Girl names meaning rose: 130 Baby Girl and Boy Names That Mean “Rose”

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130 Baby Girl and Boy Names That Mean “Rose”

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May 11, 2023

A rose’s beauty knows no bounds; just like your little one on the way! To commemorate your darling little one’s arrival and the beautiful life they’ll have from then on, why not choose a rosy baby name? But these names are far more unique than just Rose, giving you chance to make your homage to the flower or a loved one without The Titanic connotations swooping in.

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  • What do roses symbolize?

    Perhaps the most famous use of a rose in popular culture would be the beast’s rose in Beauty and the Beast. That particular example is a rose symbolizing magic, time, beauty, and the barbs that come with beauty. The latter two aspects are ones that are go somewhat global; consider the pithy phrases or casual reminders and you’ll find roses are littered throughout all media! “A rose between two thorns,” “stop and smell the roses,” and “not a bed of roses” are all common idioms that mean vastly different things. But the rose itself is always meant to be the pleasant sun around which situations revolve.

  • What do roses symbolize in cultures around the world?

    Around the world, roses stand in for multiple different meanings, but often they land on similar notions. Generally, roses symbolize romance or beauty, or more simply, love. However, the history of the rose most plausibly began about 5,000 years ago in Asia. It was a bloom to be studied, as evidenced by Emperor Wu’s library which contained tens of books discussing them. Then, a couple thousand years later, evidence of their cultivation spread to ancient Greece, being commonly associated with Aphrodite. But, where the cultural parallelism of the Roman and Greek worlds slightly depart is the meaning of the rose. But it can perhaps be more closely tied to the aftermath of being the goddess of love and beauty; the rose in the Roman Empire was symbolic of vanity.

  • Why do roses have thorns?

    Unsurprisingly probably, roses have thorns to keep animals—and people—away. These little barbs are to deter plant-eating species from making a meal out of the delicate petals. In particular, roses have a physical defense against species of deer, but this defense doesn’t solely come after blood has been drawn. The thorns on roses are sometimes brightly colored, indicating a warning sign, similar to the marking on venomous snakes.

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105 Names That Mean Rose (Girls and Boys)


Who doesn’t love roses? They’re beautiful, aromatic, and have a long and storied history.

Did you know, however, that there are many names that mean rose

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world, and they have a long history of symbolism in many cultures. 

Our forefathers were enamored with the elegance of the rose for centuries. They began to link this lovely flower with love and devotion. The connotation has endured to this day. 

And it’s remarkable how several languages even have names that literally translate to rose or are puns on the word.

Here are some names that mean rose, in a variety of languages.

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Girl Names That Mean Rose

1 –  Gulrukh

Persian origin, a beautiful name that means ‘rose faced’.

2 –  Roos

Dutch origin signifies a ‘blossoming rose’.

3 –  Zetta

Hebrew origin, is among the names that mean ‘blossoming rose’.

4 –  Rosa

English origin, refers to ‘little rose’.

5 –  Rossie 

Latin origin is another version of the name that means ‘rose’.

6 –  Varda 

Hebrew origin, is a variant of the name that means ‘pink rose’.

7 –  Kaly 

Greek origin shows a beautiful or beloved woman and means ‘rosebud’.

8 –  Rosita 

English origin, symbolizes royalty due to its meaning, i.e. ‘queen of roses’.

9 –  Roz 

English origin, describes a beautiful woman and means ‘pretty rose’.

10 –  Sabrina 

Arabic origin, a common name that means ‘white rose’.

11 –  Zahra 

Arabic origin, a beautiful name that means ‘flower’ or ‘rose.’

12 –  Vered 

Hebrew Origin, a popular name that means ‘rose’

13 –  Bryluen 

Cornish origin, a name used in modern times that means ‘rose’.

14 –  Mawar

Indonesian origin refers to the blossoming beauty of a ‘rose’.

15 –  Primula 

Latin origin is a name commonly given to the firstborn daughter, meaning ‘first rose.

16 –  Raysel 

Yiddish origin refers to ‘rose’.

17 –  Zaria 

Arabic origin, that means ‘rose’.

