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The Best Educational Cartoons for Kids: A Mom Blogger’s Review

As a mom, it’s always a struggle to decide whether or not to let little ones watch cartoons. On the one hand, all that screen time isn’t always ideal. But on the other hand, they’re ALL about entertainment and learning new things – so why not let them watch something that can do both?

After thinking it through (and believe me, there was a LOT of thinking involved!), I eventually decided that educational cartoons for kids were the way to go.

The great thing about these shows is that they’re both fun and informative. The characters and storylines can introduce topics like math, history, and science in an interesting way that even young minds can understand. Plus, they save me precious time – no more spending hours trying to explain complicated concepts!

I did some research, tried out a few different cartoons, and ended up with favorites. Keep reading for a review of the best cartoons for toddlers and up!

11 Educational Cartoons for Toddlers and Up!

From traditional 2D animation to interactive video games, various options are available when it comes to finding learning cartoons for preschoolers that provide our children with knowledge and fun. In this section, I’ll review my top picks for the best educational cartoons for kids!

World World

World World is one of the best cartoons for toddlers learning their ABCs and understanding the language basics. In each episode, viewers accompany a group of animals on exciting adventures as they explore the world of letters, sounds, and words with the help of their cheerful canine companion Dog.

Kids will be delighted by the colorful characters, amusing storylines, and catchy jingles that make up this teaching cartoon. They’ll also learn how to recognize and spell words in a fun and engaging way that fosters their curiosity about language.

The Magic School Bus

Among the classic educational cartoons for babies, The Magic School Bus has captivated kids for generations! It follows the adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her class as they embark on exciting field trips aboard their magical school bus! Kids will love traveling with the gang as they learn about science, geography, and more in fun and creative ways.

From volcanoes to space travel, The Magic School Bus keeps kids engaged and curious while teaching them important facts about the world around them. With its lovable characters and unique approach to learning, The Magic School Bus and other classic learning cartoons for toddlers are perfect for any young learner.

Sid the Science Kid

If you’re looking for educational cartoons for toddlers that delight kids and encourage them to explore their natural curiosity about the world around them, consider Sid the Science Kid. With Sid as their guide, children can learn about scientific concepts such as rain, bubbles, and more in a fun and engaging way.

Through its colorful animation and witty dialogue, Sid helps kids understand complex topics in an easy-to-understand format. By discussing science in terms of everyday events, children can gain valuable knowledge while having a blast with Sid! Such cartoons for 2 year olds will capture children’s hearts and imaginations while giving them the tools they need to succeed in the future.  

Ready Jet Go!

Episodes of Ready Jet Go! are cartoons for kids series that follow the adventures of curious kids, Sean and Sydney, living on Earth. They are joined by Jet Propulsion, an alien from planet Bortron 7, who helps them explore the solar system and its planets.

The stories have been crafted to entertain and educate kids about scientific facts like those related to planets, stars, and galaxies in an easily understandable way. Not only this, but the characters also embark on extraordinary expeditions around the solar system, which keep children hooked to learning cartoons for toddlers and coming back for more.

The show has a family-friendly tone making it suitable for all age groups. Parents can trust that their kids will learn new things while being entertained at the same time. Even adults can appreciate the fun storylines and creative visual aspects of the show.


Cyberchase is an exciting educational cartoon that follows the adventures of three brave kids and a bumbling hacker as they battle an insidious villain to save their world. With such  plot and characters, the best cartoons for toddlers, like Cyberchase, provide kids with valuable insights into technology and coding while also helping them learn essential values such as friendship, problem-solving, and teamwork.

The episodes are masterfully scripted and feature exciting challenges that involve the use of programming principles and computer science concepts. The show’s upbeat soundtrack keeps viewers engaged and entertained while they learn how to code through various puzzles. Not only do the characters solve problems in each episode of educational cartoons for 4-year olds, but they also show viewers how to apply those solutions in real-life scenarios.

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train is one of the most famous educational cartoons for toddlers. It introduces the fascinating world of dinosaurs in a fun and engaging way. Every episode follows Buddy, a young T-Rex, and his adoptive Pteranodon family as they explore different environments from the prehistoric age.

Kids will get to go on exciting adventures in underground caves and soar through the sky with their dinosaur pals! Along the way, your child will learn about various species of dinosaurs, geology, geography, life science, and more!

The series of educational cartoons for kidsteach essential math concepts such as counting objects, recognizing shapes and patterns, and understanding sizes. Each episode has fun songs that help kids remember facts about each creature or environment being explored. Additionally, Dinosaur Train does an excellent job of highlighting the importance of family and friendships.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That!

