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50+ Names That Mean Grey, Gray Or Silver


Baby names are often chosen because they sound good or evoke a certain emotion. Some parents also pick names based on their favorite color or animal.

It’s no wonder you’re here looking for names that mean grey, gray or silver. 

Or perhaps, you’re looking for a name for your grey cat.

The color grey represents calmness, practicality and serenity – something that makes sense because of its lack of vivid hues. Grey is usually a neutral color, but it is also considered a cool color.

Sometimes it is also associated with old age and by implication, wisdom.

If you’re looking to give your baby a name that reflects a peaceful, calm and reserved individual, then grey names are the way to go! 

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Boy Names That Mean Grey, Gray or Silver

#1 Argento

This name is of Italian origin, which means “silver” or “resembling silver”.

It’s majorly used as a nickname for people with silver-gray hair.

#2 Arian

It is of a welsh origin, meaning “silver”; however, in Latin, origin, it means “a very holy, warrior-like, or honorable person”.

Nicknames often used include Aryan, Ariyan, Ary, or Rian.

#3 Blanford

An English name that means “from the grey-haired man’s ford”.

#4 Caeso

Caeso is an ancient Roman first name derived from the Latin word “caesius,” meaning “blue-grey”. It is a rare name. 

It’s used interchangeably with Kaeso since the pronunciation is of the K sound. Related names include Caesonius and Caesonia.

#5 Ferrand

This French name means ” a grey-haired man”. 

#6 Floyd

Floyd is a male Welsh name derived from the Welsh “Llwyd”. It means “grey or grey-haired”. This name is uncommon in the U.S.

Popular nicknames associated include Floy, Floydy, and Floydi.

George Floyd, the African American man who was brutally murdered by the police in 2020, is a famous bearer of this name.

#7 Glaucus

Glaucus originates from the Greek meaning “bluish-grey.” The name stems from Greek mythology and was the name of a sea god.

It’s an ancient and powerful name. If your baby boy shows that impeccable strength, maybe he really is a Glaucus.

#8 Grane 

Grane is a German name that equates to “gray-colored.” It was the name given to the legendary Siegfried swift horse. 

It also has an Irish origin with a different meaning. The name is unique and rare for how simple and elegant it is. You can use Graney or Granie.

#9 Gray

A name of English origin that means “a grey-haired man”. Other interesting ways of spelling Gray are Graye, Grai, Grae, Grey.

#10 Grayson

Grayson means “the son of a grey-haired man” and it has roots in the English language.

#11 Grayton

Grayton is yet another English name that means ” from the grey town”.

#12 Greyley

This unusual boy’s name means “from the grey meadow”. It’s also an English name. 

Other alternatives to Greyley are Greyleigh, Graylie, Graelie, Graely, and Grayley.

#13 Gris

Gris is German for “a grey-haired man”.

#14 Griswold

Another German name that means “from the grey forest”.

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#15 Hartun

This is a rare English name that means “from the grey estate”.

#16 Horton

An English name that means “from the grey town”.

#17 Keslie

The American form of Leslie. It means “of the gray fortress”.

#18 Llyod

Llyod is a Welsh name that means “a grey-haired man” or “one who is sacred”.

#19 Masichuvio

This is a Native American name that means “resembling a gray deer”.

#20 Mingan

Another name of Native American origin. Mingan means “resembling a gray wolf”.

#21 Rajat

This Indian boy name means “as precious as silver”.

#22 Silverman

The German name for “one who works with silver”.

#23 Silverton

An English name for  “from the silver town”

#24 Taklishim

Taklishim means “a gray-haired man”. Its roots is Native American.

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Girl Names That Mean Grey, Gray Or Silver

#1 Aranrhod

A Welsh name for “a large silver wheel”.

#2 Argenta

A Latin name meaning “resembling silver”

#3 Ariana

Ariana is of both Welsh and Greek origins. It means “resembling silver” or “one who is holy”.

#4 Arianell  

Also sometimes called Arianelle. It is a girly name of Welsh origin which translates to Silver. 