18 –  Rada 

Yiddish origin, symbolizes happiness, love, and beauty, meaning ‘rose’.

19 –  Roisin

Irish origin is a name lovingly given to a small girl, meaning ‘little rose’.

20 –  Rohesia

English origin, symbolizes kindness and means ‘kind as a rose’.

21 –  Roseann 

English origin, signifies gracefulness, in particular, means a ‘graceful rose’.

22 –  Rosella 

Latin origin is used to indicate a ‘pretty rose’.

23 –  Nitzan 

Hebrew origin, means a ‘rosebud’.

24 –  Arnit 

Hindi origin, a name given to a beautiful child, meaning, ‘beautiful rose’.

25 –  Ross 

Scottish origin, a name that signifies love, meaning ‘rose’.

26 –  Gulcin 

Turkish origin is a name that refers to ‘rose picking, rose growing’.

27 –  Raisa 

Yiddish origin, a beautiful name, literally meaning ‘rose’.

28 –  Varduhi 

Armenian origin, refers to a woman with beauty, meaning ‘rose lady’.

29 –  Mehrigul 

Uzbek origin is a name that showcases love meaning ‘rose, love’.

30 –  Bimla 

Punjabi origin is a rare name meaning ‘rose’.

31 –  Abal 

Arabic origin, signifies the wildness of the inner spirit, meaning ‘wild rose’.

32 –  Bara 

Japanese origin, a popular name in Japan, meaning ‘rose’.

33 –  Nazgul 

Kazakh origin is a unique name that means ‘flower’.

34 –  Rozy 

English origin, signifies ‘rose like beauty’.

35 –  Rosana 

Hebrew origin, depicts gracefulness meaning ‘graceful rose’.

36 –  Anagul 

Turkish origin is a beautiful name that means ‘rose, flower’ and is used to depict the beauty of a young child.

37 –  Vardo

Georgian origin is a rare name that means ‘rose’.

38 –  Sirvard 

Armenian origin is a name that indicates love and means ‘love rose’.

39 –  Sarnai 

Mongolian origin refers to ‘rose’.

40 –  Rozenn 

Breton origin, this unique name showcases beauty and means ‘rose’.

41 –  Filza 

Arabic origin, is a name which means ‘a rose from heaven’.

42 –  Alvard 

Armenian origin, given to a beautiful girl meaning ‘rose, bright red’

43 –  Vardine 

Armenian origin is a name that symbolizes beauty, meaning ‘rose’.

44 –  Gulab 

Urdu origin depicts freedom and beauty meaning ‘rose’.

45 –  Betigul 

Turkish origin is a name that means ‘as beautiful as a rose.’

46 –  Sirvat

Armenian origin is a name that depicts love and means ‘rose of love.’

47 –  Gulbeyaz

Turkish origin is a name given to a beautiful girl, meaning ‘white rose’.

48 –  Gulsima 

Turkish origin is a popular name that means ‘rose faced’.

49 –  Tangul 

Turkish origin is a lovely name that means ‘dawn rose’.

50 –  Vart 

Armenian origin is a unique name that means ‘rose’.

51 –  Sengul 

Turkish origin is another name showing the richness of the child’s beauty, meaning ‘rose garden’.

52 –  Ruvsa 

Sami origin is a name given to a child as pretty as a ‘rose’.

53 –  Rhodanthe 

English origin is a lovely name that means ‘rose, flower blossom’.

54 –  Dalros 

Icelandic origin is a very unique name from Iceland meaning ‘rose’.

55 –  Kamal 

Indian origin is a very popular name that means ‘pink rose’.

56 –  Blush 

English origin, a unique name meaning ‘a flush of pink’ which a blush usually is.

57 –  Rosalina 

Old German origin, an old name meaning ‘rose’.

58 –  Rosalind 

Old German origin, the name depicts the child as pretty as ‘a beautiful rose’.

59 –  Roselle 

Latin origin, a popular name for pretty children with ‘rosy’ cheeks.

60 –  Aleeha

Arabic origin, a name meaning ‘a beautiful rose’.

61 –  Aergul 

Turkish origin is a name that means ‘blooming roses’.

