11Th birthday ideas for girl: 50 Unique 11th Birthday Ideas (Cool Ideas for Boys & Girls)

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50 Unique 11th Birthday Ideas (Cool Ideas for Boys & Girls)

Turning 11 is a big deal. Your child is growing up, finding their place in the world, gaining independence, and perhaps moving up to a different school now. While it can be a scary transition, it’s also an exciting time.

To commemorate this rite of passage, you might be looking for unique and fun ways to celebrate your 11-year-old. We’ve compiled a list of 50 11th-birthday ideas to make the day special for you and your child.

We’ll share ideas for boys, girls, winter birthdays, last-minute ideas, and party games. With our guide, you’ll create a fantastic bash from start to finish.

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  • 11th Birthday Ideas for Boys
  • 11th Birthday Ideas for Girls
  • Party Games for an 11-Year-Old’s Birthday
  • Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Olds in Winter
  • Last-Minute Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Olds
  • How To Make an 11th Birthday Very Special
  • What Do 11-Year-Olds Do for Fun at Home?
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11th Birthday Ideas for Boys

Whether this is your first time throwing a party or the 11th, deciding what to do can be hard. But we have 10 ideas for themes, food, gifts, and more.

1. Mad Scientist

Turn your son’s birthday into a weird, wacky, and somewhat educational experience. From lab coats to lab rat chocolates, to a group experiment, to hilarious goody bags, everyone in attendance will have an epic time.

2. Visit the Arcade

Visiting the arcade makes for a bucket load of fun! The kids can play dozens of games, at a reasonable price, before enjoying some food and slushies in the diner. Give each kid a budget, and let them go wild as they compete against each other to win prizes.

3. Backyard BBQ

If your son is a fan of barbecue food, throw him a backyard bash with his friends. He’ll feel like a real grown-up! You can grill meat, veggie burgers, and fish. Lay out a delicious platter of burger and hot dog toppings, chips, and of course, refreshing beverages.

4. Water Party

A water party is a total splash in the summer! From crazy sprinklers to slip and slides, kids will be thrilled by this party idea. Finish with a water balloon fight followed by delicious ice cream and tasty nibbles.

5. Ninja Warrior

This unique idea will delight boys who love obstacle courses, ninjas, and yummy snacks. Get your son and his friends together, dress everyone in ninja outfits, and introduce them to a handmade obstacle course inside or outside the house.

6. Party in the Park

Eleven-year-olds might have outgrown regular playgrounds. But if you can find a bigger-scale playground with lots of activities, slides, and climbing frames, your son and his buddies will love it! Pack a picnic for everyone to enjoy between running wild.

7. Junior Chef Party

Is your son a foodie? Why not take him to a cooking class with a few friends? You could even host it at home if you can teach them a simple but delicious meal to share together.

This will take care of food but also teach the kids something new. Plus, we’re sure there will be lots of laughs and silliness along the way!


Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking to get your son an unforgettable gift, consider a Nintendo Switch. This handheld console is excellent for solo play and multiplayer games. Plus, you can turn it into a birthday party idea by inviting his friends over to play some new games.

9. Slime Kit

Slime is a super fun 11th birthday gift idea. A slime kit usually comes with various colors, textures, and features, like glowing in the dark. You can also use this as a party game — kids can work together to create something out of the slime.

10. Lego Set

What better gift for a young boy than a Lego set? They’re now capable of more complicated kits, like this fish tank idea. You can also turn this into a group activity by letting your son build a set with his best friends.

11th Birthday Ideas for Girls

How will you celebrate your daughter’s 11th birthday? We first recommend asking her what she would like to do, but if she can’t decide, read this list together and see if anything calls to her.

11. Painting Party

This cool idea doesn’t get old for the artsy gals. Decorate with colorful balloons, banners, and food. Lay out a canvas and paint for each guest, and challenge them to paint something. They can choose anything they want, or you can make a still-life centerpiece for them to copy.

12. Mall Scavenger Hunt

Does your daughter love going to the mall? Turn this destination into a fantastic party with a scavenger hunt. Divide her and her friends into two or three teams and give them a list of things they need to find. This could include getting photos of one of the team members wearing high heels, on an escalator, or testing a celebrity’s perfume. Once the game is complete, enjoy some grub in the food court!

13. Decades Party

Ask your daughter which decade she would like to time-travel back to! Any 20th-century decade will make for a great party. Decorate with the appropriate motifs, make some retro food, and play some simple games, while guests dress up in old clothes!


Sleepover Party

This is the prime age for sleepover parties. The kids are less reliant on adults — so you can actually get some sleep — and they can entertain themselves. All you need to do is set up a sleeping area, be in charge of food, and make sure everyone is safe and happy. The girls might watch movies, play games, or just talk all night!

15. Adventure Playground

Girls with a daring streak will love this party idea. Take your daughter and her friends to an adventure playground or high ropes course, and let them live amongst the trees for the afternoon!

16. Garden Party

It’s like an outdoor picnic but a little more classy. Set up an outdoor table with cushions, beautiful balloons, and gorgeous cakes for your daughter and her friends to enjoy. If the weather stays nice, they can play games outside or just chill, enjoying each other’s company.

17. Baking Party

Make a cake together, or make them in advance and let the girls decorate them. This makes for a nice group activity, takes care of the party food, or provides a lovely goody bag idea since they can take their creations home.

