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Debate: Would you get a bikini wax before labour? — Today’s Parent

«Yes, of course I got a bikini wax before my due date.»

By Rebecca Eckler, mother of two

Until you’re in the hospital, ready to deliver, you really have no clue just how many people will see your vagina on display during childbirth. But we moms know that so many strangers get a good look, it may as well be on a billboard in Times Square.

I got a Brazilian and a pedicure before both of my babies were born. I know obstetricians and nurses have seen every type, shape and amount of hair down there, and that no woman should be embarrassed if her lady bits aren’t neat and tidy, but I’m just so used to being groomed. If you’re someone who gets a bikini wax or a pedicure before big life events (like a wedding or a trip), wouldn’t you want to look and feel beautiful for what is most definitely one of the biggest events in your life? I can’t think of a better time to look your best.

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Maybe it’s superficial. But I also felt like it was practical: In my mind, I was making life easier for the obstetrician and nurses. If I de-Chewbacca’d, at least they wouldn’t have to play hide-and-seek in a forest of hair. Plus, labour can be very messy. Why not clean yourself up a little before any damage is done?

I’ve heard fellow moms-to-be say that some doctors suggest you don’t get a bikini wax before childbirth, but my OB never mentioned it, so I didn’t feel I was breaking any rules.

Right before having a baby, many women feel at their worst. Your feet and ankles are swollen, and you’re walking like a penguin in slippers. A little bit of pampering—in the form of a pedicure and wax—can help you feel better. It reminds you that you don’t have to stop your regular beauty routine just because you’re about to be a mother.

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Plus, getting a wax before your due date is simply good planning. You don’t realize how exhausted you’ll be once the baby arrives. The sleepless nights cause a weeks-long zombie-like state. You’re so out of it that if someone asks you your name, you have to think about it. You’re too tired to leave the house, let alone get to the salon (and you might not want—or be able—to leave your infant).

In the lead-up to labour, many women have no idea how things are going to go down on the big day. Feeling ready for your close-up can give you a small sense of control.

«No, I don’t think waxing is important before childbirth.»

By Jacqueline Parker-Court, mother of one

My very first thought when I saw two pink lines on the pregnancy test was, Am I seeing double? We’d tried so many times before without success. My second thought was, Ouch, this is going to hurt.

For the next 40 weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking of a Joan Rivers joke I’d once heard: that giving birth feels like stretching your bottom lip over your head. You know what wasn’t on my mind during pregnancy? How well groomed my private parts should be on delivery day. If anyone had even suggested a bikini wax to me, I would have snapped. After nine months of carrying around a bowling ball and a few weeks of Braxton Hicks contractions, who is crazy enough to torture herself with extra pain and discomfort? I have never felt the need to modify my natural body for the sake of being polite. Who says waxing down there is polite, anyway? (Flip through any Playboy magazine circa 1970 and you’ll see what I mean.) A fresh pedicure is pretty much as groomed as I get. At 25 weeks, I had a pedicure at one of those cheap nail places with the massage chairs that make you look like you’re doing the worm. I was already the size of a small fishing village, so I wasn’t very happy when the esthetician rolled up my pant legs and said, “Oh. Here for a leg wax, too?” Are you kidding?

I’ve also heard that waxing hurts a lot more closer to your period, due to increased levels of estrogen (which makes your skin more sensitive). Imagine that level of pain, multiplied by all the pregnancy hormones. Many OB/GYNs will tell you not to wax close to your due date because of the risk of infection, and some hospitals, mine included, prefer to do a clean shave themselves. (Free hair removal, courtesy of your medical team!)

I wasn’t concerned about what the doctors or nurses would think about my grooming choices. I was there to have a baby, and I knew there’d be more to clean up than just a bikini line. After two days of active labour and an emergency C-section, all eyes were on my beautiful daughter, not the hairiness of my nether region. So keep the hot wax away from me.

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This article appeared in our June 2014 issue with the headline, «Would you get a bikini wax before your due date?» on p. 98.

