a vein in order to carry out infusion therapy. It all depends on the severity of the condition. And then the surgeon determines the area of ​​burn wounds and the depth of the lesion. There is a slightly primitive but easily accessible «rule of the palm», that is, the palm of each patient is equal to 1% of the body surface. And in order to imagine the area of ​​wounds, you can visually project the palm of the victim onto the wound surface, for example, 30% is thirty palms of a child. This method is good for emergency doctors, nurses. We use formulas for accurate calculation — the volume of infusion therapy also depends on it. Next, the doctor performs the primary surgical treatment of the wound — treats the surface with an antiseptic solution, and then opens the epidermal blisters. If they are not opened in time, the contents of the blisters will become infected from the surface of intact skin. But again, I do not advise you to do it yourself. And only then perform the application of atraumatic mesh coatings on the wound surface. These meshes do not stick to the wound, making it easier to change dressings. And then for three days we observe the picture of changes in the surface of the wound and decide how the skin will be restored: local conservative therapy (self-epithelialization of wounds) or surgical treatment (removal of necrotic tissues with skin plasty of the wound defect).

– How is the operation going?

– First, necrotic dead tissues are removed, bleeding is restored, and then a skin graft is taken from the donor site, that is, a piece of healthy skin 0.1-0.2 mm thick, and transferred to the wound. Such a kind of «payment». If we have a shortage of donor areas of healthy skin, for example, when the area of ​​burns is 30-40% of the body surface, and we need to grow cells, then as a temporary biological cover, we use someone else’s skin, xenoskin taken from animals, in particular from a pig. And thus we protect the wound from mechanical impact from the outside and infections, we prevent the loss of fluid and trace elements from the body. And after the donor sites are ready for re-taking the split skin graft, we remove the pig skin — it played its role — and transplant the newly taken skin. But treating a sick person is a team effort. This is not only a combustiologist involved in wound management. We need to overcome the period of acute burn injury, while maintaining the functions of vital organs. Professionally trained resuscitators and pediatricians help us with this. Patients may have problems with the gastrointestinal tract — a gastroenterologist and a nutritionist (physician) are needed. In children of the first three years of life, the central nervous system always suffers due to its underdevelopment — we cannot do this without consulting a neurologist. If the eyelids are damaged, then the ophthalmologist necessarily looks, excludes eye injury. When the cartilages of the nose or auricles burn out, an indispensable examination by an otorhinolaryngologist. Sometimes burn injuries are combined with mechanical ones. The same “hooks”, touching the wires with their heads or hands, lose consciousness from exposure to high voltage current, fall onto the platforms, break the bones of the arms and legs, cases of craniocerebral trauma are not uncommon. And here we need traumatologists and neurosurgeons. And when the burn wound is located circularly on the limbs, we invite our fellow traumatologists to install external fixation devices that facilitate wound care. Without an anesthesiologist, we cannot perform dressings and surgical interventions to close burn wounds. A hematologist is responsible for blood transfusions, clinical pharmacologists for antibiotic therapy, laboratory assistants for the accuracy of tests, and rehabilitation specialists for the prevention of the formation of rough scars in patients with deep burns. Psychologists — for the emotional mood of patients, art therapists — for socialization after recovery and returning home. This is really a team method of treatment, without such a number of medical workers we cannot improve the patient’s health.

– What scientific discoveries are you waiting for?

— We hope to have 3D printed leather soon. And such work is already underway. Cellular laboratories will be organized in which skin cells are grown, which are so necessary for our patients with a pronounced shortage of donor sites in case of extensive burns.

— In your opinion, will it ever be possible not to be afraid of burns?