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! is an educational show based on the beloved Dr. Seuss character that introduces preschoolers to various topics, from nature to outer space. The series of the best cartoons for 3 year olds follow the Cat in the Hat and his friends as they explore scientific concepts while having fun adventures.

Every episode begins with the Cat in the Hat traveling through a magical door into different wondrous places like jungles, oceans, and rainforests. Throughout each adventure, kids will learn about animals, plants, weather patterns, stars and planets, insects, rocks and minerals, and even robots! The Cat’s friends—Nick and Sally—are always there to help him investigate new topics while providing opportunities for problem-solving.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is one of the cutest educational cartoons for kids inspired by the beloved classic TV series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It follows 4-year-old Daniel Tiger and his family navigating everyday life scenarios while learning valuable lessons about friendship, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence.

Each episode begins with a song about feelings or concepts like patience, sharing, being brave, or taking turns. Afterward, Daniel and his friends explore something new in their neighborhood—like visiting the library or meeting a fireman—while learning helpful tips to manage challenges like going to the dentist for the first time. The series of best cartoons for toddlers also provide opportunities for viewers to practice counting skills and learn about rhythm and music.

Ask the Storybots

Among modern educational cartoons for toddlers, Ask the Storybots is my favorite. It introduces preschoolers to various topics from math and science to history and music. Each episode follows Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo as they explore questions asked by kids with help from the Storybots – an inventive group of robots living beneath our screens.

Unlike other educational shows, Ask the Storybots provides insight into complex topics like cultural differences through creative stories. Additionally, each episode of educational cartoons for kidshas fun songs or raps that will keep your child engaged while learning! Kids will get to visit outer space, go inside instruments to learn about music theory, discover different continents around the world and much more!

Super Why

Super Why is one of the best cartoons for toddlers of all time! It introduces preschoolers to the basics of reading and writing through fun stories. Each episode follows the Super Readers—Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and Super Why—as they journey into interactive storybooks with catchy music and colorful animation.

The show encourages viewers to participate in the story by helping the characters solve problems through exciting activities like spelling, matching letters or finding objects. Every episode ends with a lesson about friendship or problem-solving that your child can easily relate to! 

Why Why Family

If you’re looking for the best educational cartoons for kids, parents highly recommend “The Why Why Family“! This Chinese-produced show features adorable and relatable characters, while teaching children about science, nature, and everyday life. Follow curious young boy Why Why and his family as they explore the world and seek answers to their questions — your kid will love it! 

The show’s engaging storytelling, catchy songs, and colorful animation keep toddlers entertained while they learn about the world around them. With over 1,000 episodes, “The Why Why Family” offers endless educational opportunities for young viewers. I highly recommend this show to any parents looking for an entertaining and educational program for their toddlers.


The right educational cartoons for toddlers can help your child learn and grow in a fun and interactive way. Whether it’s The Cat in the Hat, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Ask the Storybots, or Super Why, each show offers unique opportunities for learning with catchy music and creative stories. All of these shows provide an enjoyable way to introduce preschoolers to topics like emotions, science, and literacy while keeping them engaged! Pick one that your kid loves, and get ready for some learning fun!

Best select educational cartoons to boost kids learning – DFlourishingKids™

List of Educational cartoon that is proven to enhance learning and assimilation.

Education as a system over the years has facilitated learning and known to involve the process of imparting, acquiring skills and knowledge which in turn makes it a method  of acquisition of values, morals, beliefs and habits. Its’ approach include but not limited to teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and often times kind of directed research.

Dictionary definition of education

The Webster’s dictionary defines education as a field of study that deals with methods of teaching and learning in schools; meaning, acquiring knowledge, skills and development gained from a study or a constant and conscious practice.

This implies, learning is achieved but not solely by a single method of teaching or based on particular styles, ways, place, tools or settings. And in turn, this should make us start to read meaning respect to the subject matter (Educational cartoons) from the angle of enhancing effective learning and assimilation in children of our trending rapid developing technology world.    

Embracing fun base learning

Education in children is as important as nutrients in the body system. It is the upbringing and formation of manners which is intended to enlighten their understanding to build up a healthy habit as well as an enlightenment in creativity, arts, science, communication and cognitive development.

It is vital that children be educated.  And considering the fact that every individual learn at different pace; educators, teachers and parents need to work hand in hand to simplify the process of learning as much as they could in their own capacity for every child in their care by embracing fun base learning where and when necessary.

