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Free Math Puzzles — Mashup Math

Sharing these fun puzzles with your kids is a great way to get them thinking mathematically and solving problems in a fun and engaging way! Try these free puzzles with YOUR kids today!

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Number Sense Math Puzzles for Grades 3-8

Grades 1-3

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

Grades 4-5

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

Grades 6-8+

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

Math Riddles, Puzzles, and Brain Teasers for Kids!

⬇ Gummy Pyramid

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Moon Math!

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Teddy Squares

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Handshakes!?

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Guaca-Math!

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Pattern Problems!

PDF Worksheet | Key

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Math Coloring Activities for Grades 1-8!

⬇ Basic

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Intermediate

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Advanced

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

‘Two Truths and One Lie!’ Math Activities (learn more)

➜ For Grades 3, 4, and 5

⬇ Grade 3

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Grade 4

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Grade 5

PDF Worksheet | Key

➜ For Grades 6, 7, and 8

⬇ Grade 6

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Grade 7

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Grade 8

PDF Worksheet | Key

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⬇ Basic

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Intermediate

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

⬇ Advanced

PDF Worksheet | Key

PDF Worksheet | Key

Think-Notice-Wonder Math Writing Prompts (learn more)

PDF Worksheet

PDF Worksheet

PDF Worksheet

PDF Worksheet

PDF Worksheet

PDF Worksheet

Math Puzzles For Kids in 1st to 7th Grades — Printable PDF exercises for more practice

Math Puzzles For Kids — 1st to 7th Grades

Math puzzles for children in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. These puzzles are fun activities for children and cover several math topics in the grades earlier mentioned. Each link below points to a printable PDF sheet which also has an answer sheet attached. Get kids more engaged with our challenging yet interesting math puzzles.

Across downs

Magic Square

Matchup Puzzles

Number patterns

Secret trails

Circle drill

Table drill


Free Useful Maths Puzzles For Kids

Puzzles are an interesting yet challenging fun activity for kids. Some maths puzzles involve using shapes to complete a structure, finding your way around a maze, word searches and more. Some typical math puzzles offered on Math5childrenplus are: Magic squares, across down puzzles, match-up puzzles, circle drill, table drill and number sequences.
Across down math puzzles: These puzzles contain math problems in a square e.g. addition and subtraction problems. Each problem appears across a row or down a column. The problem contains one missing number if looking across or down. Children should use their skills in addition or subtraction to find the missing numbers and complete the puzzle. Each puzzle has an answer sheet attached.
Magic Squares math puzzles: This puzzle contains a grid with numbers filled up in some spaces. Other spaces are left out blank. Students need to find a number called the ‘magic number’ and find out other number combinations which make up that number. Kids keep filling up other spaces as they figure out the missing numbers.
Match-up puzzles: This puzzle could be applied for any kind of math topic. In the current case, addition, subtraction and division problems have been used. Children are expected to solve a problem and match it to the correct answer. A pen and ruler is needed to draw a line that makes the match. This is a suitable worksheet for extra homework and could be used also as a printable classroom test.
Circle drill puzzles: A circle drill contains a large circle within which are two smaller circles. The central circle contains a number beside which is an operation e.g. addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. The outer circle contains other numbers. Children are expected to use the central number and the operation near it to solve the puzzle. It could also serve as a PDF printable worksheets for extra homework practice and as a fun game for children at home.
Secret trails: This contains a group of numbers within a grid and a final number at the end of the grid. Kids have to look at the maze of numbers and determine using their addition or subtraction skills, which line of numbers lead to the circled number at the bottom of the table.
Table drill: This contains a table divided up into grids. The top grid contains a series of numbers while the column grid contains another series. The top left hand grid contains an operation e. g. addition, subtraction, division, multiplication etc. Children have to look at the two numbers across a horizontal and vertical grid and use the operation to find the answer. The answers are filled up in the grids that do not contain numbers. There is an answer key attached for reference.
Number sequence: This contains a series of numbers which progress in a particular way. Kids need to find the operation or number that defines the sequence so as to find the next numbers. After finding these numbers, they should be written down in the spaces that follow.
These puzzles are an exciting way to teaching kids math in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. They are also useful resources for testing and reinforcing math skills children learn over different levels. Teachers can use these to supplement their course while parents could use them to increase kid’s attention in a fun way.

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Puzzles for grade 2 with answers

Here are 15 interesting puzzles for grade 2 with answers. In these unique tasks, you need to guess the word from the picture, deciphering the letters and commas. Interesting puzzles on the photo Grade 2 with us!


Halloween QUIZ

Scary Fascinating Questions 2021!

1 / 9

How much did the largest Halloween pumpkin weigh?

655.896 kg

487.226 kg

67.173 kg

655.895 kg

2 / 9

Which of the following is not Halloween?








3 / 9

900 02 Where did Halloween come from in North America?



He is in America and appeared


4 / 9

Choose the main colors of Halloween.

frightening and evil

red and black

black and orange

5 / 9

How is the Jack-O-Lantern tradition translated into Russian?




6 / 9

What are Jack-A-Lights made of in the UK?