– Unfortunately not. The course of a burn injury is influenced by various factors — diseases that were before the injury, age — infants and the elderly are more difficult to bear, the area and location of the burn, the state of immunity of the burnt. There is a term in medicine “injury incompatible with life”, and there are cases when doctors are unable to help patients. Sometimes extensive skin burns of more than 50% of the body surface are combined with a burn of the respiratory tract mucosa (thermoinhalation injury). In such a situation, the total area of ​​burn wounds increases by another 15% of the body surface. The patient has been on artificial lung ventilation for a long time. And, as a rule, there are severe complications in the form of purulent tracheobronchitis or pneumonia. It is difficult to fight a purulent infection when all organs and systems of the patient are included in the inflammatory process. There are symptoms of a violation of the central nervous system in the form of burn encephalopathy, which is manifested by the agitated state of the victim, hallucinations, monotonous crying or screaming, sometimes convulsive readiness in the form of a tremor of the limbs, turning into convulsions, which requires analgesic, anticonvulsant, sedative therapy against the background of artificial ventilation of the lungs. At the same time, the liver suffers (toxic hepatitis), the heart suffers from myocarditis, and the kidneys suffer from acute renal failure. Against this background, stress ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract occur (due to oxygen starvation of the tissues of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum), in some cases, bleeding from the vessels of the resulting ulcers is diagnosed. Patients may die from uncontrolled gastric bleeding. In patients with extensive skin burns and, as a result, with dysfunction of the body’s organs, generalization of infection occurs with the development of sepsis, which is the main cause of death in burn patients. But still, as I said, now we have learned to nurse completely hopeless patients. Once a boy from Magadan was rescued with burns on 95% of the body surface, he received burns in a house fire. The boy was evacuated to our clinic, as it is not always possible to provide specialized medical care to patients with extensive burns on the ground. But these children and their parents have many problems.

Don’t look at these scars all the time!

– What are these problems? Aesthetic understandable…

– I always say that burn injury is a social problem. Unfortunately, deep burns heal by forming a scar, which, yes, can form in aesthetically important areas — on the face, in the collar zone, neck, anterior surface of the chest, hands and feet, as well as in the area of ​​​​large joints — and this causes contractures. , tightening of the skin, due to which children cannot fully straighten or bend one or another joint. If the injury is on the hand, then the fingers do not function well, and a large number of corrective surgical interventions are often required to straighten these fingers and make them functionally active. If contractures interfere with the development of the skeleton, it is necessary to operate again, otherwise the child will cease to serve himself. Children who have been diagnosed with a disability must be certified annually. And in order to avoid a relapse, you need to constantly do massages, wear special compression clothing, you need mud and paraffin therapy. It happens that deep burns end in amputation, so prosthetics are necessary for such patients. The child is growing, and multiple replacement of the prosthesis is required. And even after surgical interventions, the skin will not be the same as before the burn injury …

– If a child in your center asks for a mirror, with what words do you give it?

— You know, we don’t have mirrors in the burn center — it just happened that way, and as a rule, children don’t ask for mirrors, and if they do, it’s certainly not from doctors. Here they are emotionally stable, because they see the same boys and girls as they do, and when they find themselves at home alone with trouble, then emotional breakdowns begin.

Psychologists and art therapists have been working on the basis of our consultative polyclinic for many years. They work not only with children who have suffered a burn injury, but also with their parents. Patients who have suffered a thermal injury are under the supervision of the staff of the clinic until they are 18 years old. These specialists help former patients find their place in life. Our Children’s Hospital Charitable Foundation organizes winter and summer camps for those who have suffered a severe burn injury — children go to boarding houses in the Tver and Yaroslavl regions. After a joint outdoor recreation, children and their parents communicate with each other, correspond, consult with each other on how to act in certain situations related to health. All this has a beneficial effect on the quality of life of our patients.

– What words do you use to discharge children and parents?

– There is no template, it all depends on the situation (smiles). We recently treated a young man with a large area of ​​wounds, and he was from a cadet school. And I told him: “You will be an officer! Everything works for you — arms, legs, and the scars under the tunic are not visible. And of course, we also work with parents.

– What is important for them to understand and know?