It’s an uncommon name, especially in the U.S. Common nicknames associated with this name include Nella, Aria, Ariel, and Nellie. 

#5 Arianwen

Yet another Welsh name meaning “resembling silver”.

#6 Criselda

Criselda is the American form of Griselda. It means “a gray-haired battle maid”. 

Crisel, Criselle, Crisella, Cricely are lovely alternatives.

#7 Fidda

Fidda is an Arabic name for Silver. It makes an excellent name for a baby girl. The alternate form could be Fida or Fiddah.

#8 Gina

This name has different origins and meanings. In Japanese, it means “a silvery woman”. However, in Hebrews, it means “garden,” Latin for a “queen.”

The name itself is a nickname for names like Regina, Luigina, Georgina, and Eugenia. 

However, it can be shortened to Gini, Gigi, Geenie, Geen, Gi, and Ina.

#9 Glaucia 

Glaucia is the feminine form of Glaucio, which is of Portuguese origin, and means “bluish-grey”. 

Ancient Greek mythology has it as the daughter of the Trojan river god. 

This name is gaining popularity due to its elegant and stylish sound. Nicknames ideas are Glauci, Glauciane, Glaucie, and Glauciana.

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#10 Griswalda

A German name meaning “woman from the gray woodland”.

#11 Griselda

It is said to be of Germanic origins. Derived from the word “gris” meaning “grey” and “hild” meaning “battle.”  Griselda means “dark battle” or “grey maiden warrior.”

This iconic name tells of a patient woman in old folklore. The name is widely used in English, Italy and Spain. 

Cute nicknames include;  Zelda, Selda, Gris, Grisel, or Grizel.

#12 Hiriwa

Hiriwa is a Polynesian name that means ” a silvery woman”.

#13 Joo-eun

This is a lovely Korean name that means “resembling a silver pearl”.

#14 Jumanah

Jumanah is an Arabic name that also means “resembling a silver pearl”.

#15 Kailasa

This exotic Indian name means “from the silver mountain”.

#16 Leslie

This beautiful female name means “of the grey fortress”. It’s of Irish origin.

#16 Liadan

This is another Irish name that means “the grey lady” or “an older woman”. It’s sometimes shortened to the exquisite-sounding, Lia.

#18 Silver

An English name for the precious metal.

#19 Simin

This pretty name is Iranian. It means “a silvery woman”.

#20 Sooleawa

Native American for “resembling silver”.

#21 Tarachand

Tarachand is Indian for “silver star”.

#22 Yin

This Chinese name means “a silvery woman”.

#23 Zelda

Zelda is German for “gray-haired battle maiden”. It is a short form for Griselda. It’s a simpler but prettier variant of Griselda.

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You'll be mesmerized by these unique names that mean grey or gray!

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Gray, Grey, Or Silver

#1 Argyro 

Argyro is of ancient Greek origin which translates to “Silver”. It’s not a famous name, especially in the U.S. but remarkably known in Greece and Cyprus. 

Nicknames used are Rea, Argo, Argiris, Agiros, Ritsa, and Roula.

#2 Gray

Originates from Old English and an alternate form of “grey.” It was given to people with gray hair or clothing.

Initially used only for surnames but now tends to be used as given names. It is very rare in the U. S. So, unique is it that it has not made the top 1000 baby names in over 100 years! 

#3 Grey

An Old English name that’s an alternate form of “gray.” It was given to people with grey hair or clothing.

In the past 10 years, it has made it into the top 1000 baby names in the US. Grey works well as a middle name.

#4 Silver

Named after the precious metal Silver, it is of English origin. The name is often used for wealthy individuals or silvery grey hair. It’s a unique name with a good history. 

Naming your baby Silver can also be likened to how precious your child is to you. Potential nicknames are Silvern, Sylvie, Silviu, Sil, Silverlyn, and Silva.

Wrapping Up

Many parents choose grey names because they believe that these names are unique and trendy. 

You may also be considering blue names or red names because it has a special meaning for you or you just love these colors.

Whatever, your reason, I hope you found a cool grey color name in the list of names above.