18. Quiz Art

Eleven-year-olds are getting to know themselves well. With this kit, girls can answer the questions asked about themselves, choose the corresponding thread, and make a unique design. If she wants to do it with friends, get her the Quiz Bracelets instead.

19. Polaroid Camera

Young girls will go wild for this gift! This Polaroid camera allows them to take their own photos and print them out immediately. For her next birthday, Christmas, and other holidays you celebrate, you can gift her more film each time.

20. Glow in the Dark Blanket

While she might have outgrown her baby blanket, that doesn’t mean she won’t want a cozy comforter through the night. But go the extra mile by choosing a glow-in-the-dark blanket that stands out from the crowd, is reassuring at night, and looks super cute during the day.

Party Games for an 11-Year-Old’s Birthday

At this age, birthday parties might run themselves, as the kids will likely create their own entertainment. But it’s still important to have a few ideas up your sleeve in case the party lulls. Here are 10 fun games to play at an 11-year-old’s birthday party.

21. Chocolate Hunt

Hide a variety of chocolate around the party venue. Write out clues for where they are all hidden, or let the kids hunt the house on their own. Remember where you hid each one so you don’t find it totally melted years down the line!

22. Trivia

Split the kids into small teams and test their knowledge. A trivia quiz is so fun at this age and will be a great icebreaker for kids who don’t know each other that well. You can ask questions on various themes, like music, art, history, and sports.

23. Twister

Twister is a great way to entertain kids during a party, especially if you need to find a way to bring everyone together and create some laughs.

24. Truth or Dare

Truth or dare can still be innocent and silly at this age. Write a list of truths and dares for kids to choose from. This can include doing 20 pushups, eating a lemon slice, asking about their strangest dream, their worst fear, and more.

25. Name That Song

This can be done individually or in teams. Make a playlist with popular songs and play the first five seconds of each song. Whoever guesses it first wins a point!

26. Charades

A game of charades is a party must-have. This silly game is great for big or small groups. Split the kids into teams and throw the written prompts into a bowl. The first player chooses a word and acts it out to the group. If the team guesses the word, they score a point.

27. Minute To Win It

Put together a dozen Minute To Win It games, and the kids will be captivated. You can play a balloon toss, cup stacking, rubber band shooting, and more. You can find these games online or on YouTube.

28. Drama Game

Put five items in two shopping bags. These items can be random — like a book, a candle, a scarf, a surface cleaner, and a pair of high heels. Give each team a bag full of items and 15 minutes to create a skit to perform for the other team. There’s no winner — it’s just some good old fun!

29. Hanging Donuts

Tie a string around a few donuts and hang them from the ceiling. Kids have to eat a donut while it dangles above their heads. They cannot use their hands at all. It’s harder than it looks!

30. Piñata

Is a party complete without a piñata? Not in our books! You can buy these at most party stores or general stores. Blindfold each child as they take turns to hit the piñata open.

Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Olds in Winter

You can still have an epic birthday party if you can’t get outside in the summer heat. Here are 10 birthday ideas for 11-year-olds who were born in the winter.

31. Mystery Dinner Party

Kids this age will love a mystery dinner party. Decorate the house with dim lights and sophisticated accents. You can choose a murder game, like Broadway Murder Mystery, and delegate the characters beforehand. Everyone has to arrive in their costume! You can also make the dinner a surprise, revealing each course as it comes.

32. Hotel Pool Party

There are many party places that will host an 11-year-old’s celebration. We recommend renting a hotel function room for gift-giving, food, and drinks. Then let the kids swim in the indoor pool, playing games and enjoying each other’s company. As a special treat, you can stay the night at the hotel with your son or daughter — but send the friends home for some peace and quiet!

33. Pottery Party

An indoor party at a venue is an awesome idea when the weather is damp. A pottery party will be so much fun — the kids can learn something new and take their creations home to remember forever.

34. Laser Tag

This idea is a blast for boys and girls! It works for any time of the year, too. Take the kids to a laser tag arena and let them run around, trying to score points for their team. After the games, you can grab a bite to eat at the venue or take them to a restaurant for some food.

35. Masquerade Ball

Host a masquerade ball for your son or daughter’s 11th birthday party. This works great if your little one wants to invite both boys and girls — everyone can join the excitement. Everyone arrives in a fancy dress and a mask — the kids can dance, play games, and enjoy food. If you’re inviting a lot of people, consider hiring a venue or party room.

36. Karaoke Party

Celebrate your child’s 11th trip around the sun with some happy music! Rent or buy a karaoke machine and take song requests. Kids can sing together or turn it into a competition — who has the best vocals, who is the best performer, who is the funniest at the mic?

37. Escape Room

Taking the kids to an escape room will ensure this is a party nobody forgets! This incredible bonding activity will be terrific for the kids but also for any adults that are chaperoning. You can take them to an official escape room, or if you’d rather, you can make your own at home.

38. Movie Marathon

You can host a movie marathon at home or visit your local theater. At this age, kids will enjoy watching a movie or two. If it’s part of a series, like Harry Potter, it will be so fun to watch a few films in a row. Don’t forget the popcorn!