– I keep telling the relatives of our patients not to make their children disabled. “You don’t have to constantly look at these scars, because the child feels how his mother is looking at him! Your child is normal, full-fledged, he just has a different skin. After all, there are people with yellow or black skin. You see, these children should grow up normal, as before the injury, go in for sports — there are no contraindications to this. Well, let the child walk in compression clothing — this is not a hindrance, these are the same clothes that can be removed and put on again. We always work on the positive, do not let parents and children lose heart, we find kind words in any situation. If adults, after discharge from the hospital, do not perceive the child as they were before the injury, then problems will grow like a snowball. It is the parents who become the main teachers in life and show the children how to behave, inspire self-confidence. I think we need to develop in the direction when there are social workers who, even before the child returns from the hospital to their usual habitat, visit kindergartens or schools where this or that patient will return, and conduct explanatory conversations with children, teachers and educators about how to deal with burnt children.

– Can a doctor tell parents that a child’s burn was their fault?

— No, the doctor does not tell mom or dad that they are to blame for what happened. But, unfortunately, not every parent understands this himself, some come with the words “And we are already with you for the second time!” Sometimes mothers close in on themselves, and then we appoint a consultation with a psychologist. If adults do not pull themselves together, thereby emotionally not participating in the treatment process, then it is not always possible to quickly achieve the desired results. I always tell employees that parents need to sympathize, to take their place. We treat our patients like our own children, and my sons, when they were younger, repeatedly said: “You love your patients more than us.”

– Did you change anything about home improvement when you started working with burns? Maybe you’ve become more attentive too?

– I don’t want to praise myself, but… I live by the rules and ask others to follow them. Place pots on the last row of burners. Before lowering the child into the bath, you should try the water with your elbow, where the skin is most sensitive. Children should not be in the kitchen when food is being prepared. It is necessary to iron when the child is sleeping, and remember that the floor is not a place for a hot iron. Everything dangerous must be removed. Electrical outlets must be covered. Well, I don’t know… I was brought up that way and I hope that my sons remembered these rules, one of whom already has his own children. But even now I often remind them of the dangers that exist in the house.

The worst thing is bad manners

– What would you say to a stranger who looks askance at a person with a burn?

— «You can also be in this place at any time, no one can guarantee you that you will be an eternally healthy person.» After all, a burn patient is exactly the same person, he just has an unusual skin. Why turn around and discuss in the back? I think that the most pernicious quality in people is bad manners in any of its manifestations. And why doesn’t our employer accept a salesperson with scarred hands? This is exactly the same skin, it is also washed with soap, it is not contagious! But why? You know, I keep in touch with many former patients. Many of them have higher education, got married or got married, gave birth to children. Recently, a former patient Valechka came to our clinic for an open day, she had a burn on her face and scalp, which she received as a newborn child. And now she has her own child!

The other day I got a call from the mother of a patient who was about 2 years old when he was with us because of a burn. Now he is 24 years old, he has become a doctor, he wants to work for us as an anesthesiologist to also help sick children.

– But do those who have extensive burns experience gratitude and joy?

— We immediately warn parents and older children not to wait for them to develop the same skin as before the injury. Adolescents are often capricious, and they have to explain that if this procedure is not done now, they will have certain health problems that will be difficult to solve later. Treatment of a burn injury is a constant monitoring so that complications do not occur. And our business is to treat patients and strive to ensure that the consequences of a burn for them are minimal.

– Has your attitude to appearance changed in any way during your almost forty years of work at the burn center?

– You know, I am very critical of my appearance and I always say that “do not drink water from your face”, and appearance does not matter. You communicate with a person, and not with his appearance, and, probably, you are interested in his character, attitude towards others, and not what shape his nose is and whether his own eyelids or artificially made. Wisdom comes with age … As a rule, people become wiser after thirty. I think wisdom in terms of attitude to appearance comes to our patients. Of course, it’s nice to look at a beautiful person, but it’s definitely not necessary to evaluate by appearance.

– Can you say that to a teenager?

