Sunday Services
  • 442 Trinity Way
    Sisters, OR 97759

  • Worship Center

Sunday Services


Sunday Gatherings @ 9:00am & 10:45am

Kids Classes @ 9:00am & 10:45am

Youth @ 10:45am

What to Expect

How long is the service?

Service from start to finish is between 65-75 minutes long.

What is it like?

You will encounter a warm, friendly, accepting atmosphere.  You will be greeted with warm coffee, answers to any of your questions, and we will help guide you through the morning.  From kid’s check-in, to where to locate the bathroom, we are here to help make you feel like part of the family.

Our services are presence driven and Jesus focused.  We hope that you will experience the presence of God through an atmosphere of praise and worship.   The lyrics to every song will be on the screen to those you are familiar with and those songs that are new to you.  After worship, we will let you know where to sign-up for the latest events or provide you with information on programs that we offer and then we all prepare to give generously back to God, because He has given generously to us.  One of our Pastors will bring the word of God in a powerfully,  practical way.  We will dive deep into God’s word challenging us to continue to become more and more like Jesus and walk out our lives in the spirit of God in such a way that our entire life brings glory to God the Father.

Often our services are filled with baptism, communion, baby dedications, and celebration of the testimony of God’s people.

What should I wear?

We are not a formal church, we believing in coming as you are. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, as long as it doesn’t distract others from their own experience we are good!

What Denomination Is Westside Sisters?

We are a part of the Foursquare Church, a major denomination. The call of the Foursquare Church is to preach Jesus Christ as the Savior, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Healer and Soon-Coming King.

Foursquare Website
What We Believe

What Will My Kids Do?

Your kids will have a great time in this safe and organized environment! We work hard to create engaging, fun experiences that give kids great, Biblical teaching and memorable interactions. For parents, it’s a great time to focus on the service and know that your kids are not only having a blast, they are learning and growing in their faith!

Our AMAZING volunteers and staff in the kids programs are always available to answer questions, help with concerns and give personal care to your child, so don’t hesitate to ask! If you prefer to talk to someone prior to visiting, contact us and we can make sure you and your kids know what to expect.

Will I be welcome?

What if I’m a single parent? Or gay? Or I have tattoos? Or I’ve been in prison? What if I’m not sure if I believe in God?

Of course you are welcome! No one is perfect, and we all have sin, pain and doubts in our lives. We won’t water down the truth of God’s word or what He expects of His people, so you might encounter some challenging truths in our services. However, we know that Jesus came to save every single one of us, and we want to see Him move in all of our hearts and lives, no matter where we’ve been in the past or what challenges are in our lives today.


Parking is available both near the entrance and exits of our building. For those needing special assistance or ADA access please use our drop off point under covered entryway.

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