39. Spa Party

Whether you’re having a spa party at home or you’re treating the girls to an authentic spa experience, this is a great idea for wintertime. The girls can get their nails done, chill poolside, and do face masks together.

40. Tubing Party

Enjoy the winter snow with a tubing party! It’s safer, and therefore less stressful, than skiing or snowboarding. Plus, anyone can go tubing — no special skills required!

Last-Minute Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Olds

Whether you have been super busy, or your child has just decided randomly that they actually do wanta party — we have 10 last-minute ideas for you. These are easy to throw together in a few days, or a few hours, but they’ll still be very memorable.

41. Pizza Party

Order some pizza, invite a few friends around, and hang out. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy — your closest delivery service will do! No prep for you, minimal clean up, but some very happy kids!

42. Scavenger Hunt

If you have a day or so to plan the party, a scavenger hunt is a quick thing to do. Plus, kids will love it. Write a list of random things they need to find, whether indoors or outdoors. Prompts could include a black tie, a picture of a green flower, a book with numbers, and so on. You can play this at home, outside, or in a public space, like a library.

43. Video Games Party

If you have a lot of video games, and your son or daughter has a few friends they want to invite, why not throw a video games party? It’s super easy to plan with minimal prep. All you need to think about is easy food — like pizza, pasta, or sandwiches.

44. Beach Party

Do you live near a beach? Then you can definitely plan a last-minute party there! Invite a few friends to go with you, pack a picnic and some cake, and the kids can play on the sand and in the water. You can also open presents at the beach to make the party feel more like a birthday.

45. Outdoor Group Activity

Whether you forgot — or your child changed their mind at the last minute — an outdoor group activity is easy to plan at short notice. You can go canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, swimming, and more.

46. Go To a Restaurant

You can usually find plenty of restaurants with availability at short notice. Take your child and a few friends to a restaurant they’ve always wanted to try! You can sit at a separate table to give them some time to themselves, making this feel like a very grown-up event for the birthday boy or girl.

47. Sports Party

What’s your child’s favorite sport? It’s easy to plan a sporty get-together at short notice. Whether you take them to a basketball court or swimming pool or to play a round of volleyball, this is a fun way to exercise and celebrate a significant birthday.

48. Board Games Night

A board games night is an unforgettable (and easy) way to celebrate an 11th birthday. Use games you already have, or buy them a new game for their birthday. They can play for hours with friends while you provide yummy food to keep them going.

49. Fashion Show

Whether you ask everybody to wear an unusual but trendy outfit, or you provide the costumes, a fashion show is fun and easy to plan. Kids can dress up, strut their outfits on a homemade catwalk, and rank each other. If you have time, add a theme for some extra excitement.

50. Makeover Party

If you’re happy to share your makeup, or buy some cheap stuff for the party, this is an easy get-together to plan. You can do the girl’s makeup, or they can do each other’s. Try new hairstyles, too! This is a great way to let them experiment, have fun and be silly.

How To Make an 11th Birthday Very Special

Are you wondering how to ensure the party is special but also successful? Here are some invaluable tips for throwing your 11-year-old a party.

  • Host where your child is comfortable: Does your child feel best at home? Do they want to get out of the house? Are they still okay being at the pool with their friends? Ask them where they’d feel most relaxed and host the party there.
  • Plan the guest list: No one expects you to invite your child’s entire class at this age. Keep the party to a decent size, inviting your child’s closest friends. This can also limit drama during the day. We recommend anywhere between two and 10 guests.
  • Do something meaningful: Make sure to plan something your unique child will love. For instance, don’t throw a makeup party or spa day if they hate girly things. Instead, do something that will mean a lot to them.
  • Have a second chaperone: While you don’t need to worry so much about choking hazards and kids falling at this age, hosting will be much easier if you have a partner. This could be your spouse, a close friend, or another parent.
  • Set a time and date: Choose a date that will suit the guests (ask around in advance) and be firm with the start and end times. At this age, the party can last a couple of hours, or it can be overnight. Make sure you leave enough time for all the activities!
  • Warn the neighbors: The party might be loud, especially if you’re doing karaoke or having a disco! Let the neighbors know about the party in advance so they’re not surprised when they hear a bunch of rowdy pre-teens.
  • Make party zones: The kids will likely mingle and move around at their own pace. The party games you planned might go unnoticed. But make sure the house is set up for whatever activities the kids might get up to. Separate the area into zones: for instance, you can have a food zone, a chill zone, a place for games, and a clear path to the bathroom!
  • Supply food and use disposable tableware: Ensure there is enough food to keep everyone going for the party. This might mean a meal, but at the very least — lots of snacks! For ease, use disposable plates, cutlery, and cups so you have less cleanup at the end.
  • Welcome the guests: Your 11-year-old might be a natural host, but they might also be quite nervous. So you, as the parent, must make kids feel welcome when they come in. Offer them a refreshment upon arrival and have an activity to do right away — this could be taking a Polaroid photo, making a nametag, or guessing how many chocolates are in a jar (the winner takes this home later).
  • Make a to-do list: It will be a busy day, so write a to-do list somewhere so you don’t forget a single detail. You don’t want to miss a snack, singing happy birthday, or the gift-giving session.

What Do 11-Year-Olds Do for Fun at Home?

It depends on the child. The beautiful thing about this age is that your child is developing their personality and fine-tuning their interests. This will affect how they spend their day.