62 –  Mauve

Old French origin is an older name that showcases the beautiful complexity of the girl, meaning ‘reddish violet rose’.

63 –  Roisin 

Irish origin, the name symbolizes a ‘little rose’.

64 –  Afra 

Arabic origin, is a popular name that means ‘whitish red rose’.

65 –  Atlan 

Turkish origin, the name is associated with beautiful children and literally means ‘rosy red’.

66 –  Rhosyn 

Welsh origin, the name is known to be lucky for one who adorns it and means ‘rose’.

67 –  Raisa 

Yiddish origin, signifies eloquent beauty and means ‘rose’.

68 –  Reyhangul 

Uyghur origin is a unique name that means ‘rose’.

69 – Primrose 

English origin means ‘first rose’. Rosie and Posy are nicknames.

70 –  Rosemarie 

Latin origin popular girl’s name meaning is ‘rose flower + drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.’ Cute nicknames are Rosie and Rosa, Mary and Marie, Romy and maybe even Rory.

71 – Rhoda 

Greek and Latin origin is a feminine given name. Its basic meaning is ‘rose.’

Boy Names That Mean Rose

Little boy with red rose. Over white

1 –  Abulward 

Arabic origin, is a popular name that means ‘father of roses’.

2 –  Gulbaugh 

Indian origin is a name that reflects the sweet personality of the child, meaning ‘rose garden’.

3 –  Navrose 

Punjabi origin is a unique name meaning ‘new rose’.

4 –  Risay 

Arabic origin, depicts that the child is loved, meaning ‘the one who is beloved’.

5 –  Rosalio 

Spain origin, the name means ‘man of roses’.

6 –  Rosanna 

English origin, is a beautiful name that means ‘gracious rose’.

7 –  Astilbe 

Greek origin is perfect for a cheerful boy, the literal meaning is ‘bright-colored flower’.

8 –  Allium 

Latin origin, the meaning is ‘a pink-colored flower’. This is known to bring luck to its wearer.

9 –  Clematis 

Greek origin means ‘pink shaded flower’. It shows the beauty or traits of things.

10 –  Rosewell 

German origin the meaning of this name is ‘blossoming roses’.

11 –  Rosewald 

German origin, the name depicts abundance and fulfillment and means ‘field of roses’.

Unisex Names That Means Rose

1 – Jorah 

Hebrew origin, means ‘autumn rose’.

2 – Rhodes 

English origin signifies purity and beauty in abundance, i. e. ‘garden of roses.

3 – Golshan 

Persian origin, depicts freedom, luck, and prosperity, meaning ‘rose garden’.

4 – Golzar 

Persian origin, this beautiful name showcases the beauty of the child, meaning ‘a rose in a garden.

5 – Gul 

Urdu origin, another version of the previous names, means ‘rose’.

6 – Kulap 

Persian origin, this name means ‘rose’ in Thai.

7 – Akaibara 

Japanese origin, the name represents romance and means ‘rose’

8 –  Rosen 

German origin, the name translates to rose in Cornish, Bulgarian and German.

Some Other Rose-related Names

1. Raizel.

Name Origin Yiddish
Name Meaning “Rose”
Popularity Rare
Nicknames Ray, Rai
Interesting Anecdotes In Israel, this is the most popular flower name, yet it is not very popular in the United States. Raizel is a spelled-out version of Raisa.

2. Rhoswen.

Name Origin Welsh
Name Meaning “White rose”
Popularity Rare
Nicknames Ros, Winnie, Rose, or Rosie
Interesting Anecdotes Rhoswen could be a nice alternative to all those Rose names if you’re searching for something different. The delicate sounds we’ve learned to adore from the Welsh language are present in this name.

3. Rosenwyn.

Name Origin Cornish
Name Meaning “Fair rose”
Popularity Rare
Nicknames Ros, Zen.
Interesting Anecdotes Rosenwyn is a modern Cornish compound name that means “fair rose” or “white rose. ” It is an uncommon and lovely member of the “Rose” family of names.

4. Altansarnai.

Name Origin Mongolian
Name Meaning “Golden rose”
Popularity Unique
Nicknames None
Interesting Anecdotes Altansarnai is a girl name with Mongolian origins. Buddhists are usually the majority of people with the name Altansarnai.

