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500 Girl Names That Start With J

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One of the most exciting phases in everyone’s life is parenthood. If you are expecting the arrival of your newborn, you will have so many things running in your mind and you will have loads to get prepared for and one of the important parenting decisions would be choosing a name for your angel which suits the little one and is as charming as she is. Everyone has different choices and preferences while choosing the name, some prefer to have their child named after someone in their family and some choose to have their ethnic heritage. Some parents want to have their babies named after celebrities and some prefer to have them called by a unique and meaningful name. Giving a name for your baby girl is a major decision as she will be called and identified with her name for the rest of her life. To ensure you make the right choice of name for your daughter which she will love when she grows up, we have listed the most adorable and rich name with the most significant meaning. As many people prefer to name their babies after popular people, some parents choose to find more uncommon and unique names for their children. Below are some of the unique baby girl names starting with letter J.

Now let’s see the most popular baby girl names that begin with the letter J as it’s one of the favourite letters parents want as the starting letter of their little girl’s name. Josephine has been in the top popular 500 girl names in the US. A few more trending and popular names from the letter J are Juliana, Juliette, Julia, Jade, Jasmine, Josie, Jordyn, and Jocelyn. Julia is not only the top-ranking name in the US top 200 names, but is also among the top 100 rankings internationally in countries like Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, France, Ireland, and many more. First, we will begin with the list of most popular names for your baby girl.  Here are some of the American girl names starting with J. Also checkout few more popular names for the female with letter J

Hope our list of names starting with the letter J would help you in finding the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

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19 Girl Names That Start With J — Baby Names Starting with J

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These girl names that start with J could be the perfect fit for your joyful little one.

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Introducing a new baby girl to your family is a joyous and wonderful time, but figuring out what to name your little girl can be quite the challenge. There are plenty of places to get started when looking for a name. You can consider traditional and classic names, family names, or totally unique and unusual names. Or, you can simply turn to the alphabet for a bit of inspiration. These baby girl names that start with J include some classic picks and some more out-there options. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name like Jane or Jennifer, or you want a pop-culture inspired name like Jolene or Josie, there’s a J-name on this list that will be sure to inspire you and perfectly suit your little one. Now all that’s left to do is soak up all of the joy your J-name baby girl brings to your family!

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Jacie is a modern name that doesn’t have a traceable meaning, according to Nameberry. It can also be spelled Jacey or written as initials JC.


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Jean is a gender-neutral name that means «God is gracious,» according to Baby Names. Though it’s not the most popular name these days, it’s definitely bound for a resurgence.


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Jayda comes from Hebrew and means «the knowing one,» according to Oh Baby! Names. It can also be spelled Jada.


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Jasmine is a baby name that comes from the flower of the same name. A famous Jasmine is Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.


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Jane is an English name that means «God is gracious,» according to Baby Names. Famous Janes include Jane Austen and Jane Fonda. And of course there’s that great Jefferson Starship song of the same name.


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Jennifer has English origins and means «fair one,» according to Disney Family. It’s been a wildly popular name since the 1970s and is beloved by many celebrities including Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez.

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Joanna has Latin roots and means «God is gracious,» according to Nameberry. The name was featured in the New Testament of the Bible, and has also been the name of many queens and duchesses across the world.

drinking like a fish

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Jillian is an English name that means «youthful,» according to Baby Names. It’s a name with rich history that can be shortened into the sweet nickname Jill.

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Jessica comes from Hebrew meaning «God beholds,» according to Baby Names. It has been highly popular since the 1970s and is the name to many celebrities including Jessica Simpson and Jessica Biel.

Jake Jung

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Jenny originated as a nickname for Jennifer, which means «fair lady,» according to Baby Name Wizard. But it has since become a name all of its own, peaking in popularity in the 1970s.

Layland Masuda

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Jacqueline is a French name that’s diminutive of the name Jacques, or James, according to Nameberry. Famous Jacquelines include the one and only First Lady Jacqueline «Jackie» Kennedy.