Generally, your child might enjoy playing with puzzles, reading books, or doing crafts. Video games, board games, and Lego are also very popular. If they have siblings, they might play games with them, like Simon Says, scavenger hunts, and Hide and Seek.

Eleven-year-olds can also do more adult-like activities like helping with baking, cooking, and even cleaning! If they have specific interests — like drawing, learning origami, or dancing — they will spend a lot of time doing this at home.


Is 11 a Difficult Age?

If your child finds this age difficult, don’t worry — this is normal, and you’re not alone. These early adolescent years can bring a variety of challenges and confusion.

First of all, your child is changing physically (1). Whether they’re going through growth spurts or puberty, this can be scary and overwhelming for young ones. Kids also go through major cognitive changes, as well as emotional and social developments. They are building a sense of self, which can be difficult as they watch their peers change around them.

You should also be aware that around this age, many 11-year-olds will start to question their parents and teachers (2). They’ll also be exposed, whether through a friend or due to their own experience, to drinking, drugs, and possibly, self-harm.

Another major challenge during this time is that friendships change. A lot of people will start forming cliques and groups. Not only can this lead to peer pressure, but it can lead to exclusion, which is often a new experience.

Your child might make impulsive and bad decisions around this time. It’s crucial that you are there for them, explain what makes a good and bad choice, and can keep them safe. Spend quality time with your child, encourage them in their hobbies, and contact a professional if you are worried.

What Can I Do Instead of a Birthday Party?

There are many things to do instead of a party.

One amazing way to celebrate your child without a party is to redecorate their room. They’ve likely grown out of much of the child-like decor, so why not surprise them with an upgrade? You can work on this together to create a timeless and special place for them to relax and sleep.

A shopping trip is also super fun. For my 11th birthday, I went on a shopping spree with my mother, sister, and one friend. It was a lovely day out.

You could also treat your child to a fancy dinner at a restaurant they’ve always wanted to try.

Other ideas include:

  • A family camping trip.
  • Go to a dessert bar.
  • A family vacation.
  • Going to a concert or show.
  • Visiting the beach.
  • Go bowling.
  • Have breakfast in bed.
  • Going for a hike.
  • Go to the cinema.
  • Getting family, cousins, and grandparents together.
  • Get takeout.
  • Bake them their favorite cake.
  • Have a ‘yes’ day.
  • A family day trip to the theme park, water park, or anywhere your child suggests!

What Do You Put in a Goodie Bag for an 11-Year-Old?

Stuck for goodie bag ideas? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Succulent plants.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Pencils and erasers.
  • Temporary tattoos.
  • Candy.
  • Microwave popcorn.
  • Diabolo yo-yos.
  • Mini board games.
  • Mini puzzle.
  • Rubik’s cube.
  • A book.
  • Homemade cookies.
  • A gift card.
  • Playing cards.
  • Sunglasses.

Are Parents Supposed To Stay at Birthday Parties?

At this age, we don’t expect parents to stick around. But we do recommend having two chaperones — yourself and one other person. So you might want to ask one parent to stay if you can’t get your partner, parent, or sibling roped into the job.

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11 Epic birthday party ideas for tween girls

I research and evaluate all recommended products and services. This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on links, I may receive compensation. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please see my commercial disclosure by clicking here.

Are you about to go into party planning mode to host an unforgettable birthday celebration for your tween daughter? Having been there and done it recently, I know that planning the perfect party for a tween girl can be overwhelming. So I’ve compiled a list of 11 fun and fabulous birthday party ideas for tween girls to make your daughter’s celebration one to remember. 

By the time girls reach their tween years, they are starting to flex their individuality and want more say in what they wear and do. Friendships become more defined as they realise that their parents aren’t the centre of their universe. Let’s not even get started on the emotional and hormonal changes!! 

This is all wonderful stuff, but it means that this is the start of some challenging parenting years and the challenge of planning kids’ parties that tween girls will actually enjoy. 

So, if you are struggling to come up with ideas that will meet your tween’s approval, look at this list of ideas for inspiration.  


This list of birthday party ideas for tween girls encompasses a whole range of ideas and inspiration to help you plan the perfect celebration for your daughter and her closest friends. 


Treat your tween and her friends to a luxurious day of pampering with a DIY spa party at home. Set up stations for facials, manicures, and pedicures, with cucumber slices for their eyes and relaxing music in the background. Don’t forget to serve some refreshing fruit-infused water for that authentic spa experience! Hop over to my post on hosting a fabulous tween girls’ pamper party.


Transform your living room into a cosy cinema for a movie marathon sleepover. Pick a theme, let your tween choose her favourite films, and provide plenty of comfy seating and blankets. Load them with snacks and leave them to soak up the movie magic. Hop over to my sleepover posts for more inspiration:

  1. 27 Sleepover ideas for tweens and teens
  2. 60 Snack ideas for sleepovers
  3. 17 Amazing snack charcuterie boards for tweens and teens



Encourage tweens to ditch their screens and unleash their inner artist by hosting a canvas painting party. Provide easels, paint, brushes, and blank canvases, and let their imaginations run wild. You could even hire a local artist to guide the girls through creating their masterpieces. Alternatively, you could find a local art school that offers parties.


