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June 28, 2023

  • Cartoon of the Week

    I am reminded today of our founder — a man with boundless generosity, a thirst for knowledge, and a profound fascination with academic regalia.

    May 31, 2023

  • Cartoon of the Week

    Just knock on the door and say you’re the class president and you’re here to propose the Homework Reduction Act.

    May 24, 2023

  • Cartoon of the Week

    I figured by not doing my homework I’d lighten your workload by giving you one less paper to correct.

    May 17, 2023

  • Cartoon of the Week

    «People call teaching a noble profession so they don’t have to pay us more. «

    May 4, 2023

  • Cartoon of the Week

    I appreciate your concern, but that stands for ‘still on sabbatical.’

    April 26, 2023

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«Looney Tunes Cartoons» Back to School Special (TV Episode 2021)

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  • Episode aired Aug 19, 2021






Daffy learns that cheaters never prosper. Foghorn Leghorn learns that the pencil is mightier than the sword. Beaky learns how to be a better buzzard.Daffy learns that cheaters never prosper. Foghorn Leghorn learns that the pencil is mightier than the sword. Beaky learns how to be a better buzzard.Daffy learns that cheaters never prosper. Foghorn Leghorn learns that the pencil is mightier than the sword. Beaky learns how to be a better buzzard.

  • Writer
    • Chris Allison
  • Stars
    • Eric Bauza
    • Bob Bergen
    • Jeff Bergman
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    Top cast

    Eric Bauza

    • Daffy Duck
    • (voice)

    Bob Bergen

    • Porky Pig
    • (voice)

    Jeff Bergman

    • Foghorn Leghorn
    • (voice)

    Steve Blum

    • Proctor
    • (voice)

    Rachel Butera

    • Mama Buzzard
    • (voice)

    Michael Ruocco

    • Beaky Buzzard
    • (voice)
    • Writer
      • Chris Allison
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    Holidays are over, and school days are ahead. First-graders are preparing to make new friends, older students are waiting for a meeting after a summer separation. Not everyone has an easy start to the school year, so we offer you a list of films and cartoons that will remind your children how great it is at school. And they will show first-graders that learning is interesting.

    Cartoon «Vovka in Far Far Away»

    Schoolboy Vovka, lazy and mischievous, dreams of getting into the world of fairy tales: after all, there any miracles happen «at the command of the pike, at my will.» Well, the school librarian helps Vovka fulfill this dream: according to the instructions from the Do-it-yourself book, she creates a double of the boy and sends him to a fairy-tale land. However, a far from cloudless life awaits Vovka there: it turns out that in fairy tales, too, you have to do a lot with your own hands.

    Look at the site «Kultura.RF».

    Cartoon «In the Land of Unlearned Lessons»

    A double and lazy person Vova Perestukin finds himself in the Land of Unlearned Lessons, where he runs the risk of staying forever if he doesn’t solve the main problem. He needs to get to the Palace of Arithmetic, from where he can return home. Along the way, difficulties and dangers will await him in the form of his own mistakes, which he made while completing tasks carelessly. Vitya is accompanied by his cat Kuzya, who has suddenly learned to speak in a human voice.

    Look at the site «Kultura.RF».

    I’m Blushing Cartoon 6+

    Active and cheerful, Meilin does her best to be the first in everything to please her strict, overprotective mother. The girl’s family lives at the temple and worships the Goddess-progenitor. One fine morning, Meilin wakes up and instead of the usual reflection in the mirror, she sees a red panda — now, when she is worried, angry or experiencing other strong emotions, she turns into a big beast. Not only does this happen at the most inopportune moments, but also going to the concert of your favorite band 4-Town is in jeopardy.

    Cartoon «Imp No.


    A touching and kind Soviet cartoon for younger schoolchildren about the fact that everyone has a good beginning. It turns out that in order to become a true adult devil, imps need to attend school, study hard and do devilishly difficult homework. Today, the imps are studying the most important topic of life — «Love». That’s just their main motto — «Love yourself, sneeze at everyone, and success awaits you in life!». All students, except for one, pass the lesson brilliantly, only Devil No. 13 tries to convince the teacher and the class that it is possible and necessary to love not only yourself.