7 / ?

thick or tick

sweets or bad

trick or treat

8 / 9

Did you know Halloween is an industry? How much does he bring in annually?





9 / 9

When is the next full moon on Halloween?



never happened


Your score

Average score 48%

Basic rules for solving puzzles on this page:

  • Comma. Indicates how many letters to remove from one side or another.
  • Inverted picture. Read from left to right.
  • Numbers above the picture. Start reading with the letter whose number comes first.
  • Direct line. Denotes a preposition (on, under, above, behind) and others.

Free PDF collection “5 cool puzzles”

Beautiful author’s vector puzzles.

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  • Did you solve the puzzle and the word seems wrong? A letter can represent sounds.
  • Letter — just add to the word.
  • The combination of letters in a letter — use the preposition in, inside, and so on.
  • If there are fewer numbers next to the picture than letters in the word, then use only numbered letters.

Check it out!

Decide! An example is given for each rule.

The comma in this case comes after the numbers. We put the letters in order, and the word TKO became. Remove the first letter. It turns out — KO. We add KO with M, and we get COM.

The picture shows the word ROT. But he is upside down. It turns out TOR. We add it with the letter F, and the result is PEAT.

V and — SHNYA. It turns out the word CHERRY.

The line in this case denotes the preposition HA. The picture is a lion. On the right are 2 commas. We remove the letters, and it turns out L. On l — ЁT. It turns out that the answer is PLAQUE.

In the picture GLUE — the letter K. In this case, it stands for the sound KA. Answer: sticker.

Learn to solve puzzles for children:

Children’s crosswords and puzzles — Print and practice

  • Home
  • Crosswords and puzzles
  • 90 137

    Children’s crosswords and puzzles — Print and practice

    Children’s crosswords and puzzles attract children because they allow them to make «discoveries». Here you can download the file, print the crosswords on your computer and practice.

    Each guessed word is perceived by the child as an achievement, as proof that he is an adult. Let your child make small discoveries more often and he will definitely delight you with new and new achievements… In this section you can download author’s children’s crossword puzzles from Chudo-Yudo and print them on a printer.

    And if your kids love to solve children’s crosswords and puzzles online, then you can find them on our website in the following sections:

    Online crossword puzzles for children from the Chudo-Yudo children’s portal are designed for children of various ages, from toddlers to schoolchildren. Online crossword puzzles allow you to captivate your child with a useful activity at the computer, which not only develops thinking, but also develops the habit of constant brain activity.

    Crosswords in pictures online. To solve the crossword puzzle you need to be guided by the pictures. Near each picture is a certain number. You need to find this number in the crossword grid and use the mouse to drag the desired letters to the empty cells of this word.

    It is advisable to print puzzles and crossword puzzles on a color printer, so it will be much more fun for a child to solve them.

    Puzzles for children 6-7 years old can be used in classes on the Russian language or the outside world, as well as in the preparation of competitions, quizzes, in extended day groups. Puzzle tasks will help you have an interesting time solving encrypted riddles. Rebuses develop logical thinking and attention and teach the rules of the Russian language.

    Children’s crossword puzzles with pictures «The World of Needlework» can be an interesting and useful leisure activity for children who are fond of solving various puzzles, rebuses and crossword puzzles in their free time from school. They are especially suitable for girls whose hobbies are directly related to needlework. ..

    In the attachments at the bottom of the page, you can easily and without using file hosting download Sudoku for children, print and color the proposed pictures, which must be initially placed in such a way that they do not repeat in the lines and columns of a large square, as well as in each of the 4 small ones squares.

    In order to find out the encrypted words, it is necessary to solve crossword puzzles correctly by entering the answers vertically. After the answers are in their places, read the word located in the orange squares horizontally. In the first crossword you will find out what is afraid of heat, and in the second — what the artist wanted to draw. If you print out a crossword puzzle, you can help the artist and draw for him what he has in mind.

    Disney cartoon characters in a crossword from our portal will please both our smallest visitors and their parents. Of course, the bright and colorful Disney cartoons were reviewed not only by children, but also by adults, therefore, dear ones, try together to remember all the fairy-tale characters given in our crossword puzzle!

    Children’s crossword «Dishes» is not as easy as it seems at first glance. .. Be careful! Before entering the answer, think carefully about what, for example, the difference between a mug and a cup, between a stack and a glass, and also pay special attention to the correct spelling of some words …

    Puzzles for children 6-7 years old «Find out the time of year» will suit preschool kids and primary school students. If the child has never solved puzzles, explain to him the principle of solving these tasks, namely: what do the commas before and after the picture mean, and also what does the equality between the two letters above the picture mean. In this task, the kid must correctly guess the encrypted words in order to find out what season is hidden in the rebus.

    «The best holiday of the New Year» — a children’s crossword puzzle will be relevant for your kids on New Year’s Eve. Download it in the attachments at the bottom of the page and print it on a color printer, as well as questions for it, if necessary. If your child cannot read, ask him questions yourself, and when entering his correct answers, spell the words aloud, ask the child to follow how you write these words.

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