Unboxing childhood care’ development, good parenting and childhood education trends

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Quest to promote active learning in kids

In the quest to promote activeness and fun learning in children, several methods and techniques to engage kids in learning has been introduced and one out of it is the advent of using cartoon to spice up children interest for learning.

Knowing that fun is relatively a basic and important element that constitute a great childhood experience in kids, play base learning thus cannot be over emphasized as areas wherein educational video cartoons also can be pictured. Because it narrows down to kids experiencing excitements, the thrilling moments whenever they are watching their favorite games, television shows, video cartoons and also playing games in the park has been proven to be one of the best ways kids easily learn new things. Lots of learning transpired during those moment which literally can’t be quantified or the degree of assimilation been measured despite this create a basic system of growth, joy and excitement in kids.

Meaning of Cartoon

Cartoons are drawing that tells funny stories; they include drawing, picture or a television program or film made using animated techniques to photograph a sequence. It can also be describe as a humorous drawing often with a caption, or a strip of such drawings or an animated piece of film.

Other meaning ascribed to Cartoon

It tells a funny story which implies that cartoon has an element of comic in it which tend to relief stress. Cartoon are expressed in drawing, in magazines, newspapers and animated films on television or a Photoshop picture aimed to pass a message to it audience.

Good & Bad side of cartoons

Despite children are fascinated by cartoons, not all cartoons are healthy for a child mental, psychological and physical wellbeing. As some promote unhealthy rivalry, which include envy, strife and encourage destructive behavior. Some equally promotes violence and moral decadence.  Meaning, unhealthy cartoons can negatively affect children if not censored.

Fact is that the social and moral values of children development is been placed under a threat when children are exposed to an unhealthy cartoons. Moral is the bedrock of the society and its decadence influence societal norms and childhood development.

Insight on Educational cartoons (Healthy cartoons)

It is important to know, that as much fun as it is, whether they are outdoor or indoor, they still want to watch their favorite network of cartoon and laugh in amusement, sure’ it forms an important part of childhood experience for kids

Needs for educational cartoon

It is very important for kids particularly children of the age group 2-9 years to learn and familiarize themselves with animated cartoon which would aid and promote a sound educational basic preparatory knowledge for kids. Hence, the need for educational cartoon cut across positive side of growing sound mind and healthy kids.

Focus on educational cartoons

Educational cartoon are intriguing and value adding. Basically, educational cartoon focus on the basis and simplified method to make learning easy as children are captivated by their favorite character and super heroes, they act such imaginary feature out in reality amidst their friends and siblings.

Educational cartoon as important fun tool for educating children

Educational cartoon are tools or methods of teaching and learning employed by both parents and teachers to visualize, simplify and make learning fun for kids. Educational cartoon helps promote sound, mental assimilation in kids as well as it tends to provide a stress free and enabling environment for toddlers and preschoolers.

Advantages of educational cartoon

• Children learn problem solving

Educational cartoon are problem solving: They provide solution to questions, situation. It is important to develop the possibility mindset in kids, like having to solve little tentative puzzle. “Counting with Paula” is an example of educational cartoon that helps in counting of numbers and simple arithmetic puzzle.

• Help develops cognitive skills in children

Educational cartoon helps develop cognitive skill and reasoning in kids: Developing a sound mind and intellectual ability is the goal and desire for both parents and teachers. However with the advent of educational cartoon, it positive impact help kids resonate what they are been taught; developing richness and diversity.

• Enhanced vocabulary in children

“Wordworld”, cartoon helps kids learn the correct words, through pronunciation, repetition and structure of words. It helps kid build a great level of diction and phonics. “Little smart planet”, educate and helps kids know their alphabets.

• Educational cartoon engage kids through adventure

it is important to build up courage in kids and the ability to stay strong and not fearful, educational cartoon helps engage kids as though they were in such life puzzle, the cartoon character “Dora and her friends”, “dinosaur train” and their journey exemplify this attribute for kids.

• Educational cartoon promotes creativity and innovation

Educative cartoon helps kids duplicate skills into something meaningful and develop skillful talents in kids with advent of science and technology, thereby promoting skilled innovation and adding value to their everyday lives.

• Promotes learning, enlightenment and easy assimilation

Learning is a process in which broad knowledge is acquired, parents, teachers employ this techniques as it helps kids remember their nursery rhymes, identify shapes and colors. Example of which is the “cocomelon” cartoon which helps in color naming, nursery rhymes and phrases.