    Cartoon «Peter Sentsov’s Evolution»

    A hilarious fantasy cartoon about the adventures of a poor boy who got into the prehistoric era with the help of a time machine.

    «The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin» 0+

    The modest and shy Vasya Petrov and the inventor and joker Petya Vasechkin are two friends who are in the third grade. They are very different, but this only helps them extricate themselves from the stories they constantly find themselves in.

    “When I Become a Giant” 6+

    Eighth grade student Petr Kopeikin, suffering from short stature, is nevertheless always in the spotlight because of his behavior. Having once read Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano de Bergerac, he tries to be like the protagonist and prove that courage, nobility and honor are inherent not only in the times of the cloak and sword, but also today.

    This is a film about the fact that school is not really lessons, but a place where you need to make friends, hooligans, fall in love, play the fool, tame an obstinate classmate who is an excellent student and generally fight for a place in the sun.

    «Adventures of Electronics» 0+

    Professor Gromov creates the robot Electronics, which only looks like a frail boy, but actually has a phenomenal mind, strength, speed and a lot of inhuman talents. Electronics dreams of becoming a real person and therefore escapes from his creator. The robot accidentally meets a schoolboy Seryozha Syroezhkin, from whose photograph it was created. The sly Seryozha quickly understands how to profitably use the brilliant double: the robot does his homework for him, goes to school and fulfills the instructions of his parents. While Electronic makes new friends, he is hunted by a gang of robbers who want to use the robot for criminal purposes.

    Three episodes of the film will show all the adventures of Elektronik and Seryozha Syroezhkin.

    «The Tale of Lost Time» 0+

    Four evil wizards decide to regain their youth and for this they find careless schoolchildren who waste their time aimlessly. Because of witchcraft, schoolchildren have grown old, and wizards have turned into children. But the transformed had a chance — before sunset, they must find the hut of wizards and turn the hands of the magic clock back.

    “First grader” 0+

    Wayward and overly lively girl Marusya Orlova can’t wait to enter school. So much so that she herself, without the permission of her mother, goes to submit documents. Starting with disobedience and turmoil, Marusya continues her school path in the same vein: she gets into fights, argues with the director and envies more successful students. But this is only at the beginning. Fortunately, Marusya ends up in the class of the “golden” teacher Anna Ivanovna, who teaches children both literacy, good manners, and kindness.

    “Guest from the Future” 6+

    The fight against space pirates, an exciting journey through time, meeting a girl from the future Alisa Selezneva — this is what the boy Kolya from the sixth grade led to on a regular trip for kefir.

    A cult multi-part film based on Kir Bulychev’s science fiction novel One Hundred Years Ahead.

    «Wonder» 12 +

    On the one hand, the boy August Pullman is the same as other boys of his age — he loves to play computer games, is a fan of Star Wars, plays with his dog, quarrels and puts up with older sister. On the other hand, he is not at all the same as the others: August underwent 27 operations and never went to a regular school. Due to a very rare genetic error, Augustus has no face. This is the kind of boy who should go to school. Warm family drama with Julia Roberts.

    Aerobatics 12+

    Will Stronghold is a typical teenager from a rather atypical family. His parents, Commander Stronghold and Jetstream, are superheroes, the most successful and dearly loved.

    Will, as the successor of the family business, will have to go not to an ordinary college, but to an institution where future superheroes are trained from gifted children. However, there is one problem — Will is an absolutely ordinary person without any superpowers.

    Diary of a first-grader’s mother 0+

    Events in the picture unfold in chronological order from the first parent meeting to the last school day of first-grader Vasya, highlighting the brightest days of the boy, his mother and father. A year before the student, as if in miniature, a whole life unfolds. Friendship, first love, the pain of creativity, betrayal, life in a team, hard work, overcoming obstacles — that’s what falls on the head of little Vasya.

    «Help, I’ve reduced my teacher» 6+

    Felix is ​​having a hard time moving to a new school — he has a difficult relationship with his classmates, and the evil headmistress haunts him. But everything changes when he accidentally shrinks the hated Frau Schmitt-Gössenwein, and now she fits into his pocket. However, it turns out that this is not the only problem — the gymnasium is on the verge of closing. And now Felix and Frau Schmitt-Gossenwein have to join forces to save the school.

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