5. Rhodopis.

Name Origin Greek
Name Meaning “Rosy cheeks”
Popularity Unique
Nicknames None
Interesting Anecdotes This was the name of a prostitute who worked for Aesop in Samos as a slave, according to Herodotus. Rhodope is a spelling variation of the name.

5.  Anthony.

Name Origin Latin
Name Meaning “Rose or flower”
Popularity Popular
Nicknames Ant, Anton, Antonino, Nino, Toni, Tony, Tone, Toño
Interesting Anecdotes Anthony is a Latin name that was first used in the 17th century. The term anthos comes from the Greek word anthos, which means “rose” or “flower.”

6. Li-Wei.

Name Origin Chinese
Name Meaning “Beautiful rose”
Popularity Common
Nicknames None
Interesting Anecdotes Li-Wei is a Chinese name for men that means “lovely rose. ” Li-Wei was the name of several renowned people, including the Tang Dynasty’s top minister, a computer scientist, an actress, and a speed skater.

7. Roosevelt.

Name Origin Dutch
Name Meaning “Rose field”
Popularity Popular
Nicknames Roos, Rosey, Row
Interesting Anecdotes Roosevelt is a toponymic American surname derived from the Dutch surname Van Rosevelt, which means “from the rose field” or “of a rose field.”

8. Roseo.

Name Origin American
Name Meaning “Pink, rosy”
Popularity Common
Nicknames Ro, Rose
Interesting Anecdotes Roseo is the overtly masculine counterpart of Rose, which stands for love or confidentiality.

9. Rosamel.

Name Origin French
Name Meaning “Rose” and “Honey”
Popularity Unique
Nicknames None
Interesting Anecdotes Rosamel is a feminine name turned masculine that means “rose and honey.” It is a Spanish masculine name formed from the combination of rose and the Greek word mel, which means “honey.”

10. Golshan.

Name Origin Persian
Name Meaning “Rose garden”
Popularity Unique
Nicknames None
Interesting Anecdotes Golshan is a Persian name that means “garden of flowers. ” It’s a Unisex name, meaning it can be used by both boys and girls. This name is used by people of several religions, including Muslims, Parsis, and Hindus.

Names Associated with Rose.

1. Ambrose.

Name Origin Greek
Name Meaning “Immortal”
Popularity Common
Nicknames Ames, Broz, Brody, Bobby
Interesting Anecdotes Ambrose is an ancient family name originating from the Latin Ambrosius, meaning immortal. The name Ambrose was first attested in Norfolk, in the Latin version Ambrosius was attested at Holme between 1168 and 1175.

2. Roselyn.

Name Origin English, German
Name Meaning “Gentle horse”
Popularity Popular
Nicknames Ro, Rose, Rosie, Lyn
Interesting Anecdotes Roselyn is a female given name. Roselyn is a popular female first name, but it’s a rare last name for everyone.

3. Generose.

Name Origin Spanish
Name Meaning “Generous”
Popularity Unique
Nicknames None
Interesting Anecdotes Generose is one of the most popular baby girl names. It’s a sweet baby name with a straightforward interpretation. Generose has a liberal connotation.

4. Penrose.

Name Origin Welsh, Cornish
Name Meaning “Top of the heath”
Popularity Unique
Interesting Anecdotes The meaning of the name Penrose has nothing to do with flowers. However, it fits very well with the rose theme, as do other masculine names with the suffix rose..

5. Nasrin

Name Origin Persian
Name Meaning “Wild rose”
Popularity Rare
Interesting Anecdotes Nasrin is a Persian feminine given name that means “wild rose.” It is one of the most common names given to Iranian girls.

Wrapping Up Baby Names Meaning Rose

So there you have it, a list of names that all mean Rose. Whether you’re looking for a name for your child, your pet, or even yourself, any of these names would be a lovely choice.

If you liked this article, why not have a look at another popular rose-related post: Peach-inspired baby names?


Names That Mean Rose — Blog about health, relationships and self-development


The meaning of the name Rosa, Rosalia.