• Provides a sense of humor and entertainment

In a bid to learn and grab the attention of children, it provide in itself entertainment through it colors, sounds and captivating techniques and also through suspense and comic relief.

•. Boost morals and motivate kids to want to learn

Motivation is the very heart of learning, it serves as a driving force for kids to be more interested in learning process.

• Educational cartoon serves as a stimulator and a tool for passing information

Teachers employ the use of educational cartoon to incorporate learning habits in kids. It also increase curiosity and boost imaginative power for learning new things in children.

• Educational cartoon build brain capacity for retaining information

Educational cartoon helps to build brain capacity to decode and retain new discovery. As much that the action of learning take place through the means of active learning organs it implies that kids can easily store the information and recollect it when need arise to share with their colleagues.

Best educational cartoon for children at different stage

With lots of cartoon out there, it may be hard to find what’s good for your kids and what is not. However, herein below are few compiled list of engaging educational cartoon for children.  

Educational cartoons for Toddlers

  1. Busy Beavers
  2. Cocomelon.
  3. Dave & Ava.
  4. Sesame Street.
  5. Super Simple Learning
  6. Speech Practice Video for Toddlers and Babies.
  7. Peppa Pig.

Educational cartoons for Preschooler

  1. Mrs. Kessel Preschool goodbye song.
  2. Zoo-phonics Animals.
  3. Yankee Doodle Songs.
  4. ABC Rock by Greg & Steve.
  5. Gecko’s Garage.
  6. Super Simple Songs.

Educational cartoons for elementary pupils

  1. Kids Learning Tube.
  2. Gumballs coding
  3. Crash Course Kids.
  4. Home School Pop.
  5. Grammaropolis
  6. It’s okay to be smart.
  7. Art for Kids Hub
  8. Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids.
  9. Math Songs by NUMBEROCK

Negative side effect of educational cartoon

Educational Cartoons provides children with lots of new ideas which in turn makes their futuristic dreams and imaginative power become realistic. It also improve their vocabulary and flexibility in learning new things. However, It is very important to prioritize children learning through educational cartoon because it form a balance and solid foundation to their success journey. A prepared aptitude brings about readiness and promptness in their learning abilities therefore, educational cartoon will helps in building brain capacity as it relief tension and makes theoretical teaching exciting for toddlers and preschoolers.

Educational cartoon when abused by children

As appealing and educative as educational cartoon are; it is important for children not to build their entire lifestyle around watching it. Fact is that the difference between imagination and reality should be explained and established as for children to understand the negative effect when they get carried away with watching cartoons. Respect to education and learning reality. This may include but not limited to

• It limits the thinking faculty

 Reducing children knowledge to what they watch alone; when there has to be an upgrade in their output and ability to resonate what has been taught.

• It makes an addiction and habit in children

Been constantly glued to their favorite educational cartoon network becomes an addiction and habitual routine for kids and this place a limitation and restriction on them, as it leads to procrastination.

• Promotes violence among kids

Children tends to act out the role of their favorite character in reality among their peers and this may lead to unruly behavior and manners. Children dwells in the imagination of their figurative superhero character, imitating such features and personalities.

• It heightens the level of aggression

Children tend to act aggressively towards one another. Aggression is a behavior that is intended to harm another individual. This makes the negative impact last a lifetime, if measures are not taken to curb and establish a preventive measures. The saying, “All works and no play makes jack a dull boy”, can also play a negative impact when excessiveness is introduced to respective children in question.

Need for flexibility in learning pattern

As much as educational cartoon amuse children, other learning pattern could be introduced to spice up learning for kids, toddlers and preschoolers can be engaged in physical exciting games like identification of numbers, adventurous games and recitation of numbers and rhymes.

The world is evolving rapidly as new technology are introduced to promote learning, thus it increases the process of learning when kids evolve also into a more advanced digital reality under close supervision of both parents, teachers and educators.

Advice on the use of educational cartoon for teaching

It is also important to prioritize the psychological and intellectual ability of children by not exposing them under the canopy of educational cartoon meaning such needs to be censored, as some disguise under such canopy to pass messages which are harmful and draining to children.

Educational tools should not be misused and limited to just networks of cartoon but a more practical and advanced approach to learning must be enhanced and put into use. Building a proper foundation diligently for your kids and making it fun, interesting and educative for all age groups of children matters too.

You definitely find this helpful, please share for other parents and kids lovers to benefit. You indeed want to tell us your opinion, kindly use our comment box below. We are always happy to hear from our readers. To receive more educative contents alike’ subscribe below or use the follow us button at the bottom left. Thanks for reading

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