Daniela Solomon

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Juliet, which has French and English origins, means «youthful,» according to Nameberry. The name was made famous by William Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet.


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Jenna has Welsh origins and means «white shadow» or «white wave,» according to Nameberry. Jenna was used in the popular ’80s TV show Dallas.

Laura Olivas

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The perfect name for a sprightly little one, Julia means «youthful,» according to Baby Names. Famous Julias include Julia Roberts and Julia Styles.

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Joy is a word that encompasses all things happiness. Merriam-Webster defines it as «a source or cause of delight» or «a state of happiness or bliss,» which sounds pretty fitting for a smiley baby.


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Josie is an English name that means «Jehovah/God increases,» according to Nameberry. It became a pop culture phenomenon thanks to Josie and the Pussycats, a girl-group that started as a comic book and evolved into various movies and TV shows.

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Jolene is a combination of the names Jo and Eileen, according to Baby Names. It was made famous by Dolly Parton in her song of the same name.

Richard Drury

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Joelle is a French name that means «God will be willing,» according to Baby Names. It had a surge in popularity between 2016 and 2018, and has been up and down in popularity since the ’60s.


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The name Jade comes from the green stone of the same name. The stone has a lot of positive associations, with ideas of purity and loving energy surrounding it.


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Names that start with the letter J for a boy and a girl: the best ideas!

Are you looking for names that start with J for a boy or a girl? Below you have a wide selection of ideas with names and their meanings.

Girls’ J Names

You don’t have to look far to find first-hand girl names with «j». If you love this letter and want to use this opportunity to find a name for your future daughter, here is a small list of many that might blow your mind.

  • Jael : Hebrew and unisex meaning «wild goat». They are ambitious, caring people and have social skills.
  • Jamari : Arabic origin and unisex meaning «beauty», «camel». Their kindness always accompanies them, they are full of great creativity and intelligence.
  • Jana : of Hebrew origin, which means «full of grace.» They have great vitality and great entrepreneurial abilities, they are leaders and love risk.
  • Jasmine : Arabic origin meaning «beautiful like the flower that bears her name». These are people who always like to please, happy and stubborn.
  • Jennifer : of Welsh origin meaning «white as sea foam». They have the personality of a leader, demanding and waiting for love.
  • Jimena : of Basque origin meaning «mountain animal». They are charming, funny and sociable people.
  • Joan : Catalan in origin and descended from Castilian Juan. They are very passionate, creative and very loyal in love.
  • Julia : of Latin origin meaning «consecrated by Jupiter». Her personality is very generous, passionate and driven.
  • Justina : variant of Chust, of Latin origin, which means «straight», «fair». They are very lively, passionate, energetic and somewhat selfish people.
  • Judith : Hebrew, meaning «Jew». They are very emotional and sensitive people, so they become very intuitive when faced with a problem.
  • Joselyn : of English origin meaning «happy». They are romantic, excel academically and love peace and quiet with their family.
  • Jolie : French origin meaning «cute», «cute». They are sensitive, sociable and sociable people.
  • Jessica : Slavic origin meaning «predictable». These women are delicate, considerate and take great care of their children.
  • Jacqueline : Greco-Latin in origin meaning «God will reward you». These people are intelligent, generous and wise.
  • jade : a name that comes from a stone, of Spanish origin and means «precious stone». These are people with great initiative who love to conquer the world and learn with ease.
  • Julen : of Basque origin and a variant of Julen meaning «with strong roots». They are fighters, sociable and have excellent organizational skills.
  • Jacinta : Greek origin meaning «what comes from the hyacinth». These women are seductive, curious and don’t care about being alone.
  • Josune : It comes from Jesus or Jesus which means «Messiah». It stands out for its beauty and appearance, and sometimes even extravagant.

Boy Names with J

If you’re looking for a beautiful and resonant name, I have to tell you that boy names with an initial «j» always set the trend. With this initial, we can find much more traditional names located in Spain, but we must not forget that they all come, most of them, from our Jewish ancestors. Find out what is the origin of each and its meaning.