Create a thrilling scavenger hunt for your tween and her friends to embark on. Create a list of customised clues that appeal to her interests and have the girls work in teams to solve riddles, complete challenges, and hunt for treasures.


Encourage your tween and her friends to flex their style creativity. Set up a runway and let your tween and her friends strut their stuff in their favourite outfits. Alternatively, provide props and accessories for them to come up with their own fun creations to see who can put together the most ridiculous outfits.

Don’t forget to create a Zoolander-level playlist and have your camera or iPhone ready to capture their fabulous poses! Idea: Grab a group shot, print it out and turn it into thank you cards. 


Provide a variety of beads, charms, and string for your tween and her friends to create unique pieces of jewellery. This is a lovely calm way to celebrate. It is also a great way to get the party guests to create their own party favour, as they can keep the jewellery they make!


Host a baking party for your tween and her friends who love to create and decorate cakes and cookies.  Provide a variety of recipes, ingredients, and baking tools, and let the girls whip up their favourite baked treats. This is also great for self-service party food!! Just add some savoury snacks and fun drinks!


Buy or rent a karaoke machine or download and use a karaoke app on your TV. Then let your tween and her friends sing their hearts out. It is well worth putting together a playlist with your tween in advance to keep things running smoothly at the party. 

Challenge your tween and her guests to dress up as their favourite music stars for extra fun. 

Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine & Microphone


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07/25/2023 12:53 pm GMT


Glow-in-the-dark parties (neon parties) are really popular at the moment. Just check out TikTok for evidence! You will need a room at home you can make dark or hire a venue that can be made dark. You will need to hire or buy a black light and provide some neon props. For example, sunglasses, glowstick bracelets, and necklaces (which can double as party favours). 

50W UV LED Black Light

Buy from Amazon

Neon Glasses Party

Buy from Amazon



Create a mini tween Olympics for sporty girls in your garden or at a local park. Create a fun-filled day with classic games like sack races, tug-of-war, and relay races. End the day with a picnic and some well-deserved treats for the competitors.


A great idea for an on-trend party away from home is to book a themed escape room for your tween and her friends to test their problem-solving skills and teamwork. Choose a theme that aligns with her interests, and let them have a blast trying to solve puzzles and crack codes to escape within the allotted time. Check local listings for escape rooms near you. 


No matter which birthday party idea you choose for your tween girl, I hope the party is a huge success, and your daughter feels like she’s had the best celebration ever and memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh, and one last thing, pop over to my post on great gift ideas for 12-year-old girls that they will actually love.

Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh

Luci is the founder of Mums Make Lists (Est. 2011). Over the last decade or so, she has used her experience as a mum to create useful guides to organising family life. During that time, she has found the most joy in creating lists of ideas and inspiration to make it easier for busy parents to plan and host kids’ parties and find great gifts. Read more.


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a list of original and inexpensive birthday gifts for a girl

Choosing a gift is always a difficult task. It’s no joke, because you want to give the donee a maximum of positive emotions and provide something really important and necessary! Especially when it comes to children. Choosing a gift for older children can be a difficult dilemma.

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» found out what to give a girl for 11 years to make your gift truly unforgettable.

Top 14 best gift ideas for an 11 year old girl

If you have recommendations and additions on the material, you can send them to the mail expert@kp. ru . To discuss advertising cooperation, call +7 (495) 637-65-16 (on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00).

For a young blogger

Photo: pixabay.com

It’s no secret that modern children spend a lot of time on the Internet. Girls especially love Instagram, Tik-Tok, Like and other social networks. Someone just takes photos and videos for the likes of their peers, someone is already quite serious about maintaining and promoting their personal blog. In any case, when choosing what to give a girl for 11 years, you should pay attention to digital novelties.

1. Mobile phone

If it is a gift for a serious occasion, such as a birthday, then you can think about purchasing a new mobile phone. Of course, it is not necessary to buy the latest iPhone model, but you can find a suitable one among the budget options. When choosing a phone for an 11-year-old girl, first of all, pay attention to the quality of photos and the amount of internal memory of the phone.

2. Monopod or selfie remote

Whatever you say, girls sometimes take ten selfies for every walk. And, the right word, it is better not to condemn them for this, but simply to give a high-quality “selfie stick”. Delight and gratitude guaranteed!

3. Stands for mobile devices

For some reason, they are often forgotten, but meanwhile, a phone and tablet stand belongs to the category of little things that make life easier for young bloggers. Look for an unusual stand for a mobile phone as a gift, we are sure that active gadget users will appreciate such a present.

For a beautiful fashionista

Photo: pixabay.com

Girls always remain girls, and they love to spin in front of the mirror a hundred times a day. So, jewelry, fashionable clothes, all kinds of hairpins, combs and even teenage cosmetics will be a win-win option.

4. A set of children’s cosmetics

Every girl wants to imitate adults to try to make up her lips or eyes. Trust me, any 11-year-old fashionista will love the opportunity to use her own make-up kit instead of raiding mom’s makeup bag.

5. Fashion umbrella or watch

Accessories are an important part of any look. Even if the owner of this image is only 11 years old. An unusual umbrella or wrist watch will allow a young fashionista to enjoy the attention of her peers.

6. Jewelry for girls

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets — the choice of jewelry is now extensive. And none of them, for sure, will not be superfluous in a girl’s jewelry box.