There are plenty of wonderful baby name articles on Mums Invited to get you started. If you liked our Grey Baby Names options, you might like to check out the finest names meaning home.

Hearty congratulations! 



Baby Names That Mean Gray

If you’re looking for a dark and moody name for your little one, check out this list of baby names that mean gray. From Cecil to Leslie to Ash and beyond, each of these names is a winning option. Take a look!

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  • Argenta Argenta is a bleakly shaded Latin-American girl’s name. The particular meaning of this name is “gray-silver.”
  • Arianwyn Arianwyn is a griseous Welsh girl’s name. The meaning of this one name is “woman of gray-silver.”
  • AshAsh is an overcast unisex name of Old English origin. This particular name alludes to the color of black and gray remnants of burnt matter.
  • AshleyAshley is a grey-faced unisex name from Old English. This specific name has the same meaning as the name Ash.
  • Brandford Brandford is an English boy’s name of gray meaning. This unique name means “gray man’s ford.”
  • CecilCecil is a Latin boy’s name for gray sky births. This particular name’s meaning is “gray eyes.” Cecil Harvey was he lead protagonist of “Final Fantasy IV,” a man who begins the game as a corrupt dark knight but eventually atones and becomes a heroic paladin.
  • Eirian Eirian is a grey-shaded girl’s name from the Welsh and Irish tongues. The exact meaning of this name is “silvery-gray.”
  • Eun Eun is a pearly unisex name from the Korean language. The specific meaning of this name depends on character used; 恩 can mean “charity,” “kindness,” “mercy” or “charity” but 銀 means “silvery-gray” or “money.”
  • Farand Farand is a smoky French boy’s name. The particular meaning of this name is “gray-haired.”
  • Farrant Farrant is a sooty boy’s name of French origin. The specific meaning of this name is “gray-haired.”
  • Glaucia Glaucia is a unisex name from the ashen reaches of Ancient Rome. The exact meaning of this name is “bluish-gray.”
  • Graden Graden is a pallid boy’s name from England. This name’s exact meaning is “gray-haired.”
  • Gradon Gradon is an English boy’s name with a wan distinction. This particular name’s meaning is “gray-haired.”
  • GrahamGraham is a gunmetal boy’s name from the English language. The specific meaning of this name is “child from the gray home.”
  • Griswalda Griswalda is a sooty Germanic name for girls. This unique name’s meaning translates as “child from the gray forest.”
  • Greeley Greeley is a hoary English name for a boy. This one name means “child from the gray meadow.”
  • Jumana Jumana is an ashen, Arabic name for girls. The particular meaning of this name is “gray-silver pearl.”
  • LesleyLesley is a smokey Gaelic name for both boys and girls. The specific meaning of this name is “hailing from the gray fortress.
  • Leslie Leslie is a wan Gaelic name with unisex application. The proper meaning of this name is “hailing from the gray fortress.”
  • Lioslaith Lioslaith is a sooty Scottish girl’s name. The meaning behind this name is “she who dwells at the gray fortress.”
  • Liosliath Liosliath is an ashen boy’s name from Gaelic. The meaning of this name translates into “he who dwells within the gray fortress.”
  • Picabo Picabo is a Native American girl’s name or pearly bearing. The exact meaning of this particular name translates as “gleaming gray creek.”
  • Sage Sage is a sooty unisex name from both the Old French and Latin languages. As for this name’s meaning, it alludes to the plant’s gray-green coloration. Famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone named one of his children Sage Moonblood Stallone.
  • Silver Silver is a smokey, rare English language name of unisex purpose. This name is derived from either the precious metal, a reflective gray-white substance, or the specific shade of gray coloring that the precious metal derives its name from.
  • Yin Yin is a Chinese name of wan merit and unisex applications. The exact meaning of this name depends on the specific character used; 银 equates to “silver-gray” or “money,” 音 means “sound” or “tone” and 荫 can mean “shade” or “protect.”

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popular, beautiful and cool nicknames

The appearance of a kitten in the house is an important event for all family members. Of course, it will bring a lot of trouble, but even more pleasure and joy. And the first question that will have to be solved together is what to name a small pet. The gray color of a kitten can affect the choice of his name.