– Of course I can! And why not say if you are already big, you understand everything? I have a patient — now he is 25 years old. At the age of 3, he received a severe burn injury and was in an extremely serious condition for a long time. We managed to save him. But rough post-burn scars formed on the neck and face. How complex he was! All the time I went in turtlenecks or obliged my neck with a scarf, regardless of the time of year, in order to hide the consequences of an injury. It’s graduation time at school. His mother (she’s just gold!) bought him a suit. And I — a shirt with a turn-down collar that would cover the scars on the neck. I say: “Sasha, on this day you should be the most elegant and beautiful!” And he forced himself to wear that shirt. Over time, the boy grew up, and his opinion about his appearance changed. He is married and works as a successful lawyer. Life is good! Believe me, I can find so many positive qualities in a person, so many positive qualities that can overshadow all his complexes! It is necessary in time to draw the attention of the child to that “zest” in his character, which will become important, life-affirming for him.

– Is this also the task of a doctor?

– A doctor is also a person. Sometimes I really want to compliment a stranger on the street. And sometimes I restrain myself, and sometimes I say. And why not say if a person, for example, has a very beautiful dress or hat? We say so little kind words to each other!

— And how do they react?

— They smile more often. Maybe they think: «Crazy» (laughs). And you know, sometimes I see a person with burns, and I just want to come up and advise where they can help correct the scars. If I know, why not tell? But again they will say that … But, since I recently began to praise others, maybe I will start giving advice.

Diagnosis and treatment at the Research Institute of Urology. ON THE. Lopatkina


Diseases and treatment


Pediatric urology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and defects of the genitourinary and urinary systems in children.
Today, according to expert estimates, every fourth child in the Russian Federation has urological problems.
Pediatric urology is aimed at early detection of pathologies and their treatment. All parents should remember that they must be very attentive to the health of their children, because many urological diseases often begin without any obvious symptoms. If diseases of the genitourinary system are not cured in a timely manner in early childhood, then in adulthood a person may encounter irreversible processes that will be expensive and difficult to treat, and sometimes impossible.

Your child has been diagnosed with: hypospadias ?
We offer you a brief but very detailed overview of this disease. It was prepared by employees of the Children’s Uroandrological Department of the N.A. Lopatkin — a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «NMITs Radiology» of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

What is hypospadias?

Hypospadias is a malformation of the male external genitalia and urethra in the form of curvature of the penis and underdevelopment of part of the urethra in the form of a displacement of the external opening of the urethra in combination with a viciously formed foreskin.
Recently, the frequency of detection of this defect has increased significantly. Over the past 50 years, the birth rate of children with hypospadias has increased from 1:500 to 1:200 newborn boys.
This pathology is characterized by ectopia (displacement) of the external opening of the urethra, ventral deformation of the cavernous bodies. The severity of each of the constituent elements of this defect is different. The external opening of the urethra can be located on the ventral surface of the head, coronal sulcus, shaft of the penis, scrotum, up to the perineum.

Risk factors

The most likely risk factors for hypospadias are genetic, placental and/or environmental:
• The risk of developing hypospadias is greatest in children born to young or elderly mothers, as well as in children born with low birth weight ;
• A significant increase in the incidence of hypospadias over the past 20 years indicates the role of environmental factors (hormonally active drugs and pesticides).
The use of hormonal drugs during pregnancy is accompanied by an increased risk of hypospadias in offspring.


Hypospadias is diagnosed at birth. On examination, local changes are noticeable:

• The opening of an urethra displaced from top to bottom.
• Changes in the skin of the overlying head (hooded foreskin) and scrotum (scrotal split in proximal hypospadias).
• Penis size.
• Curvature of the penis during erection.

Barcat classification of hypospadias (depending on the location of the external opening of the urethra):

Ventral deformity of the penis (curvature of the penis down towards the scrotum) is observed in 25-30% of patients with hypospadias, it is due to a mismatch in the length of the urethra and cavernous bodies , due to underdevelopment of the spongy part of the urethra and the presence of a connective tissue cicatricial chord. The degree of curvature of the corpora cavernosa usually corresponds to the level of ectopia of the meatus, the more the external opening of the urethra is displaced from the normal position, the rougher the deformation of the penis.

