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A Super Fun Birthday Scavenger Hunt {Free Printable!}

Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate someone’s birthday this year? This birthday scavenger hunt is perfect for kids, adults, boys, girls, and really anyone celebrating a birthday! With free printable birthday scavenger hunt clues and tips for setting up the scavenger hunt, you’ll get all the birthday scavenger hunt ideas you need in one place! 

A New Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Let me start by saying this is a totally updated birthday scavenger hunt. If you’re looking for the old one from Pinterest (seen in the image immediately below), you can still get it.

Simply download the file via the “download the printable file” box at the bottom of this post, and there will be a link in the email you receive to the old one.

I made that original birthday scavenger hunt years ago. Since then I’ve created over 25 different scavenger hunts for all sorts of occasions. If there’s one missing from this list of scavenger hunts, let me know and I’ll add it to my to-do list!

That being said, I’ve made a brand new birthday scavenger hunt, and I think it’s even better than the original! That’s the one this post talks about now.

I created this new birthday scavenger hunt after numerous people asked me to expand the old one to more than just four birthday scavenger hunt clues. I also depersonalized it a bit so you could use it in the morning, afternoon, or evening – not just as a surprise right when someone wakes up!

And one other change – you can add surprises to this one along the way if you want but don’t have to, the clues don’t necessarily indicate there are certain things along the hunt like the old one did.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Since this week is my son’s seventh birthday (ahhhh, where has the time gone since my life was changed forever seven years ago??) and he’s obsessed with all scavenger hunt ideas, I thought it’d be fun to make a brand new birthday scavenger hunt. We’ll be doing this and this virtual scavenger hunt with family and friends! 

These birthday scavenger hunt clues included in the free printable are similar to ones I’ve made for previous hunts. A few things to note that make this scavenger hunt good for anyone.

The clues are generic enough that they should work at anyone’s house (e.g., fridge, mailbox, front door). I used to do more specific things around our house (e.g., fireplace) but found that not everyone could use them because their house didn’t have a fireplace.

I’ve created both a boy and a girl colored version – so if you have a red loving boy like I do, you can use the boy colored one. Both are included (along with the old birthday scavenger hunt clues) in the printable file.

They’re also generic enough that they’d work for kids or adults. I’ve done things like this with my husband before, and he absolutely loved it! And I know I’ve always been a sucker for my family’s annual Christmas scavenger hunt!

There are eight total clues including the starting clue and the finishing note. You can use all eight or skip around if you’d rather do less.

You can use this birthday scavenger hunt in a couple of different ways. You could set it up overnight and leave your loved one the first clue to find when they wake up (kind of like filling their room with balloons).

You could give them the clue when they get home from school/work (that’s what we did) and set it up while they’re out of the house.

Or you could do this at a birthday party for kids and have them all hunt together. This would be perfect to get them a bit more active after playing these birthday party games!

How to Setup a Birthday Scavenger Hunt

First things first, you need to print and cut out the printable clues. The PDF comes with four pages – one set of boy clues and one set of girl clues. Mix and match if you’d like but know the two sets of clues are identical other than colors.

As you’re printing and cutting out the cards, I highly recommend keeping them in the order (right to left and top to bottom) that they’re printed in.

And I even recommend taking it a step further and writing on the back of the cards where the card clues should be placed (not where they lead but where the clues should be placed). For instance, I knew this card needed to be at the mailbox so guess what I wrote on the back?

I promise that says mailbox, even if you can’t actually read it.

Adding something on the back is super helpful for when you’re actually setting up the scavenger hunt, especially if the cards get out of order.

Also, make sure to set aside the first clue – you’ll give this to the birthday person!

Once the clues are cut out, you have a decision to make. Are you going to do one surprise at the end of the scavenger hunt or gifts along the way?

We decided it would be a fun way to give my son his gifts, so we put scavenger hunt clues on the gifts and hid them along the hunt.

Now we didn’t open anything until the end – but it added an element of fun and surprise to see what kind of present was waiting him with his next clue.

You can totally skip the gifts and just do something at the end as well, especially if you’re doing this for a bigger group of kids. Totally up to you!

Once you’ve made that decision, it’s time to hide the clues (and/or gifts).

Hide the next clue wherever the first clue leads (I believe it’s right outside the front door). Then hide the third clue where the second clue leads (pot + pans cupboard). And so on.

Continue hiding the clues until you get to the final happy birthday note – put that with the final surprise or gift in the final destination (bathtub).

All that’s left is to give the birthday honoree the first clue and let the fun begin!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Video

Watch the video below (or in the sidebar if you’re on desktop) to see how fun and easy this birthday scavenger hunt is!