For a true fangirl

Photo: pixabay.com

Ask any 11-year-old girl about her favorite actors, singers or animated series and you will immediately receive a huge shaft of information: names, events and facts, right down to your favorite drink or the colors of the object of her adoration. At the age of 11, the young lady already has her own tastes in music, films and books, and will undoubtedly be delighted with any gift with their symbols. Your main task is to remember the names and titles correctly and not to confuse anything when buying!

7. Stationery and books

Whether you are a fan of the Harry Potter saga or a fan of the animated series Gravity Falls, any diaries, notebooks, books, magazines and notebooks with your favorite symbols will definitely come to the court. Especially since many publishers are now releasing entire fan-made series, so there are plenty to choose from.

8. Clothing with fan symbols

A T-shirt, backpack or scarf with the «correct» image will immediately become a hundred times more valuable for an 11-year-old girl than exactly the same, but with a neutral pattern. Flowers, cats and even ponies are no longer held in high esteem — better pay attention to T-shirts with modern idols.

For creative people

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The first clumsy attempts to mold a dog out of plasticine, paint a bunny with colors or knit a scarf are behind us. At this age, girls are already good at needlework, drawing, sculpting, embroidering, discovering more and more new facets of the joy of creativity. If you know that the birthday girl is a creative person, then the list should definitely include something from her hobby.

9. Scrapbooking kit

Which 11 year old girl doesn’t keep a diary? And the diary, of course, must be decorated. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful paper, threads, ribbons, beads, rhinestones on the shelves — your eyes run wide! A good option is to choose a scrapbooking kit assembled in the same style.

10. Set for knitting or embroidery

Modern girls love to knit or embroider no less than our grandmothers. Ideas for creativity now — a lot! Sheathing dolls, creating your own toys, knitting scarves or embroidering pictures — it is better to choose a gift depending on what exactly the birthday girl is fond of.

11. Large coloring book and a set of felt-tip pens

Who said that only small children like to color pictures? Now on the shelves there are a lot of high-quality coloring books with professional drawings. You can choose a coloring book with animal motifs, heroes of your favorite books and films, or just anti-stress drawings. Do not forget to give a set of colored pens or felt-tip pens as a gift.

For a young traveler

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Does your birthday girl lead an active lifestyle, love going out into nature, walking around the city, regularly going to extracurricular activities? In this case, it is worth stopping at beautiful, stylish and high-quality accessories that will become her faithful companions on such trips.

12. Backpack

Surely an 11-year-old girl has a school backpack. But she will definitely need a smaller backpack — not as strict as for school, and lighter. The main thing is that a bottle of water, a light snack and a phone fit in it.

13. Portable speaker

Teenagers love to listen to music from small mobile speakers. So such a gift will immediately raise the authority of your birthday girl in the company. In addition, it will be convenient to take such a column with you during field trips.

14. Water bottle

When going for a long walk or out of town, water is a must. A fashionable and convenient reusable water bottle with the image of your favorite artists or musicians would be a great idea.

Original gift ideas for an 11 year old girl

  1. Stylish hiking backpack
  2. Game console with game set
  3. Diary for secrets
  4. Umbrella with original print
  5. Soft toy
  6. Gift set of bath bombs
  7. Handy laptop bag
  8. Jewelry set
  9. 3D smartphone case
  10. Music speakers
  11. Monopod
  12. External battery
  13. Mountain bike
  14. Soft bed rug
  15. Board game
  16. Silver or gold jewelry
  17. Bedding in warm colors
  18. Eau de toilette
  19. Hoverboard
  20. Roller skates with leg and arm protection
  21. Ionic hair dryer
  22. Embroidery kit
  23. Hair styler
  24. World Scratch Map
  25. Dressing table with mirror
  26. Sunglasses with case
  27. Beautiful housekeeper
  28. Fur plaid with sleeves
  29. Illuminated globe
  30. Luminous keyboard or mouse
  31. Kigurumi
  32. Virtual reality glasses
  33. LED wall writing
  34. Stylish scarf or scarf
  35. Canelocons
  36. Aroma lamp complete with essential oils
  37. Hair straightener
  38. Thermal mug original shape
  39. Cosmetic bag with 9 compartments0104
  40. Scented candle set
  41. Jewelry box
  42. Sweets set
  43. Jumpers
  44. Bath cosmetic set
  45. Instant Camera
  46. Inflatable sofa
  47. Wireless headphones
  48. Fitness bracelet
  49. Magnetic note board
  50. Puzzle
  51. 3D Pen
  52. Fortune cookies
  53. Light Drawing Tablet
  54. Manicure set
  55. Hillis
  56. Fitness mat
  57. Water bottle
  58. LED belt buckle
  59. Printed wall clock
  60. Aqua farm
  61. Soft ottoman
  62. Mug with biscuit holder
  63. Knitted hat and snood
  64. Candy set
  65. Slippers in the form of paws
  66. Sports bag
  67. Perpetual calendar
  68. Dance mat
  69. Set of colorful silicone laces
  70. Living flower
  71. Beauty box
  72. Belt bag
  73. Florarium
  74. Luminous sneakers
  75. Travel case
  76. Cap with bright print
  77. Fashion Wallet
  78. Ant farm
  79. Recipe book
  80. Selfie kit
  81. Hair Jewelry
  82. T-shirt with funny slogan
  83. Crib pen
  84. Green growing kit
  85. Handbag
  86. Eternal Pencil
  87. Desktop organizer
  88. Earmuffs
  89. Designer table lamp
  90. Glitter shower gel set
  91. Large angel wings
  92. Interactive moneybox
  93. T-shirt with equalizer
  94. Mittens with animal faces
  95. Handmade soap
  96. Chocobox
  97. Fluffy pencil case
  98. Photo session certificate
  99. Teen care set
  100. Drawing easel
  101. Bean bag chair
  102. Beach bag-mattress
  103. Hanging chair
  104. Antibuki
  105. Scrapbook paper set
  106. Unusual flash drive
  107. Hulahoop
  108. Warmer toy
  109. Yogurt maker
  110. Snow scooter
  111. Portrait of a birthday girl in cartoon style
  112. Imaging board
  113. Moonlight
  114. Name embroidered towel
  115. Sushi and roll machine
  116. Large set of colored gel pens
  117. Bicycle
  118. Levitating lamp
  119. Smart garden
  120. Inflatable deck chair
  121. Photo portrait
  122. Transformer Scarf
  123. Fabric paint set
  124. LED candles
  125. Butterfly Farm
  126. Gingerbread set
  127. Coloring bag
  128. Cookie cutter set
  129. Tray table
  130. Equalizer Hoodie
  131. Water park visit
  132. Fitball
  133. Hooded terry robe
  134. Set of colored stickers
  135. Gastro bouquet
  136. Travel pillow
  137. Pillow decoration kit
  138. Lunch box
  139. Lovely sleep mask.
  140. Digital photo frame
  141. Flamingo Rubber Ring
  142. Knitted balaclava with ears
  143. Interest book
  144. Newton’s pendulum
  145. Personalized pencil case
  146. Alarm mat
  147. Hair crayons
  148. Telescope
  149. Fashion sweatshirt
  150. Electric toothbrush
  151. Neurorope for one leg