This article was originally published on May 15, 2014

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To Wax or Not to Wax Before Giving Birth

Many women (and even their medical practitioners) will tell you there’s nothing wrong with a little pampering before the “Big Day. ” (Baby’s Delivery Day, that is.) And when you think about it, this is a brilliant idea. Veteran mommies can tell you; there’s no tired like new baby tired. Trust us on this. Making time for a mani and pedi will be the last thing on your to-do list after baby arrives. At least for a couple of months. So why not go for the big shebang ahead of time? Get a prenatal massage, trim, and color touch up…but, should you get a bikini wax before giving birth? Or worse, a Brazilian?

Will it hurt like hell? And more importantly, is it safe? We’ve heard that some OBGYNs will advise against shaving or waxing down there for at least 30 days before your due date to avoid the risk of infection. Others have no issue with it, kind of like the whole solids vs. clear liquids during labor debacle. It all depends on your doctor. Our advice? Just ask. See what he or she has to say.

There’s no question about it.

I could see how getting a bikini wax (or even a Brazilian) before heading to the hospital might help you feel “cleaner” (and less Chewbacca-like, for lack of a better term) postpartum. Like the aforementioned mani and pedi, “maintenance” down there will be the last thing on your mind — especially if you experience tearing. And I mean, let’s be honest, there are a LOT of eyes (and hands) down there near your lady business. But these guys are professionals. These doctors and nurses have seen IT ALL. You do not have to be embarrassed. Birth is beautiful. Everything else is secondary. And if you are going to do it? Maybe try not to wait until the last minute. About a month before your due date seems ideal.

If you aren’t consistently getting waxed, you may want to consider going another route.

Let me be clear, I would not (under any circumstance) recommend getting waxed for the very first time, right before giving birth. Some women say they experience more pain and even bleeding with waxing during pregnancy. Yikes! Better yet, can you even imagine trying to get your legs over your head (and your big pregnant belly) for the poor aesthetician to get at you? The imagery alone is downright laughable. It might just be easier (and slightly less awkward) to hop into the shower as labor begins and let your significant other help you tidy up a bit — you know because it’s hard to see around the baby bump. Whatever you decide, you do you.

Tell us! Did you decide to wax before giving birth?

Why did you decide this (or not)? Did you experience any problems or complications? We’re curious and want to hear! Happy laboring!

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Whether to do epilation before childbirth, advice and indications — Epil Salon

Whether to do epilation before childbirth, advice and indications — Epil Salon

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Expectant mothers always doubt what to choose before giving birth — shaving or epilation. Hair removal in the maternity hospital is mandatory, it facilitates the work of doctors when suturing and making incisions.

Removal of intimate hair is considered hygienic because it reduces sweating and reduces the chances of bacterial growth. A woman with clean and smooth skin feels confident and comfortable.

Methods for removing unwanted hair in the bikini area are different:

  1. Shaving — the machine is the easiest to use, but after shaving the hair grows back coarse, irritation and cuts often occur, and the likelihood of infection increases.
  2. Depilatory cream — the composition of the products includes substances that are not entirely beneficial for the skin and can cause allergic reactions, in fact it is the same as when using a razor. Pregnant women should avoid depilation by this method.
  3. Sugaring is a hygienic procedure for removing hair with sugar paste, the composition of which is 100% natural. After shugaring, there is practically no ingrown hair.
  4. Wax depilation — the master processes the bikini area with film wax, removing all unwanted hairs.

If in ordinary life a woman can choose any of the methods without hesitation, then a pregnant woman, and even more so in the later stages, should make a choice consciously so as not to harm the child. From the point of view of hygiene and safety, it is preferable to do salon waxing or sugaring. These methods have a low probability of damage to the upper layers of the epidermis, irritation and itching.

Hair removal is especially relevant for pregnant women:

  1. Long-term effect — from 2 to 4 weeks.
  2. Minimum irritation, no risk of infection (during pregnancy, immunity is often weakened).
  3. Moderate pain, the whole process is controlled by an experienced master.
  • Choice of salon and master.