  • 1 Main criteria for choosing a nickname

  • 2 Popular nicknames for gray kittens

  • 3 Names for gray cats girls with meaning

  • 4 Names for gray cats boys with meaning

  • 5 Names for gray cats and cats according to breed

  • 6 Foreign nicknames for gray cats and cats

  • 7 Cool nicknames for gray cats and cats

  • 8 How not to name a gray kitten

Basic criteria for choosing a nickname

There are a great many nicknames for cats. Lists of hundreds of names are posted online. Simple recommendations will help you choose a name that is pleasing to the ear of the owner and pet:

  • The nickname should not be too long and complicated, because then it will be reduced to an easier-to-pronounce option. It is better to think about it in advance. Rhododendron will turn into Rodya, and Ultramarine into Ulya.
  • It is desirable that the name contains hissing sounds, as cats hear them best. It is not for nothing that the sounds that cats are called to in different countries contain hissing sounds. You also need to consider that cats perceive the first three letters of their name well, and it is on them that you need to focus when choosing a nickname.
  • Well, if the nickname is somehow connected with the individual characteristics of the animal — its breed, character, habits, appearance, etc.
  • The animal must like the name . You can arrange a test: call the pet like that for several days. It happens that cats clearly show whether they approve of the nickname or not.

Pedigree pets already have their name in the passport, often long and complicated, so you have to come up with an abbreviated version of it

Popular nicknames for gray kittens

Gray cats are considered calm and phlegmatic, friendly and accommodating. But at the same time they are distinguished by a strong character and independence. In Rus’, mystical properties have long been attributed to gray cats: it was believed that a gray cat guards the house from evil spirits, helps to cure certain diseases, and contributes to the successful course of pregnancy and childbirth.

There is an interesting belief: if a gray cat crossed the road, then you need to say after her: “A gray cat is a good turn” — this will bring good luck in business

The most popular nicknames for gray babies are often associated with the color of their fur. Cats with normal mouse gray coat can be called:

  • Smoke (Smoke, Smoke),
  • Grey,
  • Serge,
  • Sega,
  • Fog,
  • cloud,
  • Top,
  • Owl,
  • Ashes,
  • Pebble,
  • Mouse (Mouse),
  • Carnation,
  • Tobacco.

Pets with a noble blue tint are often called:

  • Cornflower,
  • Turquoise,
  • Topaz,
  • Sapphire,
  • Crocus,
  • Blue,
  • Dove (Dove),
  • Lavender,
  • Dusk,
  • Shadow.

And, finally, the following popular nicknames are suitable for silver-gray kittens:

  • Frost,
  • Gray,
  • Silver,
  • Moon,
  • Chinchilla,
  • Veil,
  • Chrome,
  • Crystal,
  • Star,
  • Thunderstorm.

If you do not tie the name to the coat color, then the choice increases many times . In Rus’, it was allowed to call cats and cats by human names, unlike dogs. The most popular were Vaska, Stepan, Timofey, Mashka, Martha. Musically purring animals from ancient times to this day are called Murziks and Murki. You can choose a nickname that is popular at all times: Barsik, Fluff, Bayun, Kotofey, Tishka, etc.

If desired, a gray kitten can be called any human or cat name by association with the appearance and character of the pet

If you want to reflect the color of the coat in the kitten’s nickname, but at the same time be original, you can use the names of gray metals: Chrome, Aluma, Steel, Beryl, Selenium, Tungsten, etc. Or start from outdated names of gray shades, such as bisnoy ( silver), armored (white-gray), busty (gray-blue), havana (gray-brown), ash (ash), pearl barley (pearl gray), soot (gray-black). Unusual names will turn out: Bis, Bron, Bus, Havana, Zola, Pearl and Soot.