The foreskin, usually split, is a fleshy flap located on the dorsal surface. The ventral part of the preputial sac is underdeveloped, does not circularly surround the head, but passes into the coronal sulcus in the form of a hood, the frenulum of the penis is absent. However, in rare cases, the preputial sac may have a normal shape and the diagnosis of hypospadias (predominantly capitate or coronal) is established only after the removal of the head. Circumcision performed in patients with hypospadias makes subsequent urethral plasty difficult. Since the foreskin is used in the form of a plastic material.

Treatment of hypospadias is carried out only by surgery

The most favorable time for surgical treatment of hypospadias is considered to be the age of 1-3 years.
A. Stem hypospadias. B. Type of member after surgery.

Complex proximal forms of hypospadias are operated on in two stages.
The first step is to eliminate the curvature of the shaft of the penis and prepare a flap of the foreskin.

The second stage, after 1 year
the urethra is formed.

With simultaneous correction of hypospadias, which is often advertised on the Internet as one-stage, the number of postoperative complications reaches 25-55%.

Therefore, the total number of operations can often be much more than two.

Used in Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology named after N.A. Lopatkina , a two-stage method allows minimizing the number of postoperative complications to 5%. Get an excellent cosmetic and functional effect.

Where can children’s urological diseases be cured?

Pediatric uroandrology department of the Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology named after N.A. Lopatkin — a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «NMITs Radiology» of the Ministry of Health of Russia is the leading department of the institute, which employs highly qualified specialists — Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor RUDIN Yuri Edvartovich and Ph. D. MARUKHNENKO Diomid Vitalievich, doctors of the department, middle and junior medical personnel. Call us today so we can help you!

Moscow, 8 (499) 110 — 40 — 67




diagnostics, treatment at the Research Institute of Urology named after ON THE. Lopakina


Diseases and treatment


You have a boy. This is a wonderful event.

And what is the first thing people pay attention to in a maternity hospital? Of course, how many fingers and toes, who the child looks like, and whether there are testicles in the scrotum.

Should I immediately panic if the testicles in the scrotum are not palpable? Let’s try to figure it out.
We offer you a brief but very detailed overview of such a disease as cryptorchidism. It was prepared by the staff of the Pediatric Uroandrology Department of the Research Institute of Urology named after N.A. Lopatkin — a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «NMITs Radiology» of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

What is cryptorchidism?

Cryptorchidism is a condition in which the testicle is not detected in the scrotum, but stops at one of the levels of its path from the abdominal cavity to the scrotal cavity. According to statistics, the testicles do not descend into the scrotum, by the time of birth, in 3% -4% of cases. In premature boys, this percentage can reach 30%.
Approximately half of the patients move spontaneously into the scrotum during the first year of life. This usually happens with the so-called inguinal form of cryptorchidism. It occurs most frequently. In utero, the testicles are located in the region of the lower poles of the kidneys.


The exact cause of cryptorchidism is not known, but several hypotheses have been put forward.
Malformations of the guide ligament. It is believed that the reason for the violation of the lowering of the gonad from the lumbar region is associated with the advance of body growth compared to the growth of internal organs. The descent of the testicle is provided by a guide ligament — the fibrous cord of the gubernaculum testit (testicular conductor), located between the lower pole of the testicle and the scrotum. Possible causes of cryptorchidism are the absence of a guide ligament or a defect in its development.
There are several theories testicular descent in normal . Normal descent of the testicle can no doubt be due to several factors, but the following five are most commonly suggested:
1. Traction down by the gubernaculum testit (testicular conduit).
2. Differences in body growth rate compared to spermatic cord and gubernaculum testit.
3. Increased intra-abdominal pressure pushing the testis through the inguinal ring.
4. Development and maturation of the epididymis.
5. Endocrine factors.