How to choose a gift for an 11-year-old girl

  • A girl at 11 is no longer a small child, although not yet a full-fledged teenager. Therefore, it is important not to follow inertia and not to buy out of habit a completely childish gift. Dolls at this age, as a rule, are no longer relevant. Rather, on the contrary, they can cause indignation: «I’m no longer small.» But plush toys still come in handy.
  • Do not give useful but boring things. A set of textbooks for school or new jeans, of course, are necessary, but they are unlikely to cause delight. But the main thing is emotions!
  • Even if you know the birthday girl well, before choosing a gift, check with her relatives about the actual interests of the girl. Especially if you are going to give something modern and youthful. After all, it may happen that yesterday’s ardent fan of Harry Potter today has completely different idols.
  • When choosing what to give a girl for 11 years, ask her parents directly. Children at this age are often vocal about their desires and dreams, and it may turn out that you will receive clear instructions or even the name of the thing that the birthday girl dreams of.
  • If the child «has everything» and you don’t want to give unnecessary rubbish, you can please the girl with emotions. A certificate for a horseback ride, a master class in clay pot making or drumming will definitely give you an unforgettable experience!

What to give a girl for 11 years

Contents of the article:

  • How to choose a gift for an 11-year-old girl?
  • Best gifts for an 11 year old girl
  • Fashion gifts
  • Useful and practical gifts
  • Original and creative gifts
  • Games and toys
  • Gadgets
  • What to give your daughter for 11 years from her parents?
  • What to give a friend for 11 years?
  • What to give granddaughter for 11 years from grandparents?
  • What to give a sister for 11 years from a brother and sister?
  • What to give a niece for 11 years from an uncle and aunt?
  • Gift recommendation for an 11 year old

How to choose a gift for a girl for 11 years?


When purchasing a birthday present for an 11-year-old person, it should be borne in mind that the girl is no longer a child, but a little lady. And, despite the fact that she is almost a teenager, interesting toys can be a very appropriate gift. And only fashionable and modern things will increase children’s joy from entertaining presents.

To make the right choice, we advise you to read our article.

The best gifts for a girl for 11 years


Given that 11 years is a transitional age, you can easily decide on a gift. The main thing is to give the child what he wants or to make a real surprise. And the TOP-5 of the best and most versatile destinations will help you with this.

Fashion gifts


Girls are always worried about their appearance, so make sure that the birthday girl gets the opportunity to show off her beauty on her birthday:

  • Cosmetics. Getting the first set of cosmetics at the age of 11 is unrealistically cool. You can put lip gloss, delicate shadows and a bottle of perfume in it.
  • Certificate. Knowing the preferences of the child, you can always please the girl with exactly the thing that she wants to receive. Use for this certificate for the purchase of clothes, cosmetics and other things.
  • Accessories. Fashionable glasses and a hoop in the form of cat ears will do. All this will help the birthday girl feel more stylish.

Useful and practical gifts


A gift can be not only fashionable, but also useful, therefore, by giving preference to practical gifts, you will definitely hit the target:

  • Bag. Nothing will please a girl like a bag. You can brag about such a thing to your peers both at school and at a disco.
  • Umbrella. In the rain, he will protect a fashionable hairstyle and will not allow the girl to get sick. And by choosing it, you can focus on any topic.
  • Belt. Decorating herself with an interesting strap, the girl will be able to show off even in strict school clothes. Yes, and in everyday life, it will decorate any image.
  • Bed linen. By purchasing a bed set, you are helping to decorate the girl’s personal bed. And after the holiday, she will immediately be able to try out the gift and imagine herself as a princess.