A kitten of dark gray color will suit the nickname Soot or Cloud

Names for gray cats girls with meaning

For young cats, you can choose a name from ancient Greek mythology:

  • Athena — goddess of wisdom,
  • Aphrodite — goddess of beauty,
  • Hebe — goddess of youth,
  • Hera — queen of the gods,
  • Gaia — goddess of the Earth,
  • Hestia — goddess of the hearth,
  • Dryad — celestial nymph,
  • Iris — the goddess of the rainbow,
  • Clio — the muse of history,
  • Metis — goddess of wisdom,
  • Muse — the patroness of science and art,
  • Nike — goddess of victory,
  • Nikta — goddess of the night,
  • Nymph — junior goddess of nature,
  • Rhea — mother goddess,
  • Selena — Goddess of the Moon,
  • Theia — goddess of light,
  • Phoebe is the source of light.

The names of the famous goddesses of Ancient Rome are suitable to emphasize the individuality of the pet:

  • Aurora — goddess of the dawn,
  • Aura — goddess of air and wind,
  • Venus is the goddess of spring, love and beauty,
  • Vesta — goddess of the hearth,
  • Diana — goddess of the moon and nature,
  • Maya — goddess of the earth,
  • Flora — goddess of spring and flowers,
  • Ceres — goddess of marriage and fertility,
  • Juno is the queen of heaven.

A cat’s name can also reflect her behavior:

  • Fun,
  • Joke,
  • Zlata,
  • Mila,
  • Lada,
  • Rada,
  • Nezhka,
  • Weasel,
  • Belka,
  • View,
  • Skoda,
  • Bullet,
  • Storm,
  • Lapa,
  • Sonya,
  • Nyasha,
  • Fifa,
  • Lady,
  • Diva,
  • Donut,
  • Baby,
  • Masyanya,
  • Lynx,
  • Puma,
  • Wild.

Names for gray cats boys with the meaning

Small cats can also be called ancient Roman names:

  • Cupid — the god of love,
  • Bacchus — the god of winemaking,
  • Vulcan — god of fire,
  • Mars is the god of war,
  • Mercury is the god of trade,
  • Neptune — god of the seas,
  • Pales — god of shepherds,
  • Pluto is the king of the underworld,
  • Saturn is the god of time,
  • Sylvan — patron of the forest,
  • Faun — god of forests and fields,
  • Jupiter — the supreme god, the lord of the sky,
  • Janus — two-faced god.

Ancient Greek mythology is a rich source of meaningful names:

  • Ares — god of war,
  • Boreas — god of the north wind,
  • Helios — god of the sun,
  • Hermes — messenger of the gods,
  • Hephaestus — god of fire,
  • Hypnos — god of sleep,
  • Zeus — god of thunder, supreme god,
  • Zephyr — god of the west wind,
  • Kronos — god of time,
  • Morpheus — god of dreams,
  • Nereus — god of the calm sea,
  • Ocean — god of the sea,
  • Orpheus — famous singer and musician,
  • Plutus — god of wealth,
  • Strong — the spirit of nature,
  • Titan — pre-Olympic giant god,
  • Triton — sea god,
  • Uranus — a symbol of the sky,
  • Phoenix — mythical bird,
  • Eol — lord of the winds,
  • Ether — eternal light, a symbol of air.

Names for gray cats and cats depending on the breed

Most often gray color occurs in the following breeds of cats:

  • British,
  • Scottish Fold,
  • Cartesian,
  • Russian blue.

If you want to link the pet’s name to its breed, then for the first two you can take any English name, title, title:

  • Norton,
  • Stanley,
  • Jim,
  • Bruno,
  • James,
  • Oscar,
  • Charlie,
  • Sam,
  • Becky,
  • Rozzie,
  • Chloe,
  • Pixie,
  • Gina,
  • Cardinal,
  • Lord,
  • Earl,
  • Baron,
  • Milord,
  • Marquis,
  • Mister,
  • Mayor,
  • King,
  • Prince,
  • Lady,
  • Milady,
  • Ms.