  • James : of Hebrew origin meaning «replacer». These are very peaceful and calm people, in love they are sweet and gentle.
  • Hyacinth : of Greek origin, which comes from the name of the flower. They are very dedicated and independent and like to understand their partners.
  • Jael : of Hebrew origin meaning «mountain goat». These are people with great charisma who adapt to any environment and are free in love.
  • Jaime : of Hebrew origin meaning «replacer». They like to be sociable and very cheerful. In love, they are very faithful.
  • Jairo : of Hebrew origin meaning «one that shines». They are great artists, practical and smart. They love adventure and are very independent.
  • Jasper : Hindi origin meaning «magnificent». His personality is very shy in love, very intellectual and quite reserved.
  • Xavier : of Hebrew origin meaning «great building». These are very noble people who fulfill all their obligations. They stand out for their great independence.
  • Jorge : of Greek origin meaning «farmer», «gardener». These are very emotional, reliable and romantic people.
  • Jeremiah : Hebrew origin, variant of Jeremiah. He has a very emotional, intellectual and legal personality in love.
  • Jesus : Hebrew in origin meaning «salvation». These are people who like to be among people, are hardworking and strive for a serious relationship.
  • Jethro : Hebrew in origin meaning «perfection». They are always accompanied by kindness, they are very creative and have a great mind.
  • Johnny : of English origin meaning «God is merciful». They are lovers of freedom, therefore they do not like obligations and are very seductive and refined.
  • Jonathan : of Hebrew origin meaning «gift of God». He is well versed in technological fixes and video game development. In love, this is not very single-minded, and they should be more dedicated in their studies.
  • José : Hebrew, meaning «God will add. » These are very quiet, modest people, they love to get involved in their work, both in painting and in art.
  • Julio : Greek origin meaning «a man with a thick beard». They are very sensitive and are strongly affected by social inequality.
  • Justin : of Latin origin meaning «one who does justice». These are very creative, sensitive people, so they love very much.
  • Joao : Portuguese version of the Hebrew name Joao, meaning «God is full of grace.» These people are very open, hospitable and talented.
  • Justin : of Latin origin meaning «honest». They have a very outgoing and trusting nature and they like to be very curious.
  • Jairus : name of Greek origin meaning «enlightened one». These are people with a great character, sometimes they are personified as arrogant, but they are very independent in their will.

In today’s article, we present you with a name that is pleasant to associate with. He is very outgoing, a friend of his friends, and quite unlike his personality. Without further ado, I will explain everything you need to know about the origin and meaning of Joel .

There are people whose personality makes you fall in love. This is the case of the name we offer you today. Tenderness, simplicity, interest in society and a certain independence, but devotion to one’s partner. Do not miss, below I will tell you all the details about the origin and meaning of Jessica .

Jennifer is a bit of a complicated woman. He conveys kindness and humility to those around him, and this is hard to find in any person. However, his personality also hides a somewhat dark undertone. Read on to find out all about him0005 Meaning Jennifer.

Much has been said about this name, the meaning of which is directly connected with the help of the divine, therefore this name is one of the most requested for believers who want their children to have the greatest possible support. Find out about this and other interesting facts about the fabulous name Jonathan below.

A controversial name, the creator of everything we know about heaven and earth, or at least most believers think so, this name is very strong and at the same time has a very important biblical meaning, with a great history and many presence in our present we represent Name of Jesus join us to tell all about its meaning.

Mysterious and curious, that’s the meaning and origin of Xavier , a name with etymology and meaning that leaves no one indifferent, if have you come this far? Whether your name is Javier or you know someone by that name, stay tuned and discover many wonderful things in one of our articles.

The name we are going to explain to you today is one of the most popular in Spanish. It has a long history and has been translated into several languages. Know all the information about the origin, identity and the meaning of the name Jorge is .