Download the Free Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues

Enter your first name and email address in the form below to get the free printable. You’ll be immediately taken to the PDF to download and receive a copy to your email shortly after. If you can’t see the form below, click here to get to the form to enter your info.

As mentioned above, the email will have both a link to the new birthday scavenger hunt AND the old birthday scavenger hunt – just in case you’re looking for that one!

The PDF will have four pages – the first two are the boy colored version of the scavenger hunt and the second two are the girl colored version. They are the exact same – simply different colors!

Get the Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Enter your first name and email below to get the free printable and to join the Play Party Plan email list. You’ll receive an email momentarily with a link to download the file.

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Other Fun Birthday Ideas

No matter what age you’re planning a birthday for, I’ve got some other great ideas that both kids and adults will love!

  • 30th birthday gift ideas
  • 50th birthday ideas
  • Gifts for 3-year-old boys
  • Birthday party games
  • Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party 101

Don’t forget to pin this birthday scavenger hunt for later!

Free Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

This indoor scavenger hunt for kids will have kids laughing as they search all over the house to find things on the list! See who can find something that sparkles, something that’s unique, and more with this free printable indoor scavenger hunt!

In the past four months, we have done more scavenger hunts in our house than I can even count. It all started with this alphabet scavenger hunt and then this neighborhood scavenger hunt.

Now my son just assumes I’ll have a new scavenger hunt for us to try out each week.

This indoor scavenger hunt for kids is one of my favorite additions to our scavenger hunt collection for two reasons.

First, it makes kids think a bit. Instead of looking for a specific object (like a ball), they have to look for something that is soft, bright, sparkly, etc. 

It takes some actually thinking and creativity, not just knowing where an item is. 

Second, it’s one you can do over and over again because it is about finding something that… rather than a specific object. Tell kids to find different things each time!

Also, while this is technically an indoor scavenger hunt, you could easily do this as an outdoor scavenger hunt as well. It may just be a bit more challenging to find things like something yummy. 

And if you’re looking for a virtual scavenger hunt, this would be a great one. Read out the descriptor words and have people bring something back that fits the bill! 

How to Make an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

All you need to do to make this scavenger hunt is print out the what to look for list!

That’s it! 

Oh and if you want to laminate it to use again later, that’s always a good plan as well.

So print the indoor scavenger hunt for kids, give them a pen (or dry erase marker) and let them go on a hunt. 

If you want them to prove that they found something, you could send a camera or a phone with a camera along on the way to snap photos, kind of like we did with this photo scavenger hunt, of the objects they find! 

But if your kids are anything like mine, they likely will be so excited about finding all of the items on the scavenger hunt, you won’t need to incentivize or encourage them to do it with the photos. 

How to Do an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Okay now that you have the scavenger hunt printed out, what now? 

This scavenger hunt is a bit different than others on my site because it doesn’t give you specifics with what to find.  

Instead, it gives you ideas to find something that. For instance, something that is green, something that is flat, something that is fun. 

Kids can use their own creativity to find items that fit the description – that’s one of the most fun parts of this scavenger hunt anyway!

Have more than one kid playing? They can either do it together or print out two different scavenger hunt cards and let them find things and mark them off on their own! 

Older kids who like competitions? See who can finish the card first! 

One other rule – each item can only work for one thing on the list. So even if something is red, flat, and shiny – it can only count for one of those things, not all three. 

Unless of course you want this scavenger hunt to go quickly, but I’m guessing that’s not the point of doing this indoor scavenger hunt. 

Download the Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Enter your first name and email address in the form below to download the scavenger hunt. You’ll be sent an email with a link to a PDF that includes three pages: 

  • Pink background scavenger hunt 
  • Dark background sacvenger hunt
  • Page with one pink and one dark scavenger hunt

All three pages are the same exact scavenger hunt, just different designs. I know some people like to use these for particular themes or as birthday party games, so I made two colors to hopefully fit more themes. 

If you do not see the form below, click here to get to it. 

Get the Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Enter your first name and email below to get the free printable and to join the Play Party Plan email list. You’ll receive an email momentarily with a link to download the file.

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More Scavenger Hunts for Kids

  • Christmas scavenger hunt
  • Birthday scavenger hunt
  • Halloween scavenger hunt
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Disney scavenger hunt

Don’t forget to pin this indoor scavenger hunt for kids for later! 

Create your own home adventure with your printer

Create your own home adventure with your printer — Canon UK


Don’t get bored — explore! Find out how a PIXMA printer and a little imagination can help you create an exciting adventure game.

You don’t have to go far to organize a fun adventure. Children love to play games, especially if there is a treat at the end. A little creativity and paper modeling templates at Creative Park, along with a Canon printer and double-sided matte paper, make it easy to create your own mini-quest at home, whether it’s a treasure map leading to hidden chocolate coins or an adventure map with different games on way.