Pathogenesis and pathomorphology

The scrotum is a thermoregulator for the testicles, maintaining the temperature in them 1-1.5 degrees below body temperature. The cells of the spermatogenic epithelium are very sensitive to temperature rise. Histological examination of the testicles with cryptorchidism reveals significant changes already in the 1st year of life, and by the 4th year extensive collagen deposits are noted in the testicles. In this regard, cryptorchidism should be eliminated during the first year of life. By the age of 6, the changes are even more noticeable. Many pediatric surgeons and pediatric urologists believe that after the age of 10, such testicles should be removed. The seminiferous tubules are narrowed, the number of spermatogonia is reduced, and there is marked fibrosis around the tubules. At the end of sexual development, the testicles with cryptorchidism may retain normal sizes, but most of the spermatogenic epithelium is absent, so patients usually suffer from infertility.
We must not forget that in about 10% of cases, cryptorchidism is combined with primary or secondary hypogonadism. At the same time, spermatogenesis in the testicles remains reduced, despite treatment.
Fortunately, Leydig cells are insensitive to changes in temperature, so their number does not decrease with cryptorchidism. As a result, with this pathology, endocrine impotence is rare.
In cryptorchidism testicular biopsies, the most modern methods do not reveal any chromosomal abnormalities. Therefore, both cryptorchidism and malignant tumors are explained by other causes.
Sometimes, with cryptorchidism, treatment begins with hormonal therapy. Human chorionic gonadotropin is prescribed at 5000-10000 for two to three weeks. Success with this type of treatment can reach 15% -20%. The high success rate, we believe, may be due to the erroneous taking of a large number of patients with the so-called false cryptorchidism. These are children with an increased cremasteric reflex. In such children, there is a persistent and prolonged retraction of the testicle into the inguinal canal. In fact, most of the time the testicle is in the scrotum. But only a pediatric urologist-andrologist should and can make such a diagnosis.

Surgical treatment of cryptorchidism. Orchiopexy

After the diagnosis of inguinal cryptorchidism is made, the child undergoes an «open» operation.
The skin is dissected, the anterior wall of the inguinal canal.
The testicle is visualized.
Carefully and carefully separate the neurovascular bundle together with the vas deferens from the processus vaginalis of the peritoneum.
After the formation of the tunnel, the testicle descends and is fixed in the scrotum.
If the testicle is not found prior to surgery, then it is preferable to start the operation from the laparoscopic stage. On which it is possible not only to see the testicle in the abdominal cavity, but also to assess its condition.
If the testicle is absent or severely underdeveloped, then in such cases the testicle is removed.
In all others — obligatory bringing down of the organ.

Complications if the operation is not performed.

Testicular cancer is approximately 10 times more common in older patients. Moreover, most often it happens with the abdominal form of cryptorchidism.
Sometimes children have strangulated intestinal loops in the open processus vaginalis of the peritoneum.
Testicular torsion occurs 3-4 times more often with an undescended testicle.


An undescended testicle should be treated after 1 year of age.
Differentiate with false cryptorchidism.
Open surgery is usually required for groin.
If testis cannot be found, laparoscopic surgery is required.
With proper and timely treatment, it is possible to preserve the organ and its function.

Pediatric uroandrology department of the Research Institute of Urology named after N. A. Lopatkina — a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «NMITs Radiology» of the Ministry of Health of Russia has all the necessary methods for the treatment of cryptorchidism, including surgical operations.
This allows young patients to preserve the organ and its functions, and hence health, already in infancy.
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Autism: what can parents do to help their child?

The first 2-3 years are especially difficult for a couple who have had their first child. Young mothers and fathers are still learning to be parents, and it is quite difficult to understand that the development of their child is different from others. It’s even harder to accept that your baby may have a mental disorder. Childhood autism, or as it is now also called, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), today occurs in every 88th child. How to recognize the disease and what should parents pay attention to? These and other questions related to autism were answered by the Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Grechany Severin Vyacheslavovich.

What is autism? Is this disease born or is it an acquired condition in the environment in which the child grows up?

Childhood autism is a congenital disease. The fact of its occurrence cannot be the result of such external causes as, for example, the social or cultural level of the family. The decisive role is played by the biological factor that determines the birth of such a child. Of course, there are external circumstances that, ceteris paribus, provoke the appearance of symptoms of this disorder — a severe viral infection, in some cases even a sharp change in the family situation, for example, a sudden separation from the mother, hospitalization of the child in the hospital and more. Often an autistic child is the firstborn in the family, and parents do not yet know how the child should develop. Subsequently, they recall that they often thought about why their child did not develop like other children, but still they did not suspect serious deviations. Therefore, this day — April 2 — just calls for adults to take a closer look at the child in general and notice any anomalies in his development as early as possible. And whether this is autism or some other disease — this should be decided by the doctor.