Women’s names and their meanings


Compatibility of the name Rose

creator of the book «The Secret of the Name».

Meaning and

Rose’s personality traits that she shows in love: Emotionality, patience, prudence

Guardian planet: Pluto
Name color: Dark, greenish, reddish
Lucky colors: Snow-white
Talisman stone: agate, diamond, rhinestone

Rose: name compatibility

Best male name compatibility:

Abraham + Rose Couple type:
Inner Worlds
Adrian + Rose Couple type:
Unusual Attraction
Azary + Rose Couple type:
Mutual Desire
Aleksey + Roza Couple type:
“Sun in clear water”
Anatoly + Rose Couple type:
“1001 and 1 night”
Arcady + Rose 9 Vadim + Roza Pair type:
«Two halves of the 1st whole»
Vitaly + Rosa Pair type:
«Kai and Gerda»
Ignat + Rosa Rose Pair Type:
«The Power of the Sleeping Volcano»

Good relations with names:

Adam + Rose Type of couple:
«Life full of the brightest colors»
Alan + Rose Type of couple:
«Care and tenderness»
Albert + Rose Type of couple:
«Rejection of stamps»
Aristarchus + Rose Type of couple:
«Real admiration»
Askold + Rose Type of couple:
«Unexplored waves»
Boris + Roza Couple type:
«50 colors of feelings»
Bronislav + Rose0019 Vyacheslav + Rose Couple type:
Red Sails
Harry + Rose Couple type:
Achievable standard
Gennady + Rose Couple type:
Heroes of the 1st novel
Cassian + Rose Couple type:
Dreamers Alliance

Difficulties in relationships are possible:

Avvakum + Rosa Couple type:
«In search of common aspirations»
August + Rose Couple type:
«Unity of opposites»
Alexander + Rose Couple type:
«Love with a dictionary»
Apollo + Rose Couple type:
«The only one of its kind»
Arnold + Rosa Couple type:
«Mission (im)possible»
Artem + Rosa Couple type:
«Imperfect standard»
Athanasius + Rose Couple type:
«The hidden language of hobbies»
Valentine + Rose m omte…”
Daniil + Rose Type of couple:
“Keepers of mysteries”
Laurel + Rose Type of couple:
“Inhabitants of various planets”
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Women’s names of flowers. «Flower» names: list

Women’s names made according to the name of flowers have existed at all times and among many peoples. No one could resist the beauty of plants, and therefore they named after them the most beautiful and beloved thing they had — daughters. Check out the most beautiful and common «flower» names. Maybe this will help you choose the right option for your beauty.

Rose. The most beautiful flower and the most popular variant

Opening the list, of course, is the name Rose — the most common and beautiful of all «flowers». It actually sounds identical in many languages ​​and is rooted in Latin. The meaning of the name is ordinary — without any subtext, it suggests specifically a rose flower.

The owners of the name are very beautiful, gentle and luxurious ladies. Despite the subtle mental organization, all Roses, like a flower, have “thorns”. They know how to stand up for themselves, have a stubborn character and do not forgive insults.

The most famous bearers of the name Rosa: Polish revolutionary Luxembourg, Kazakh singer Rymbaeva, Russian TV presenter Syabitova. Rose was also the name of the main character of the cult film Titanic, played by American actress Kate Winslet.


The female name also comes from the Latin name of the flower of the same name. In different nations, it is associated with purity, tenderness and fragility. This is exactly what the owners of the name are by nature, however, it is worth remembering that lily flowers have a very specific aroma, which can even make your head ache. This specificity is also present in the character of Lily — these are very direct and mysterious women, sometimes seeming simply strange to others.

However, these features only attract attention to Lilies, charming many.

Celebrities named Lilia include: British writer Lilian Ethel Voynich, Mayakovsky’s Russian muse Lilya Brik, American actresses Lillian Gish and Lily Collins, English singer Lily Allen.


Flower, singer and beloved of Aladdin. The beautiful Persian name Jasmine also belongs to quite common forms in the world with a long history. Due to its origin, in most cases it is associated with oriental women, however, it has also been found with us for several decades.