This time we analyze a man who is one of the most popular male babies in Spain. It is simple, beautiful and rich in origin, which fathers and mothers decide on. In the next article, we will explore in detail the meaning of the name Huang, all about its origin and etymology.

In the text that we are going to analyze on this occasion, we want to present to you all the features that are associated with personality and is the meaning of the name José. It is very common in Spain and is passed down from generation to generation.

87 unique girl names starting with the letter J

Congratulations — you have a baby girl! Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned professional, there’s a lot to think about.

And between baby brains, the names of old classmates you want to avoid, and all your friends adding their girl name ideas, choosing the perfect name for your newborn can be tricky. So Kidadl is here to help you and bring an unbiased baby name from all over the world for your baby girl.

It’s important to choose a name you like, you’ll talk a lot about it. So, whether you have Scottish heritage or are a lover of the sea, try picking a theme that you are connected to. We’ve collected as many girl names that start with J as we could find and broken them down into 9 different areas of inspiration. If you’re looking for girl names that start with the letter J, we’ve got the full list right here.

Popular girl names beginning with J

While it can be nice to have a girl’s name that’s a little different, some parents don’t want the name to stand out too much. So, if you’re looking for a little more traditional girl names starting with the letter J, then this list is for you.

Jacqueline (French origin), which means «He who displaces».

Jaime (Spanish origin, feminine form of James), meaning «He who displaces»

Jenna (English origin, diminutive of Jennifer), meaning «Beautiful Ghost» or «White and Smooth».

Jennifer (English origin) which means «Beautiful»

Jessica (Jewish origin) which means «he sees»

Gillian (Latin origin) which means «young»


3 (Hebrew origin), which means «praise» or «a woman from Judah.»

Josie (English origin, diminutive of Josephine), meaning «Jehovah is increasing.»

Josephine (French origin), which means «God will multiply»

Julia, Julie (Latin origin), which means «young»

Juliet (English origin), which means «young»

Names3 Celebrity Girl Names That Start With J

If you’re looking for girl names that start with J that are a little different, you can always rely on the wacky celebrity world to inspire your search.

James (Origin in Hebrew) which means «That which displaces». Usually a boy’s name, James became a more popular girl name as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold named their first little girl James.

Jada (Jewish) meaning «He knows». Jada Pinkett Smith helped this variant of Jade become popular as a baby name for girls.

Jagger (English origin) meaning «Carter». Made famous by Rolling Stones legend Mick, Jagger became a girl’s name when actress Soleil Moon Fry chose an unusual nickname for her little girl.

Jolene (modern feminine form of Joseph), meaning «God will multiply.» Made famous as a name for baby girls thanks to the classic hit by Dolly Parton.

Jolie (French origin), meaning «Pretty», became a popular name for girls because of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

Judy (Jewish) meaning «He will be praised» Judy Garland made this variant of Judith more popular with girls.

Female Names for John

If you have a girl but have a male relative you would like to honor, here are some lovely girl names starting with the letter J, derived from the masculine «John» that you you can use instead.

Jane (English origin, feminine form from John), meaning «God is merciful.»

Janice (English origin, feminine form of John) ‘God is merciful’

Jean (English origin, feminine form from John), meaning «God is merciful.»

Jeanne (French origin, feminine form of John), meaning «God is merciful.»

Jeanette, Jeannette, Jeanette (French origin, feminine form of John), meaning «God is merciful.»

Joanna, Joanna (Latin origin, feminine form of John), meaning «God is merciful.»

Juana, Juanita (Hebrew and Spanish origin, feminine form of John), meaning «God is merciful».

Kindness Inspired Girl Names Starting With J

If you’re looking for baby names that start with J for girls that speak of virtue and innocence, this list is for you.

Jaffa (Jewish origin), which means «beautiful»

Jaganmata (Hindi origin), which means «Mother of the World»

Jamila (Arabic), which means «beautiful»

Janoa (Jewish), which means «Quiet and calm».