How can parents tell if their child has the condition?

Unfortunately, often parents do not immediately pay attention to the atypical, age-specific behavior of their child. This circumstance gave rise to some myths that autism can occur with the wrong parenting approach or after some medical interventions, including preventive vaccinations. This cannot be believed, since childhood autism also goes through a latent phase in its development, when its symptoms are almost imperceptible, but this does not mean that it was not there from birth. However, you need to know the so-called «red flags of autism», with the manifestation of which it is worth contacting a specialist. These include:

  • the child does not use the pointing gesture,
  • does not make eye contact, does not smile in response to a smile,
  • does not respond to his name or requests addressed to him,
  • does not hear speech, does not understand why adults turn to him,
  • does not say a 2-word phrase by age 2,
  • does not use toys for its intended purpose.

Often the child does not develop a plot game. For example, a car for a boy is not an image of a car that he saw on the street, but only wheels that can be turned. With the help of a toy, a child cannot reproduce the plot seen in life. In the same way, for a girl, a doll is not an image of a little man whom she can put to sleep or feed, but an indifferent object with moving parts. It is also worth paying attention to how the child communicates, whether he can follow the simple instructions of an adult, and concentrate his attention. If parents notice these features, then you need to see a doctor.

Is it possible to cure autism or just bring adaptation to life to a certain level? Which doctor to contact in this case?

Any specialist can suspect autism. Suppose the district pediatrician assumes that the child has autism and advises parents to contact a psychiatrist. However, it is important to understand that the final diagnosis may differ from the initial one, and there are other mental disorders besides childhood autism at an early age.

Is child autism treated at the Pediatric University Clinic?

We don’t have a separate department yet, besides, working with an autistic child is a long-term, often many-year work of a large team of different specialists, including not only doctors, but also correctional teachers, clinical psychologists and their varieties, rehabilitation specialists etc. However, we consult such children and their mothers at the stage of early diagnosis, when parents, for various reasons, are not yet ready to go to official psychiatric institutions. Thus, difficult and doubtful diagnostic cases are solved, the very first recommendations are given. For example, I receive at the Multidisciplinary Center, Vera Vladimirovna Pozdnyak takes at the Consultative and Diagnostic Center. We provide primary care to these children. We give advice on how to treat a possible disease in a child, how to behave with such children and what options for drug therapy exist. Most moms walk away grateful as they get answers to questions that have haunted them for a long time.

As far as treatment is concerned, we do not provide it. In addition, parents, faced with the problem of autism, must understand that it is impossible to completely cure it, and they will have to accept that throughout their life the child will be special, unlike all others. There has never been such a case that the same classic autism ended in complete adaptation in society, even if the child at some stage was able to master the profession. Although it is believed that with age the diagnosis of «autism» cannot be reconsidered for a child, but most of the actual «autistic» traits disappear on their own over time. And already at the age of 6-7, other problems related to behavior, underdevelopment of abstract concepts, misunderstanding of the context of communication, i.e. purely intellectual difficulties, come to the fore. In the future, parents will need to adapt the child to life with what is, including special requirements for the learning process. At home, you should also follow a special system of rules developed individually for a particular child.

How can parents help their child cope with autism? Can you give any recommendations for them?

The most important recommendation, from our point of view, is to initially understand the child’s capabilities, not to do too much and not to set too high goals. The biggest conflict arises precisely when parents are faced with a contradiction between the real abilities of the child and their own ambitions for him. And everything negative that can happen later — protests, disobedience, experiencing disappointment and despair — all this comes precisely from this conflict.

The main principle for parents is to gain a sense of confidence as a caregiver and get rid of excessive feelings of guilt. You need to know that an autistic child is very sensitive to the internal state of his parents, easily reacts to their anxiety, confusion. With regard to mental development, one should be prepared for the fact that it will take a long time to achieve success, even small ones. It does not happen that a child falls asleep with one person and wakes up with another person.