Women with this name are like the flowers they were named after: they are sultry, straightforward, fragrant and memorable. Outwardly, they may look innocent and simple, like jasmine flowers, but their soul is like the fragrance of a flower: it is full, bottomless and magical. It is simply impossible to get bored with such people.

The most famous owners of the name Jasmine: Russian pop singer, British singer Birdy, also a fictional Disney princess from the cartoon «Aladdin».

ROSE color meaning, which rose to choose?


Don’t know what to name your daughter? Like the name of the flower of the same name, the name Azalea comes from the Greek language and implies a very beautiful flowering shrub. In Russia, it is only gaining popularity, meeting very rarely and mainly among Muslims.

The nature of Azaleas is very reminiscent of luxurious flowers. The fact is that before the flowering period, these shrubs are completely no different from any others, but when they bloom, they amaze with beauty and aroma. In order to see the beautiful soul and character of Azalea, it is necessary to inspire a very strong trust in her. These women are quite closed to strangers and do not feel very good in large companies.

For random people, they are ordinary and nondescript. But relatives know how the soul of Azalea blooms — these are the kindest, sincere, cheerful and incredibly talented women.


The name Astra has two translations in its meaning at once: “star” and the flower of the same name. This is because the ancient Greeks named these bright and beautiful flowers in honor of the stars. However, the name Astra is not ancient Greek, but Russian, introduced into use after the revolution — precisely because of the «star» meaning. Despite the widespread distribution of the flower, the name Astra has not gone beyond the borders of the Soviet space, and at the present time it is extremely rare at all, being considered rather extravagant.

Astra’s character is very open, bright and outstanding women, real stars. They always strive for great success, but they do not have vanity, but great diligence, therefore they are really capable of achieving significant heights.


Lovely and delicate version. The name Viola owes its origin to the Latin name for violets. It is not very common in Russia. However, in the rest of the world it is one of the most popular «flower» names, along with Lilies and Roses.

The owners of this form are very pleasant and sweet women. They have a rich imagination, a vulnerable soul and a very strong love for nature, and therefore for Viola there is no better rest than a walk through the forest or the river bank. As with fragile violets, Violas should be handled very carefully: they are easily upset. Feeling offended, this woman will simply close, it will be practically impossible to win her trust again.

Famous Violas include: American actresses Davis and Lynn Collins, also a fictional character in a series of detective novels by Daria Dontsova Viola Tarakanova. In the film adaptation of the books, her role was played by actress Irina Rakhmanova.


Another female name for violet flowers is Violetta. Many believe that Violetta is the same as Viola, however, this is a delusion. Despite the common meaning, these are different names, and specifically Violetta was not invented in the Roman Empire, but in modern Italy. Violetta is a diminutive form of the name of the flower, and therefore the name can literally be translated as «violet».

Unlike Viola, this name is very common in Russia.

Violetta’s character is very different from Viol’s. These women are relaxed, mischievous and funny, always ready for new acquaintances, adoring communication and wide fun.

Famous Violettes include such stars as the Soviet ballerina Bovt, the Polish singer with the «voice of the atomic age» Villas and the Russian politician Kosheva. And the name Violetta was endowed with the main character of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera «La Traviata».


Maybe this is a suitable option? Like the name of the flower, the name Camellia is taken from Latin. It is very common in the world and extremely rare in Russia, but among newborns of the last three years it is more common than ever.

Women with the name Camellia have a rather complex character: they are capricious, very vulnerable and almost never know what they want. However, this is only a “surface” of the soul of the owners of the name, for the closest they know how to be not only kind and affectionate, but also very selfless and devoted. And Camellias know how to sincerely love, having a lot of femininity, tenderness and a romantic mindset.


Another common misconception that the names Camilla and Camellia are the same. Unlike the same Viola and Violetta, these names do not even have the same meaning. In fact, the Latin name Camilla does not even come from a flower, but from a generic ancient Roman cognomen, meaning a girl of impeccable origin. But in English, the name Camilla is very consonant with the name of chamomile (chamomile), and therefore the name has become strongly associated with this flower.

The simplicity of daisies did not affect the character of women with this name — Camillas are proud and chic, have impeccable manners and very meticulously make up their circle of friends.