Once you’ve decided on a venue, print out multiple copies of the map so you have enough copies for participating family and friends, then make treasure chests full of treasure and hide them in your garden or nearby park. This is the perfect option to celebrate a birthday, get together with the family or just please your children during the summer holidays. Plus, it’s a fun print project that the whole family can get involved in—just seven easy steps are between you and your desired result.

1. Create a map project

Let the children help you create maps. If they are young children, use a black pen to outline the outline, then let them color it with pencils and pens.

Once you’ve decided on a treasure hunt location, you’ll need to create a map of the area. Do not worry that it does not look very realistic, because the main thing is that it is easy for children to use it. Try to find prominent objects that children can navigate to, such as a greenhouse in your garden or a large tree in a local park. Make sure you make the card bright and attractive enough.

2. Copy and print

Canon PIXMA printers such as the PIXMA TS8340 have a copy function that makes it easy to make copies of cards.

If needed, you can create a digital version of the map by choosing to scan instead of copy. It can then be transferred to a computer and smartphone using the Canon PRINT app, then emailed to friends and family so they can prepare for adventures together.

You will likely need several cards, especially if you are hosting a game for a party. We have great news — a Canon printer like the PIXMA TS8340 makes it easy to copy and print maps to create as many versions as you want. Simply put your card in the scanner, load paper, press «Copy» on the touch screen, and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure that the correct paper type is selected in the print settings — in our case it is matte photo paper.

3. Use the Creative Park 9 app0011

All templates in the Creative Park app are downloaded with separate instructions that can also be printed.

Once the cards are printed, it’s time to get the treasure chests ready for play, and the best way to find models to print is to go to Canon Creative Park. You can open the PC version or download the dedicated Creative Park 1 app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store. Once downloaded, you’ll need to create an account or sign in — it’s free, and you’ll have access to hundreds of creative templates and inspiring ideas to print with your Canon printer. To find suitable treasure chests, simply enter «box» as your search term and select the option you like. To match the theme we chose, we decided to use different boxes, including a leaf-shaped pattern and a treasure chest-shaped one.

4. Print Paper Models

Canon’s easy-to-connect PIXMA printers offer incredibly convenient printing from the Creative Park app.

Wirelessly connected, Canon printers such as the PIXMA TS8340 allow you to easily print selected templates directly from the application. A printer icon will appear at the bottom left of the screen — tap it and the Canon PRINT app will guide you through the printing process, including selecting the paper size and media type. After completing these steps, the Creative Park application will send the information to the printer over the wireless network, and the printer will start printing.

5. Create Treasure Chests

Simple instructions in Creative Park will help you create chests and boxes with ease.

After cutting out, kids can take part in folding and gluing for a fun pre-adventure activity.

After printing the chests, it’s time for the fun process of assembling these paper models. They need to be cut first — parents should do this, but if you have children’s scissors, let the children try their hand at this. Some models simply fold, others may require a bit of stationery glue to assemble, but most chests assemble in a few steps of paper folding. Don’t forget that in the Creative Park app you will find easy step-by-step building instructions.

6. Put the prizes in the chests and hide them

Once crafted, you can fill the chests with real «treasures». They make great rewards after an outdoor adventure.

Now that you’ve finished making the treasure chests, it’s time to hide them in the garden — don’t forget that small children won’t be able to reach them if they are placed too high.

The chests are ready, and your kids are sure to be jumping for joy — it’s time to fill the chests with «treasures» and hide them in the garden or park nearby, after which you can announce the start of the treasure hunt. Try to hide them so that the children cannot see where you put them. After you hide all the chests, mark their location on the map so that the children know where to look.

7. Start the treasure hunt!

Fun time! Watch as your kids follow the directions of the drawn map as they try to find the treasure chests.

That’s all — you could brighten up the day and keep the kids busy while walking outside.

Distribute cards and follow the children as they search for boxes and treasure chests. Don’t forget to bring your Canon camera with you to take some memorable shots!

Author: Phil Hall

  1. For compatibility with Canon inkjet printers, see this web page.
  • Home printers

    PIXMA TS8340

    Unleash your creativity with a wide range of media and create vibrant photo cards with FINE technology and 6 single ink cartridges.

  • Inkjet printers

    Matte Photo Paper MP-101

    Matte photo paper produces high quality photos, graphics and text. It is also suitable for creative uses such as greeting cards, signs and paper crafts.

    More Matte Photo Paper MP-101

  • Inkjet printers

    Matte Photo Paper MP-101D

    Bring your ideas to life with this versatile media. Ideal for creative and modeling enthusiasts, this paper is the best choice for creating greeting cards, scrapbook materials and paper models from Creative Park.

    More Matte Photo Paper MP-101D

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