Another common mistake is the opinion that the most important thing for a child is to learn to talk. This is not true. If speech does not appear on its own, then there are objective reasons for this. As soon as the prerequisites for pronouncing words are formed, the child will begin to speak independently without our help. Therefore, you should not artificially try to accelerate the development of such a child.

Is it possible to say that modern communication devices, computers, gadgets, mobile phones can develop autism in a child? And do they somehow affect children who have already been diagnosed with this disease? (Can modern technology help to socialize or, on the contrary, contribute to the fact that the child withdraws more and more into himself?)

In autism, this is neither good nor bad. There can be no universal recommendation here, everything is individual. It is important for a mother to understand whether her child is now ready to master society or whether she still needs to wait, subsequently carefully “grafting” him to life. Here the advice of a defectologist, a psychiatrist will help. True, very often the mothers of such children are guided only by their own opinion, without accepting someone else’s help. This happens if their relatives betrayed them, the father left, the grandparents did not accept the child, and the mother is left alone with the problem.

Why is autism thought to be more common in boys? And why is it more characteristic of them?

Indeed, this is a fundamental fact. And childhood autism is not the only example. A lot of mental disorders occur more often in boys. Why this is so is hard to say. There are many hypotheses for this, but an exhaustive explanation has not yet been received.

Perhaps there is some relationship between the mother’s condition during pregnancy and the child’s subsequently diagnosed autistic disorder? Is it possible to somehow predict the birth of a child with autism? What are the medical reasons?

Mothers often ask me: “Tell me, please, where, at what stage did I make a mistake? What did I do wrong? Unfortunately, despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, there are no prerequisites to predict the birth of such a child. With the exception of the examination of the amniotic fluid for gross genetic anomalies. If this is observed, then we can say with a high degree of probability that a clinical picture of autism should be expected here. In all other cases, it is difficult to predict anything. There is no data for this.

Is it true that autism is more common in children today than it was 10, 20, 30 years ago?

It is believed that the number of children with autism has not increased, diagnostics have improved. This happened due to the spread of information about autism and its manifestations. As a result, parents began to pay more attention to what they had not noticed before. And, as a result, the number of visits to doctors for the purpose of making a diagnosis has increased. What used to cause confusion and misunderstanding in parents, now prompts a search for answers in specialized literature, the Internet. As a result, the symptoms of autism began to be detected more often and at an earlier age. And here there is another extreme — the emerging trend towards overdiagnosis of this disorder. A special term has even appeared — autism spectrum disorders, the role of which is seen in drawing more attention of parents to any symptoms of deviant development, closely or remotely resembling childhood autism, in order to promptly apply for practical assistance.

Can an autistic child go to a regular school, or is it better to send him to a special school?

There are inclusive types of education that allow such children to study in a regular school. A group of 3-4 such children is recruited, and most of the time they study with a separate teacher. Periodically, the teacher selectively leads, as far as possible, such children to classes with healthy children. But the need for such classes must be considered individually. All possible consequences should be taken into account. For example, in practice, children with autism are not very physically healthy, they are characterized by weak immunity — this increases their risk of getting respiratory and other infectious diseases, which usually occur in a more severe form in children with autism. After all, even under normal conditions, autistic children get sick more often than other children. In addition, education in a mass school is possible if there is a special assistant or tutor nearby, a person who guides the child in each specific case and tells him what to do. Often such children, being in mass education, do not follow the school curriculum, but only formally attend the lessons. But what he will learn as a result is a separate question. More often it is a kind of “familiarization” with educational material. And in this situation, we have no right to demand that the child master the entire program. However, one should not forget that traditional defectological assistance in the conditions of ordinary correctional kindergartens and schools has great potential in terms of filling cognitive deficits, and the passage of inclusive education still does not eliminate the need to acquire specialized skills using routine correction methods.

Whatever problems parents face on the difficult path of upbringing, it is important to remember that parental love is important at any stage of growing up.

Date of publication: 2.04.2020

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