    It is better to give preference to professionals with medical education. Observance of hygiene rules (work in gloves, disinfection) is obligatory.

  • When to start?

    If a woman has never epilated, it is better to start in advance so that the hairs become thinner closer to the term of childbirth and the pain is not so pronounced.

  • Wax or sugaring?

    The method is chosen by the master, based on his experience. Sugaring is usually preferable, as sugar paste is less irritating and ingrown hairs are less common after sugaring.

Hair removal salon «Epil Salon» provides all types of hair removal. Our experts will help you quickly and painlessly get rid of unwanted hair on any area of ​​the body. For pregnant women, we select modern remedies that effectively solve the problem and do not harm the mother and child. All cosmetic products with which we work are certified.

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Epilation and sugaring before childbirth — how to remove hair

The period of childbearing is a crucial time for every woman. New processes take place in the body, the condition of the skin and hair changes. Women are demanding of themselves, vulnerable.

The natural desire of pregnant women is to be attractive and well-groomed. The skin becomes drier, allergic reactions to familiar and previously suitable hygiene products occur. In most women in position, hair grows faster, which means that epilation should be done more often.

All the way, from the beginning of pregnancy to childbirth, women visit specialists. They go for check-ups, they take tests, they do tests. Even at this stage, expectant mothers are looking for an option for safe for the baby, but effective hair removal. What options are being considered:

  • Shaving
  • Hair removal with depilatory creams
  • Sugaring
  • Waxing
  • Using a home epilator
  • Photoepilation, laser hair removal, electrolysis.

What methods are allowed

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. During the first, manipulations that can lead to uterine tone are undesirable. The safest way to remove hair during this period is considered a razor. It causes irritation, dry skin, ingrown hairs, the effect is not long-term. When using a razor, you need to be careful. Many get scratches and cuts. But for the sake of the health of the unborn child, it is better to gain strength and be patient.

Depending on the pain threshold, women can use other methods: household epilator, hair removal with sugar paste or wax. Due to the increased sensitivity to pain during pregnancy, these methods are not recommended for bikini and underarm hair removal. It is important to listen to your feelings and act in the interests of the child.

From the middle of the second trimester, the risk of miscarriage decreases. If a woman does not experience discomfort when pulling out her hair, you can use a home epilator, sugaring or waxing. After them, the skin remains smooth longer, the hairs grow more slowly, become thin and invisible. Each time you need to carry out the procedure less and less.

How pregnant women should not remove hair

There are hair removal methods in which pregnancy is an absolute or relative contraindication.

Depilatory cream . Contains components that destroy keratin in the hair. The composition is applied to the skin in a thick layer and removed with a special spatula after a few minutes. The product contains aggressive components, smells bad, causes swelling of the respiratory organs, itching, irritation, and an allergic reaction. The thin, dehydrated skin of pregnant women is unpredictable. Therefore, doctors strongly do not recommend the use of depilatory creams.

Hardware methods . These include photoepilation, laser hair removal and electrolysis. Device manufacturers warn that they should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. The effect on the fetus has not been studied, so these methods cannot be used. If the salon administrator convinces of the safety of hardware hair removal for a child, we can conclude that the staff is incompetent and wants to make money at any cost.

Features of prenatal hair removal

Maternity hospitals make demands on the appearance of women in labor. The skin of the intimate area must be clean-shaven. A prerequisite is that if suturing is necessary, the site must be prepared. Skin that has been cleansed of hair is easier to process, and bacteria multiply more slowly on it.

It is necessary to use a razor in anticipation of childbirth almost every day, and because of the voluminous belly, a woman cannot remove all the hairs well on her own.

It is inconvenient and long to remove hair with a home epilator. The skin requires pre-treatment, the application of soothing agents. It is difficult to do it yourself

If the pain threshold allows, it is better to contact the hair removal master. He will offer a suitable option: sugaring or waxing.

Why it’s better to leave the epilation to a professional

An experienced sugaring and waxing specialist can reduce the pain of exposure.

By alexxlab

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