Original and creative gifts


Usually such things are given when the girl has everything, but you can present an unusual gift just for the mood:

  • Photo session. It no longer matters what she already has, since the session can be different every time. And the girl will only be happy to receive her photos.
  • Master class. Even if a teenager has a lot of things, there is always something to learn. Maybe this time the young princess will discover the talent of a cook or an artist.
  • A trip to the aquarium. Every young lady loves animals and marine life. And your birthday girl will be 100% happy looking at the inhabitants of the underwater depths.

Games and toys


By the age of 11, girls outgrow a lot, but you should not deprive them of their childhood. So keep giving them toys.

  • Collection. Well-known cartoon characters are sold on the shelves of any stores. You will only have to decide what kind of little men and figurines you will add to the collection of the young beauty.
  • Constructor. Just try to choose it according to age. The 3-D constructor is perfect. Here you can collect a bewitching sculpture of animals or objects.
  • Furby boom. Such a thing will allow you to learn how to care for and take care of those who need it.



Even if it seems that such things will not be affordable, then you are deeply mistaken. You can always find a budget option:

  • Electronic book. Many girls love to read, and books are not always financially affordable. This option will solve this problem.
  • Flash drive. It can be purchased in the shape of a heart or a pony, which will undoubtedly please the child with an unusual look.
  • MP3. It’s great when a child can enjoy exactly the music that he likes.

What to give a daughter for 11 years from her parents?


Since mom and dad know their child best, a parent’s gift should be the best.

1 Jewelry

Your girlfriend will definitely like this gift, because you can put your bijouterie and new jewelry in it. And thanks to you, she will have a little secret in which you can hide a love note.

2 Clothing and footwear

All teenage girls want to look fashionable. And by buying a personalized jacket, you will allow you to stand out among the crowd and please a certain boy.

3 Gyroscooter

All teenagers are familiar with this novelty, but not everyone has such a little thing. By purchasing a hoverboard for your daughter, you give her the opportunity to become a leader among her friends. Believe me, the child will appreciate such a gesture.

What to give a girlfriend for 11 years?


If your friend turns 11, then make sure that the birthday girl understands that your friendship means a lot to you.

1 Jewelry box

Agree, it’s time to give the girl something more valuable than children’s jewelry. The gift can be in the form of a small pendant or bracelet. This will show that you believe in her adulthood and help emphasize this in front of your friends.

2 Photo frame

To do this, choose a pleasant moment together and decorate it with an unusual frame. This will remind the birthday girl of how much fun you have together.

3 3d sloths

A funny thing that you can not only eat. With this thing you can amuse your friends and scare one of the adults. They are released in the form of eyes and other horror stories.

What to give granddaughter for 11 years from grandparents?


The granddaughter will expect a special gift from you, because grandparents are more than just relatives. Therefore, care and love should be invested in a gift:

1 Needlework

Buying kits for needlewomen as a gift, you will help your granddaughter learn how to cope with a needle, knitting needles or crochet. This will give the girl a huge plus, because others treat such ladies with great respect.

2 Drawing set

Girls of all ages love to draw. And even if the granddaughter does not know the basics, you can always purchase a special kit that will solve this problem. Yes, and the young lady will like to try on the role of a young artist.

3 Journey

You can please the birthday girl with a little trip. You can present a tour for you and the girl in any country. However, a trip along the river on a boat will also be remembered by her for a long time.

What to give a sister for 11 years from a brother and sister?


Brothers and sisters are both friends and loved ones at the same time. Therefore, the gift should obviously not be simple:

1 Set for baubles

Receiving such an item as a gift, little sister can become a designer of her jewelry herself. Such an occupation will bring her real delight.

2 Mug-jar

Every girl will be pleased to receive a fashionable little thing with which she can take a selfie and brag to her friends. And she will definitely succeed, because the girls often come to visit each other.

3 Art notebook

The gift is good because the sister can write down her innermost thoughts in it, draw interesting drawings or make notes for every day.

What to give a niece for 11 years from an uncle and aunt?


Nephews always remind their children, therefore gifts are presented with warmth in the heart.

1 Concert ticket

A girl at this age must have her own idols. And it was hardly possible to get to their concert. But you can make her dream come true right on her birthday by giving her a ticket.

2 Doll

All girls have a maternal instinct, but simple dolls can hardly be enough. So give talking baby dolls or collectible dolls. The birthday girl will be happy to spend time with a new ward.

3 Twister

The game will allow the girl to establish relationships with her peers. By inviting the guys to visit, she will be able to cheer them up and make them want to come to her again and again.

Recommendations for choosing a gift for a teenager aged 11


To buy a gift for a teenage girl, you should understand that she is still a child, but already with her own hobbies and requests. Therefore, each present should please the eye, cheer up and bring such benefits that all the girlfriends gasp.

It can be a doll, a new outfit or even underwear, but for this you should consult with your parents before buying. Believe me, they, like no one else, are aware of what the birthday girl will be happy about.

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