Jendayi (African origin) meaning grateful or grateful

Junko (Japanese origin) meaning obedient or pure

justice (French/Latin origin) meaning «fair conduct or treatment»

Justine (Latin origin), which means «Just and Righteous»

Happiness inspired

Girls names beginning with J

More than anything, children bring us happiness, so it makes sense to look for girl names that reflect this. If you are looking for girl names starting with J that also speak of happiness, this list of girl names is for you.

Jocelyn (German origin), which means «cheerful»

Joy (French origin) means «joy»

Yovita (Latin origin), which means «delighted»

Joy (English origin), which means «happiness»

Joyce (English origin), which means «joyful» or «cheerful».

Jyotis (Hindi origin) meaning «light of the sun»

Nature-inspired girl names starting with J

From flora and fauna to the changing seasons, the world is full of color and beauty, making nature the perfect place to find baby names, especially for girls. Any nature lover is sure to find what they are looking for in these baby names that start with the letter J for girls.

Jacinda (Spanish origin), which means «hyacinth»

Jade (Spanish origin), which means «side stone» and refers to the famous green gemstone.

Jael (Hebrew origin), which means «mountain goat».

Yarita (Hindi/Sanskrit origin) which means «famous bird»

Jasmine (Persian origin) means «Gift from God» and refers to the flower.

Gemma (English origin), meaning «jewel».

Jemima (Hebrew origin), which means «dove»

Jessamine, Jessamine (French origin) named after the jasmine flower

Jessami (Persian origin) meaning «jasmine flower»

Jewel (English origin) meaning «precious stone»

Hebrew origin 6 ), which means «ram’s horn».

Juniper (Latin origin) means «young» and refers to a small evergreen shrub.

Mythological girl names starting with J

Some of the best baby names come from Greek and Roman mythology — who wouldn’t want to name their baby girl after an almighty god or goddess? So if you’re looking for girl names that start with J that are as majestic as your own little girl, this list is for you.

January (Latin origin) Derived from Janus, the Roman god of doorways.

Jocasta (Greek origin), daughter of the king of Thebes and mother of Oedipus

June (Latin origin) descended from Juno, goddess of marriage and childbirth. It can also simply mean «Born in June».

Junel, Junette (Latin origin) comes from Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Juno (Latin origin) named after the goddess of marriage and childbirth

Jupiter (Latin origin) means «father Zeus», Jupiter was a god in Roman mythology.

Spiritual inspiration

Girls names beginning with J

Many of our oldest baby girl names come from religious texts. And more recently, as we started experimenting a little more with names, many of our new girl names also found their inspiration in various kinds of spirituality. So if you’re looking for girl names starting with J that also reflect your spiritual side, search this list.

Janet (French origin) meaning «God is merciful».

Janine (Jewish), which means «gift from God»

Janka (Jewish), which means «gift from God»

Geovana, Geovanna (English origin, female form from Giovanni) which means «God is merciful».

Genesis (Jewish origin), which means «origin» or «birth».

Jenica (Romanian origin), which means «God is merciful»

Joelle (Jewish origin), which means «Jehovah is Lord».

Jordan (Hebrew origin), meaning «flowing down», was originally used to refer to children baptized in holy water from the Jordan River.

Journey (English origin), which literally means journey

Judah (Hebrew origin), which means «praised»

Judith (Jewish), meaning «Jew»


Girls’ names beginning with J

If you’re looking for baby girl names that are really special and don’t feel overused, you’re sure to find some baby name inspiration here. From ancient to modern, baby girl names starting with J will make your little one stand out from the crowd.

Jamini (Sanskrit origin) meaning «night» or «evening».

Jacob (Hebrew origin, female form of Jacob), meaning «That which displaces» or «grabbing the heel.»

Jadrian (English origin), a modern combination of the names Jay or Jade and Adrian

Jadwiga (Polish origin) means «military battle» ”, “impressive” or “illustrious”.

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