Famous Camilles: French artist Claudel; wife and model of Claude Monet — Donsier; Duchess of Windsor, wife of Prince Charles of Wales.


Interested in something fashionable in the old days? The beautiful and unusual Slavic name Kupava comes from the colloquial name of the bathing suit flowers. The form was occasionally found in pre-revolutionary Russia, but completely went out of use in Soviet times. Nowadays, the use of the name has revived, however, it is still very, very rare.

Kupava is more common in Belarus and Ukraine.

By nature they are very simple, open and naive women. In the male equivalent, they would certainly be called the «shirt-guy.» What exactly is not in the owners of the name is hypocrisy, greed and envy. They are ready to give the last to those in need, are always happy to keep company and become reliable friends, incapable of betrayal.

And Kupavs don’t find it difficult to find a common language with children and become good mothers.


The name Dahlia, such as Camilla, is consonant with the name of the flower but does not imply it. Both in Russia and in the rest of the world, Georgina (as well as Zhorgina, Georgia and Yorgina) is the female version of the international name George (George, George). Like the male ancient Greek counterpart, in translation it means «farmer». And only in Russia it is associated with a flower, which was named after the Russian scientist of German origin Johann Georgi.

Throughout the rest of the world, dahlias are known by the Latin name dahlia.

By nature Dahlias are very lively, cheerful and somewhat courageous. They are characterized by straightforwardness, courage and strength. These women know how to be their own in any company, have oratorical talent, love sports and competitions. Even in ordinary life, they are able to improve only in a state of excitement, trying to overtake others.


The list of female flower names would be incomplete without mentioning the classical Muslim name Aigul. Which literally translates as «moon flower», but implies the mountain flower of the same name aigul.

The owners of the name are very funny, cheerful and active women. It is difficult for Aiguls to sit still, they are always charged with a thirst for activity and are able to invent different activities both for themselves and for others. For a woman named Aigul, the question “what to do?” or “what to do?” just doesn’t exist.

Celebrities named Aigul include Russian singer Barieva, Kazakh TV presenter Mukey and Kazakh actress Imanbayeva.


Are you a fan of Bulgakov’s work? In translation, the name Margarita is one of those that are not originally associated with flowers. It is rooted in Greek and translates as «pearl». However, in Russian, French, Spanish and Italian, the name Margarita is most consonant with the name of the daisy flower, and therefore is closely associated with it.

Women with this beautiful variant have a very strong-willed character, an excellent sense of humor and an excellent memory. Margaritas never forget either good or bad, which is both a plus and a minus of their nature. And these women are very devoted and strict odnolyubki. Even when changing partners, they choose only men who are similar to each other.

Celebrities include French Queen Margot, British politician and Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, American actress Rita Hayworth, American writer Margaret Mitchell, Soviet and Russian actress Margarita Terekhova.


And another similar name. In its translation, the name Vasilisa, like the male counterpart Vasily, is in no way connected with the sky-blue wildflowers cornflowers. The name comes from the Greek language and is translated as «royal» (the Greek word «basilias» is translated as «king»). The name is very common in Russia, and due to folklore associations, it is often mistakenly considered Slavic, and therefore associated with the Russian folk wildflower.

However, in the character of a woman with that name there is nothing of cornflower blue simplicity. The Vasilises are indeed regal, very stately and with high self-esteem. They are very smart, calm, kind, but not naive, they never allow themselves to be used, they rely only on themselves in life.

Among the famous Vasilis: fictional heroines of many Russian fairy tales Vassilisa the Beautiful and Wise, the heroine of the play of the same name by Maxim Gorky Vassa Zheleznova, Russian TV presenter and astrologer Vasilisa Volodina.


Melissa completes the list of female flower names. Despite the fact that it is translated from Greek as “bee”, in Russian and some other languages ​​it is associated with the name of the medicinal plant of the same name and its small but very fragrant flowers.

The owners of the name are distinguished by a philosophical attitude to life, inner harmony and a pure soul. Melissas are very hardworking (like the bees they are named after), kind and know how to enjoy the little things.

Famous Melissas: American actress Hart, French actress Mars and Italian writer Panarello.

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