For Scottish or British, you can choose a name that is consonant with the name of the breed: Scotty, Brit and English

For the Chartreuse breed, names that emphasize its French origin are suitable:

  • Adele,
  • Arno,
  • Beatrice,
  • Valerie,
  • Gauthier,
  • Jean,
  • Jacques,
  • Claire,
  • Lucy,
  • Luki,
  • Leon,
  • Louis,
  • Marie,
  • Noel,
  • Oda,
  • Paul,
  • Theo,
  • Fifi,
  • Chloe,
  • Emil and others

Chartreuse cats are one of the oldest European breeds

And, finally, you can focus on the origin of the Russian blue cat or cat with the help of ancient Russian names, especially since each of them carries a meaning:

  • Bayan (narrator),
  • Buoy (powerful),
  • Buyana (masculine),
  • Verna (faithful),
  • Years (lucky),
  • Guy (mobile),
  • Gala (soulful),
  • Blue (delicate),
  • Daryon (gifted),
  • Diva (divine),
  • Dragan (precious),
  • Zhivko (live, fast),
  • Zvana (named),
  • Zorya (sparkling),
  • Spark (nimble),
  • Kras (beautiful),
  • Lada (sweet),
  • Mira (reconciling),
  • Nezhata (tender),
  • Novik (new),
  • Oles (forest),
  • Ratmir (warrior of the world),
  • Ryakha (clean),
  • Sidor (precious),
  • Siyan (shining),
  • Smeyana (cheerful),
  • Stojan (unbending),
  • Brave (brave),
  • Charusha (generous, kind),
  • Chayan (desirable),
  • Yang (positive),
  • Yara (solar).

Russian Blue cats got their name from the bluish hue of their fur

By the same principle, you can choose a name for a gray kitten of another breed.

Foreign nicknames for gray cats and cats

Above are foreign names for cats, tied to their breed and origin. It is no less interesting to use foreign words for the nickname that describe the color of the cat.


  • Ash, Asha (ash),
  • Blue (blue),
  • Gloom (gloom),
  • Grey, Gray, Grace (grey),
  • Dusk (Dusk),
  • Maus (mouse),
  • Moon, Muna (Moon),
  • Silver, Silva (silver),
  • Smoke, Smokey (smoke),
  • Steel (steel),
  • Fog (fog),
  • Shadow (shadow).

Different languages ​​for gray:

  • Griss — in Galician;
  • Grisa — in Basque;
  • Laya in Irish;
  • Sinsa — in Portuguese;
  • Peleks — in Latvian;
  • Harma in Finnish
  • Hull — in Estonian.

Silver designation in different languages:

  • Zilarra — in Albanian;
  • Aryan — in Welsh;
  • Ergea — in Irish;
  • Silfur — in Icelandic;
  • Fidda in Maltese;
  • Argenta — in Esperanto.

Cool nicknames for gray cats and cats

Funny and funny names for cats are usually associated with food and other objects from the human environment. However, here the imagination of the owners is not limited by anything. Just make sure that the nickname is decent and allows you to communicate with the pet by name in front of other people.

  • Bucks,
  • Concrete,
  • Wafer,
  • Virus
  • Gluck,
  • Thunder,
  • Joker,
  • Yozhka,
  • Zhu-zhu,
  • Cupcake,
  • Coconut,
  • Cuckoo,
  • Noodles,
  • Lexus,
  • Meow,
  • Neo,
  • Ninja,
  • Mink,
  • Pirate,
  • SMS,
  • Tequila,
  • Tyrant,
  • Wushan,
  • Fall (from asphalt),
  • Chip,
  • Flash drive,
  • Pound,
  • King,
  • Chukchi,
  • Chumazik,
  • Overcoat.

A cool nickname can get bored with the owner soon, but the cat will get used to it

How not to name a gray kitten

A gray kitten, like any other, should not be called offensive and obscene names, so as not to offend the pet and not feel guilty later . This refers to such nicknames as Buggy-eye, Glutton, Angry, Stinky, etc.

The name for a kitten should not carry an offensive or offensive meaning, because it leaves an imprint on the character and behavior of the animal

When naming an animal by a human name, think about whether there are people in your environment with that name, because most people don’t like it if their name is used for an animal.

Thus, the choice of nicknames for gray kittens is great and allows their owners to fully show their imagination. However, when choosing a name, one should not forget about the interests of the pet itself.

  • Author: Alla Danilova